Searching for futures, props and alternative lines

Things have changed a lot in the past month or two for sportsbooks in general, from all over the world. The lack of sporting events that we’re witnessing right now is something no one would have expected, probably, even in their wildest dreams. This situation has affected the industry in many ways, clearly, volume has gone down, players are looking for different options and books have turned to different arms, like casino, for example, poker, virtual sports and racing, Esports and sports simulations, as well as some of the most unexpected sports leagues that would have never been noticed in different circumstances, like table tennis and soccer from Belarus or Nicaragua, to mention a couple.

However, even though things are different and “weird”, some could say, the sports betting business is so big and strong, that it has found the way to prevail in the middle of this Covid-19 crisis. Sportsbooks and bookies are giving players from all over the options and variety they are looking for, considering the situation, of course, and have also managed to give sports players a goal and hope that things will go back to normal sooner rather than later, by offering a wide variety of future bets, proposition bets and alternative lines that can keep them linked and tied to their favorite sports and leagues.

Price per Head helps you find opportunity in the middle of the crisis

Solid and experienced PPH operators like have always found the way to offer the widest variety of betting options for our clients and their players, and this crisis is not the exception. Whether you want to offer casino or poker to your players, or virtual sports and games, sports players are and will always be sports players, and they still want to go to your platform and find sports betting options where they can lay their money.

Future bets give you many different options to bet on and, by the way, a great opportunity to keep your players money tied up for a bit in these uncertain times. Most of the major leagues from around the globe were still undefined when the coronavirus forced a definite stop, and you, as a bookie, now have the chance to re-open those odds to win titles, awards, total season wins and other options that can still be played.

This brings the opportunity to be creative and come up with some props and alternative lines for these leagues, like when will they come back, which will come back first, how’s the season going to end and many other options that players can bet on.

Stock market, political campaigns and entertainment also count

Remember that, even though we’re looking for as many sports options as we can, to be able to satisfy our players’ needs, we can’t forget that it’s also important to offer other options like the Stock market, which is moving quite a bit right now with live betting and all, political campaigns in the U.S., United Kingdom and a few more, and of course, entertainment future bets for movies or contests. Everything counts right now, and the more options you give your players, the more chances there are for them to stay with you and remain active.

Contact us right now at and let’s sit down, have a call and talk about your needs and options. Let us help to guide you right back into the trail of success!
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