The top 4 technology trends changing the sports market in 2020

Whether you’re a casual sports fan, an eager gambler or even an athlete, you’re sure to have noticed a common theme in the sports world over the last few years.


This industry has been truly revolutionized by the introduction of new and creative technologies over the last few years. There have been fantastic new introductions into the world of sports betting, new technology pieces for professional athletes and intriguing developments in the world of sports-themed gaming.

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In this blog post, we’re going to be taking an in-depth dive into the world of sports technology, and look at the top 4 trends that are going to switch up the industry this year.

Photorealistic graphics and virtual reality in sports gaming

One of the main developments that’s really having an impact on the sports world is the improvement in gaming technology. More specifically, stunning photorealistic graphics, incredible soundtracks and smoother technology has led to a wonderful improvement in the world of sports gaming and a higher level of enjoyment for gamers.

This is especially relevant when considering the world of sports betting and gambling. Mobile gaming and gambling has become even more popular in recent years, so we’re sure to see some fantastically immersive games being created in the coming year.

Virtual reality technology is also starting to be used within online casinos. Gamblers can now play their favorite casino games online, with 3D graphics, high quality audio and even virtual reality dealers and hosts.

Interactive, immersive social media platforms

In the modern age, social media and digital marketing are essentials. It does not matter what industry is in question, it is vital to have a social media presence- as Forbes notes.

This is especially true in regards to the sports world. Recent developments in immersive content like live streaming platforms and interactive social media stories have already had an impact on the sporting world. Nowadays, there are so many ways for sporting fans to stay in touch with their favorite games and athletes.

Sports games and online casinos are also making the most of the rise in interactive social technology. If you head over to a streaming site like Twitch, you’ll notice that one of the most popular categories for games is sports games.

Unique wearable technology pieces

Wearable technology is huge in the sports market right now, as FC Business points out. Items like smartwatches and fitness trackers have absolutely dominated the technology and sports world in the last year, and this is surely a trend that we’re going to see moving into 2020.

Something that’s been intriguing to see lately is the pairing of mobile apps with wearable technology. This is great for professional athletes and casual sports fans alike, as it can help to track their progress and set themselves targets and goals.

Creative new sports betting platforms

A final technology trend that’s going to smash the sports industry in 2020 is the rise of new and innovative sports betting platforms. With the rise in popularity of sports betting, it’s been great to see so many new platforms and games being developed to meet the demand of gamblers.

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Of course, these aren’t the only trends that will be changing up the sports industry in 2020. There are plenty of creative companies and innovative minds in the sports game, so it will be wonderful to see where technology takes us.

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