Payment Options for PPH Services

Want to learn about how you can pay for a pay-per-head (PPH) service?

The good news is it’s easy to pay for a PPH service. These companies have international clients in countries around the world and have dealt with hundreds of different payment methods.

If there’s a payment method you would prefer to use, it’s likely possible. If it isn’t a popular method, you’ll have to contact the PPH service to find out if they’ll allow you to pay that way.

There are a number of common ways to pay for a PPH service, though, which we’re going to discuss.

Most Common Payment Methods for PPH Bookies

There are several ways to handle your payments to a PPH service.

What methods are available will depend upon the pay per head you’re using. As you likely know, PPH services charge a weekly fee for every active bettor. Now, most PPH services will allow you to make a payment at the end of the month to cover the PPH fees that have accumulated.

Some will even allow you to prepay if you prefer that. If you don’t want to worry about meeting the monthly payment deadline, you can simply top up your balance at any time.

Here are the most common payment options for PPH services:

● Cryptocurrencies: Easily the best way to pay your PPH. Why? Well, for one, you can remain anonymous this way and you won’t even need to share your personal details.

Bitcoin is typically always accepted by every PPH in the business today.

Alternative cryptocurrencies like Etereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or also widely accepted. You can also always ask your PPH if they’ll accept a different altcoin that you may prefer using.

In some cases, your PPH will even offer a discount for using cryptos, as there are low fees.

● eWallets: Do you use PayPal, Skrill or Neteller? Your pay per head will likely accept all three, but PayPal is widely accepted and there should be no problem using PayPal.

The great thing about PayPal and other eWallets is that you can fund your account using a credit or debit card. However, as mentioned, you may prefer to remain anonymous as a bookie.

eWallets still remain one of the most popular ways to send payments for bookie services.

● Person-to-Person Transfer: Like the old days, most pay per head sites are still accepting P2P transfers. The most popular methods are still MoneyGram and Western Union.

This method is more outdated than the others and isn’t as common nowadays.

These are the three most common ways to pay for your PPH service.

Your choices will depend upon where you decide to join. Some of the modern PPH services will allow all of these methods, whereas some of the older services may not.

At the end of the day, PPH services want your business and will make it as easy as possible to pay them. However, ask what method they prefer and you may be able to save a few percent off your bill.

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