Sports Odds – Which ones are Worth a Look

The busy season, the football season – The money season! As sports gamblers know, we are entering the best time of year to earn some great money from this hobby we call gambling. The first week of the 2019 NCAA FB Season is behind us and as always, there were more than a few fantastic matchups. This next week promises to be even better and what’s the bonus – the NFL! This week kicks off the 2019-20 NFL regular season and who couldn’t be more excited? We have our teams, we like players and we think we have a winning formula, but do we? Do we know what the best odds are and how to play them, or better yet, what to play because of the odds.

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Always look for a great buy on futures odds and do it for one reason; you could have a bad year and this future bet could end up saving your bacon. Always remember what our hobby of choice is-it’s a gamble. Anytime you place a wager, you are gambling, and you could lose. Play with what you can afford to lose. Have fun and play it smart.

Be sure to check out your favorite online sports bookie for NFL futures such as “To Win Outright” (SB), AFC/NFC Championship, as well as the “To Win” NFL Divisions. There are many worthy looks and many worthy teams such as the Patriots in the AFC East, the Chiefs, the Rams, the Saints, and many others. The NCAA offers many great futures as well, including totals on regular-season wins and much, more.

Future bets can pay a fortune if played correctly so be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck and check out the competition. Call your bookie and ask for the current lines and be sure to hit them quickly, the NCAA season goes in a hurry and the future prices change dramatically.

How to Read Sports Betting Odds

NFL Money Line Vs. NCAA Money Line—
For you experienced football bettors you know just how tricky the NFL can be. It is tricky indeed and one must be extremely dialed into the trends of both opponents. Betting the spread is always a tricky proposition and in many cases the money line is a much safer way to bet. The spread was, is, and will always be tough to beat. Doe this mean the spread should not be bet? Of course not. What we are saying is to watch the numbers carefully and examine when the spread gives more value.

Attention: A win, is a win, is a win. The NFL is not baseball. In baseball, gamblers make a living betting the underdogs. This can be true in the NFL but not as a rule. The safer bet more often than not is the money line. You say the money line is expensive; you’re right, but an expensive win, is better than a cheap loss, don’t forget it!

NFL football SCORES & ODDS

In closing, bet the NCAA spread and almost never touch the money line! Really, the big spreads cover more than 65% of the time. Call the online bookie and get moving. It’s time to win a pile of money and break the bookie!