Top 7 Proven Strategies for Playing Roulette

Roulette is called the queen of casinos – it is popular among customers of land-based and online establishments around the world. There are several dozen strategies that experienced players use to increase their chances of winning. In this article, we offer to get acquainted with the most effective among these techniques, as well as use some tips to increase your chances. Let’s start!

Why is online roulette so popular today?

Most online games, such as roulette, are designed to closely resemble the real alternatives. In almost all online casinos, the game is accompanied by appropriate sound effects, and there is always musical accompaniment. Thanks to clear graphics and bright colors, the client does not strain his eyesight. That provides maximum comfort during the game. Still, many beginners, having decided to try their luck at ZodiacCasino, often ask “Why is online roulette so popular?” Indeed, there are a lot of advantages to this type of game, and the main ones are:
Availability. You can play roulette at any time, for this, you do not need to postpone business, reschedule a meeting or spend time on the road to a land-based club, which for various reasons may be closed. All you need to do is to choose an online casino, launch the roulette and play around the clock;
Maximum comfort. Unlike real establishments, where a dress code system mainly operates, online casino games do not require a certain style of clothing. You can play anywhere and stay relaxed;

Test mode. Virtual establishments offer their customers to play without real bets (thus, a visitor to an online casino can ensure that this game and this online platform suit him in all respects).

Now, let’s pay a bit more attention to the rules and effective strategies.

How to play roulette?

The usual format of roulette has been existing for over 200 years, its rules are not very complicated, and even a beginner can win a considerable amount. To do this, you need to guess the number that will fall on the wheel with numbers during its rotation. The winning sector is determined by a ball that can stop anywhere. In online casinos, the game starts with the work of an algorithm, while in a live format and land-based establishments – this is the croupier who throws the ball.

The main varieties of the game are European (classic) and American roulette. In the first case, the wheel is divided into 37 sectors numbered from 0 to 36. The second version includes 38 sectors with numbers from 0 to 36, as well as an additional 00. Sectors are painted in red and black, and green (zero).

French roulette is also very popular, the rules of which are almost the same as the rules of the European alternative. However, it has two additional moments:

● When the ball falls to zero, the casino returns to the customer half of the amount bet on equal odds;
● Zero in the case of bets on red and black, large and small numbers, even and odd sectors does not mean loss. Money is “frozen” until another spin – if it brings good luck to the player, he will get it back.

Due to these differences, the advantage of the casino in French roulette is very small, which gives more chances to win. The house edge for European roulette is 2.7%, French – 1.35%, and American – 5.26%. This does not mean that the third option is not worth considering: many people prefer it because of the acute feeling of excitement during the game.

You can bet on one or six numbers, on red or black, even on zero. The final reward will directly depend on it. Thus, direct bets on one number give a prize that is 35 times higher than the initial amount. Even and odd numbers result in only 1 to 1, because the chances of losing are the same.

Top-7 strategies for roulette

Winning roulette usually depends on mathematical calculations and luck. Experienced users use special strategies that help increase the chances of success and guess numbers more often than usual. Consider some proven strategies for playing roulette from the below-mentioned:

1) Martingale system

This is a system for betting on equal odds, i.e., even or odd, red or black, etc. The game starts with the minimum bet, in case of failure it must be doubled to try to recoup the money spent. If you are lucky enough to guess, then during the next round you should start with the smallest amount. Experienced players also use the reverse strategy, increasing the stakes after winning and decreasing them in case of failure. Let’s consider the following example:

Let's say you spend $1 and assume that the red sector will fall. If you win, then you bet $1 again. In case of failure, the amount should be doubled – it will be equal to $2. Repeated loss leads to a doubling of the bet, i.e., to $4 and further according to the scheme (4-8-16-32).

Advantages: this is a simple and clear system with low risks.
Disadvantages: Zero reduces the probability of success if the rates increase exponentially, and the net gain remains minimal. The limits imposed by the casino will not allow you to constantly increase the rate.

2) D'Alembert's system

The strategy is based on some elements of the Martingale method. In the case of winning, the bet here decreases, and in the case of loss, it increases by the amount of the down payment. The starting bet must be determined independently, the system is used during the game with equal chances. Here is an example:

If the starting amount is $10, then in case of failure you need to increase it to $20, in case of the second loss – up to $30, and so on. In case of victory, the next bet is reduced by $10, in case of the second win in a row – another $10.

Advantages: a simple strategy, which provides a high probability of winning back.
Disadvantages: in case of a long series of failures, there is a high chance of losing the whole bankroll quickly.

3) Biarritz system (Makarov)

This is a simple and aggressive system, in the use of which the bet is made on the same number 36 times in a row or until win. In this case, there are three options for the result: a quick victory and profit, a successful result on the last bet, and a return of money, or loss (lucky number never fell). For instance:

You bet $1 on a certain number, in case of failure you repeat your actions with the same amount 35 more times. If the desired number falls at least on the last attempt, you will get $36 back.

Advantages: the probability of winning exceeds 50%;
Disadvantages: high risks.

4) Oscar Grind

This is a progressive system that works on the principle of increasing and decreasing bets depending on the outcome of the game at 50/50 odds. After the victory, you need to raise the bet by one unit, and in case of failure – not change the amount. It is recommended to play up to eight rounds in a row, then start again. For instance:

If the first bet is $10, then in case of loss it remains the same. In case of success, it increases to $20, in case of the second victory in a row – up to $30, and so on.

Advantages: a clear and stable strategy that can be used even by beginners;
Disadvantages: it is difficult to win a large sum.

5) Cuban system

This strategy is based on the principle of uneven distribution of black and red sectors on the playing field. To increase their chances of success, the user must place two identical bets on either the black color and the first row, or the red color and the second column. So he will cover two-thirds of the field with only two chips. Here is an example:

You can bet one on the second row and one on the red. The winning combinations will be black in the second column and red in the second row. In the case of red in the first and third columns, you will return the money, the loss is claimed in the case of zero or black from the first and third rows.

Advantages: the probability of winning exceeds 50%.
Disadvantages: not intended for a short game, significantly reduces the chances of American roulette.

6) Labouchère system

It belongs to the strategies of arithmetic progression. Its essence is that the player must come up with a series of consecutive or arbitrary numbers – the equivalent of chips or money that he is willing to spend. Each bet will be equal to the sum of the last numbers, which are excluded in case of a win. In case of failure, a number equal to the lost bet is added at the end of the number’s line. Example:

If your numbers are 2-4-1-1-8-3-7, the first bet will be $9 (7 + 2). If the result is successful, the numbers 2 and 7 are crossed out, the next ones are 4 and 3 ($7 bet).

Advantages: simple and reliable system for beginners.
Disadvantages: in case of a series of failures, you are likely to lose your bankroll quickly.

7) Fibonacci strategy

This is a progressive system for playing with equal chances, based on the famous Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.), where each digit is the sum of the previous two. In case of failure, the next bet is increased by one number. If successful, you need to take two steps back. For example:

Losing $1 for the first time does not increase the amount. Repeated failure raises the bid to $2, the next two to $3 and $5, respectively. If you win for the sixth time when the amount reaches $8, the next bet will be $3.

Advantages: the positive result at minimum rates.
Disadvantages: slow progression, small gains.

Roulette tips and tricks

Want to break the bank? In this section, you will find some useful tips and tricks for playing roulette. We will teach you how to analyze data to make one successful bet:

1) Take notes: one of the main advantages of playing in an online casino is that you can take any notes. So keep a pen and notepad nearby while you play. This method works well when using the roulette Chaos strategy, which has been scientifically proven to help players increase their chances of winning.
2) Keep discipline: another important roulette tip that many players miss is to stick to your plan. If you play with a certain strategy, at some point you may want to change tactics when luck is not on your side. In the end, most likely, this will lead to the fact that you will lose even more than if you had followed the plan.
3) Set realistic goals: remember that the casino always has an advantage over the player, and roulette is no exception. But that doesn’t mean you can’t beat the house! Always keep in mind that your chances of losing are higher than winning. This allows you to enjoy the game and not be disappointed every time you lose. But when you win, the taste of victory will be much sweeter.

How to choose roulette strategies?

It is important to remember that no system gives a 100% guarantee of winning roulette. Do not believe the promises of fraudsters who offer to buy the perfect strategy for money. If such methods of play existed, most casinos would simply go bankrupt. When selecting a method, pay attention to its shortcomings and weaknesses, and try it in practice with minimal amounts. It is critical to remember that you can win using strategies, but not always. Proven techniques help players systematize bets, follow rules and manage capital wisely.

What strategy of the above-mentioned would you like to try? Share with us in the comments.