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FIFA World Cup & UEFA Euro

Year Tourney Location To win outright To win group To qualify
2022 World Cup Qatar TBD
2020 Euro England Italy Group Qual
2018 World Cup Russia France Group Qual
2016 Euro France Portugal Group Qual
2014 World Cup Brazil Germany Group Qual
2012 Euro Poland-Ukraine Spain Group  
2010 World Cup South Africa Spain Group  
2006 World Cup Germany Italy    
2002 World Cup Japan/South Korea Brazil    
1998 World Cup France France    
1994 World Cup United States Brazil    
1990 World Cup Italy West Germany    
1986 World Cup Mexico Argentina    
1982 World Cup Spain Italy    

European Leagues

Season Champions League English Premier League Italian Serie A Spanish Primera
To win
To win
To be
Season Points
To win
To win
2020-2021 Chelsea Manchester City Relegated Points Harry Kane Inter Milan Athletico Madrid
2019-2020 Bayern Munich Liverpool Relegated Points Jamie Vardy TBD Real Madrid
2018-2019 Liverpool Manchester City Relegated Points 3-way tie Juventus FC Barcelona
2017-2018 Real Madrid Manchester City Relegated Points Mohamed Salah Juventus FC Barcelona
2016-2017 Real Madrid Chelsea Relegated Points Harry Kane Juventus Real Madrid
2015-2016 Real Madrid Leicester City Relegated Points Harry Kane Juventus FC Barcelona
2014-2015 FC Barcelona Chelsea Relegated Points Sergio Aguero Juventus FC Barcelona
2013-2014 Real Madrid Manchester City Relegated   Luis Suarez Juventus Atletico Madrid
2012-2013 Bayern Munich Manchester United Relegated     Juventus FC Barcelona
2011-2012 Chelsea Manchester City Relegated     Juventus Real Madrid
2010-2011 FC Barcelona Manchester United       AC Milan FC Barcelona
2009-2010 Inter Milan Chelsea       Inter Milan FC Barcelona