The Biggest Premier League Rivalries

The Premier League may be less than 30-years-old but the tradition that is steeped in English football comes courtesy of over a century of organised competition and during that time some huge rivalries have formed.

Rivalries that can be built on the quest for local bragging rights or even between two cities whose own battles go back further than the creation of the beautiful game and it is these duels that make the Premier League such an entertaining showpiece.

One of the biggest rivalries is Tottenham vs Arsenal and with the two sides being so evenly matched, it arguably creates the best two fixtures of the season and when these two North London outfits square off, the entertainment level is incredibly high.

While with London being the hub of English top-flight football, it means that the two previously named outfits are not the only ones to represent the capital and because of that you are never too far removed from a derby or two.

Chelsea are third wheel in the rivalry tricycle and with an equal amount of dislike for both Tottenham and Arsenal, any combination of this trio always leads to sparks being created both on and off the pitch.

Of course, one should not also forget Crystal Palace and West Ham in this London equation either and although when these two sides meet it does not have as much needle, it is still a very keenly contested affair.

Moving north now and you cannot talk about rivalry without including Manchester United and although Liverpool is their absolute nemesis, their ‘noisy neighbours’ Manchester City have at least levelled the playing field.

In the days of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester derby was a game that by and large was dominated by United and although City would occasionally bloody the nose of their local rivals, the Red Devils more often ruled the roost.

Fast forward to the present day and it is fair to say that the tables have been turned, with Pep Guardiola’s men being the dominant force in Manchester football and up until the start of this season, they were the dominant force in English football as well.

That was before Liverpool embarked on their monster unbeaten run and with the current league leaders being pipped to last season’s title by City, these two sides are now beginning to carve out a very exciting rivalry of their own.

Then again, you cannot mention Liverpool without referencing their dislike of Manchester United – one that just as easily swings back the other way and although this is a rivalry that is fostered on the football pitch, it is actually an intercity feud that goes back to the days of the canal routes.

Shipping trade is no longer the order of the day, winning is and Liverpool also manage to do that quite often against their Merseyside counterparts Everton. They may call this one the ‘friendly rivalry’ but when the first minute of the ninety gets underway, this is a game as passionate as any other.