Top NBA Draft Picks for Season 2023

The 2022 NBA draft is over, so it's time to discuss the fantastic pool of prospects next year. Scouts are actively searching for promising new players for the 2023 season, and supporters should follow suit.

It might be a little too soon to look at the best prospects, but it's essential to keep up with the latest rankings of the players who are eyed to dominate the NBA court soon. Our early mock draft will familiarize you with the likely draft picks for the NBA season 2023.

Victor Wembanyama

As the 2022-23 NBA season progresses, fans will hear much more about Victor Wembanyama, even before dominating the NBA Finals odds and becoming first overall in the draft in the following year.

To this day, Wembanyama remains one of Europe's most promising young players. He's also the odds-on favorite to be the number one overall pick in the NBA draft of 2023.

Teams have been waiting for Wembanyama to become draft eligible for years. Thus this draft has been a long time coming. If he were eligible in 2022, he would have been ranked first. Wembanyama can play both guard and forward owing to his 7-foot-2 height, versatile skill set, and ability to play the perimeter.

In addition, he possesses incredible scoring potential because of his fluid creative moves, effortless release point, and shooting range.

Scoot Henderson

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound guard has one year of professional basketball experience, but he was too young to enter the 2022 NBA Draft. Despite not being draft-eligible until this season, Scoot Henderson became the biggest star on last year's G League Ignite team.

He's got a quick release and a good shooting accuracy, and he can also stop on a dime. This synergy allows him to make a high percentage of shots from mid-range. Thanks to his skills, he is considered a top pick for the 2023 NBA draft.

Dariq Whitehead

Basketball players that can shoot and pass like Dariq Whitehead are in high demand. Whitehead, the 2022 Naismith Boy's High School Player of the Year, completely crushed his rivals last season. Whitehead is one of the more well-rounded talents in the generation with his 6'6″ height, wide range of shooting abilities, and outstanding defensive skills.

Nick Smith

It is expected that Nick Smith, a highly talented combo guard, will be selected very soon in the 2023 NBA draft. Smith is a plus-size candidate for his position, as he is 6'4 or 6'5 tall and has a wingspan of at least +5. He is an excellent shooter, but his chances of breaking into the top five can be increased if he can improve his shooting from beyond the arc and avoid making rash moves.

His fluidity, dexterity, and lateral agility are all excellent, but he's not the type of athlete that stands out for their speed and vertical leap.

Dillon Mitchell

Dillon Mitchell, a small forward from Montverde Academy, is one of the incoming freshmen and former five-star prospects being talked up as a possible high lottery choice in the 2023 NBA Draft. Over time, he has worked his way into plenty of open looks and shown flashes of post-ups and transition passing to show off his flexibility.

Mitchell's stock has improved steadily over the years and is now regarded as a top-five prospect at the earliest. A marked uptick has matched his tremendous quickness and defensive prowess in the rest of his game. It is always his goal to have an impact on the game, whether he has the ball in his possession or not, and he will get the opportunity to do this at Texas.

Amen Thompson

Thompson made headlines by announcing he was joining the Overtime Elite to prepare for the NBA after already being a successful basketball player at the high school level.

The league's front office executives and scouts will watch Thompson very closely because of his extraordinary athleticism. Amen Thompson, who stands 6 feet 7 inches tall and with the ball-handling skills and lateral mobility of a guard, has the makings of a star player at the NBA level.

Cam Whitmore

As a multi-talented athlete, Cam Whitmore will be highly sought after in the 2023 NBA draft. Due to his explosive athleticism, he can finish plays above the basket. After impressing audiences at the Nike Hoop Summit, the McDonald's All-American Game, and the Jordan Brand Classic, he was named Most Valuable Player in the U18 Americas Championship in June.

Although he turned 18 in July, Whitmore is still relatively young for his class, and his mix of size, athleticism, energy, and shooting should guarantee him a spot in the top half of the lottery.

Ausar Thompson

Ausar and his identical twin brother Amen Thompson played for Overtime Elite last year and will return for another season. Overtime's lack of competition can be easily overlooked with Thompson's 6'7″ size, shot-making flashes, off-ball athletic skills, and defensive playmaking.

His agility, leaping ability, and instincts on defense and offense make him a threat inside the court. He has also displayed enough off-the-ball skill for evaluators to project a high ceiling in scoring.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to predict who will be picked by NBA teams, which top teams will draft them, and what factors lead to a player being drafted. You probably won't agree with all of these picks, but they were made based on the scouts' observations of the players' performances and their potential to play at the NBA level.