Playtech launches three live casino games

Top iGaming developer, Playtech is at it again. When they revealed plans to release and focus on the live casino gaming industry, we are sure it was going to be big and newsworthy in a good way. And we were right. The software developer has released three live casino games in total. The three new games launched by Playtech are two brand new versions of the live Roulette and a reworked edition of the Hi-Lo game by Playtech.

The brand new versions of the live Roulette titles are based on the American Roulette which is a very popular and increased-margin double-zero version in addition to spread-bet play. This is the reason why the new name of these two releases by Playtech is called Spread-Bet Roulette. Spread-Bet Roulette brings to you a fresh new twist to the Roulette offerings by Playtech in a live casino as well as in other ways. The American Roulette from Playtech is brand new and it is a high-end variant of roulette which can be streamed from Playtech Live’s luxury Grand Royale room. The game features the double zero roulette wheel which is a perfect compliment to the gaming software already existing wide range of table games. This helps evokes a sense of uniqueness with its heightened UX feel and look which makes the game seem real.

The software developer says Spread-Bet Roulette will also come with other interesting features like thrilling side-bets which is sure to add to the enjoyment of the various players of the game. The game is arranged in a way by which players can bet on one or more to a total of 7 side bets in the game. This is in addition to a 400x a player’s current wager which they can win. Amazing isn’t it? What’s more is, there is a physical wheel featured in that game plus an RNG spin and win reel, where a combination of the RNG and physical wheel offer you the 7 different side bets with the potential up to 400x stake wins. The Green Win rule can also double the spread bets for players and all players have access to it starting with a minimum bet as low as 10c for a spin.

The Playtech Hi-Lo refreshed game is already a huge hit, and this is in addition to the developer’s award-wining portfolio of exciting games and features. Hi-Lo just adds to that. Dressed up in a brand new jacket, improved UX , improved room design, the game comes with features that will give an improved player experience, this is all thanks to the new spacious room design, the pace of the game is faster in play as opposed to the previous versions of the games original release that is inclusive of a much modern design than the original version. The Hi-Lo release also comes with a revamped Hi-Lo club. The soundtrack and Miami style theme with neon details, new table top are unique to just this new live game from Playtech. This style makes it particularly easy to follow the game play whether you are new to live casino games or you are an old hand at it.

The triple launch of the live dealer offering by Playtech has moved to enhance the live casino experiences for the players. Although other gaming software developers have live games Playtech ups the ante. The retro themes, 80’s Miami vibe, neon detailing, new table top, new integrated soundtrack, RNG’ spin a win reel, seven different side bets options, potential to win up to 400x stake, the Green Win rule which comes with the potential of doubling your spread bets when you win on zero, bets which an be placed and started with as low as 10c a spin, this new game is available for all players of live casino.

Playtech is known as the world’s largest online gaming software supplier which offers cutting edge value adding solutions to the industry. They have been in business since 1999 when they founded in Tartu, Estonia by entrepreneurs in the multimedia, casino and software engineering business and their focus has been centred on the continuous development of the best gaming products and unique content alongside strong partnerships. With over 5000 employees, 17 countries where they have offices, 140 global licenses to operate in different regions of the world and 20 regulated jurisdictions, Playtech leads the way in the software developers gaming industry. The game provider offers different card games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette plus other card games with cutting-edge twists to the classic games you know and love.

Online slot reviews of Playtech’s three new live casino games, shows a valuable insight into how the software giant see the current landscape in addition to how they view the evolution of the casino gaming especially the live casino. This is evident in the naming of the game titles. They are called live casino and not gambling games. This naming brings together the entertainment industry and the gaming industry more than ever before. It is therefore designed to draw in players for their utmost enjoyment.

Playtech continues to keep the future of gaming in mind with this triple release of the newer versions of the Hi-Lo game and brand new live roulette. Not only have they upped the game, they have succeeded in giving special and interesting bet options to players for a more realistic gaming experience. The change of game title from casino gambling is another indicator that the gaming software giant has more in store for players in the future. Even to players new to the live gaming scene, it is easy to be drawn in by the live games, with its real like themes, improved UX, and live dealers to help you further enjoy the game. Taking a spin for as low as 10c is another great incentive. You can start really low, get a hang of the game rules and steadily make your way into becoming a high roller in live casino play.