The 6 Most Elite Sports in The World

Are you a major sports fan and want to find a new sport to follow? Do you want to know the most elite sports in the world?

While some sports are all about getting down and dirty, others are about dressing up and participating in a high-class event. These are the elite sports. Some sports are considered elite and luxurious, not necessarily because of the sport itself, but more because of the events surrounding the sports. These events are typically more high-class and focus on more elements than just the game itself.

If you want to know more about the most elite sports globally, continue reading on.

Horse Racing

The first sport on our list is horse racing. While many sports worldwide emphasize being elite and higher class, there is no doubt that horse racing is right at the top. When one thinks about horse racing events, one thinks of people dressing up in their best daytime formal outfits, sipping expensive drinks, and making major bets on the racing events.

Above and beyond just the event side of things, horse racing is one of the most expensive sports in the world. It is costly just to own a horse and even more expensive to enter these elite and top competitions or events. Horse betting is a big thing, and today, you can find numerous betting sites online and reviews on various offers and different ways to bet. There are many reasons as to why this is considered an elite sport, but the biggest reason is purely because of how it costs overall.

Formula 1

The next elite sport on our list is Formula One, Formula 1, or simply F1. This is a sport that is less physically exerting yet still incredibly exhilarating. F1 is a motorsport that focuses on speed and who is the fastest to complete their laps around the track. Many expenses come with F1 racing, and it’s not just about having the car itself.

Of course, the car alone has to be decked out with the best tires, fastest engine, and most streamlined frame. However, many other expenses such as travel fees, entry fees, and even paying for your entire team are in play. Even if you have a relatively small team, it can quickly get very expensive. F1 drivers often have different sponsors to cover these crazy expenses, and in some cases, sponsorship is a requirement to enter the event itself.


Moving on down our list, the next elite sport that we will take a look at is golf. While it may be easy enough to grab a set of cheaper golf clubs, golf is considered to be one of the most elite and expensive sports in the whole world.

Many people typically enjoy golf recreationally as a nice way to spend their Sundays or a good mid-week break, but these people usually have a good chunk of change in their pocket. Whether playing professionally or recreationally, it can get costly, especially when paying for club memberships and fees. When playing professionally, you also need to factor in your typically expensive equipment and caddy fees.


Next up, we have cricket. Cricket is known to be the second most popular sport in the world, only following football or soccer. It is one of the most famously played games in the UK, but is also incredibly popular globally.

With that said, it also happens to be one of the most elite sports in the world. Cricket events can last for days or even weeks at a time, and they are often considered quite prestigious events to attend. It is also a relatively expensive sport, especially when played professionally, because of the equipment needed.


Tennis is something that every child plays at school, but not many people tend to carry on later in life. However, it can get quite elite or rather expensive for those who find a love for the sport. When one thinks about the different tennis events, the mind immediately goes to things like Wimbledon and other similar events. These events are what make tennis such an elite sport. People typically get dressed up very nicely for these events, and in some cases, even royal families attend.


Last but not least, we have sailing, which is a no-brainer for elite sports. This is a costly sport, mainly because you need to have a boat. Whether it is a big yacht or a smaller dingy, it is all expensive and not necessarily something your average Joe could afford.