Training Aids to Help You Bowl A Perfect Game

The sport of bowling has a very rich history and has become one of the most popular sports and recreational activities for families all over the world, not to mention it makes a good hobby as well. There have been a few claims regarding this, for instance, a British anthropologist found items like these in Egypt, and traced it back to possibly being as old as 3200BC. But then another gentleman from Germany stated that it began in his country back in the 300AD. This excerpt from the bowling museum may be of interest to any reader or bowling enthusiasts alike click here.

In England, it was a popular activity during the reign of King Edward the third, when there were a few different variations of the game, that included throwing a ball at objects other than “pins”. From hardwood balls to the 21st-century design made of Urethane, resin, and types of plastic. Now it has even become a sport in the Olympics and over 95 million people worldwide enjoy it. Competitions happen everywhere.

Many people are now obsessed with the sport especially those who have a competitive streak, but learning it takes time and improving your skills and techniques takes a few different elements, that involve training aids, practicing at the bowling alley constantly, and making the time for it, but not everyone has the time or the ability to do this. Which is why there are specific ways to enhance all the parts of anyone’s bowling skills within no time. Below you will find a few of these options.

Training Aids to Help Your Bowling Skills

When looking to practice specific aspects of the game, the below choices of equipment can help as an all-rounder or specific aids, from improved balance to optimal hand positioning and even faster ball revolution rates. Check and learn how each trainer works. To name a few:

Two-Handed Bowling Swing Trainer. Engineered to be used with two hands, this piece of item is for those who want to learn how to do it with two hands. One does not necessarily need to use only one hand when doing this activity, which is why this option is here. The way it is designed is created with two holes structurally placed slightly apart for anyone to enable holding it with two hands.

Made of solid silicone rubber, it is a safe option and will not break if dropped. One can learn how to improve their arm position, hands, and body positioning as well without having to use your full-weight.

Bowling Release Trainer. Additionally, you can also get the tools that will help you practice the game itself rather than enhancing specific parts of your game. Such as this release trainer which is made for performance and proper release of the bowling ball.

You simply place your fingers inside the two holes, like you would with a ball, and your hand in the correct position as well, and release it, making sure you position both hand and fingers in the correct manner, which is the key here – to build muscle memory through correctly positioning all aspects from your fingers up to your forearm, this is known as revolution rate or revolution axis which is a type of calculation to find out how many frames per hour you can play. Typically calculated during training sessions and competitions.

Better Balance Training Aid. If you’re looking to perfect your balance, the options using a swing axis coupled with a balance trainer can be a total game-changer. How it works is by placing by the item on the ground, then you step on it with one foot and lift the other, almost like a balance board that you find at the gym or fitness centers.
Once you’re in balance, you take your swing axis and swing it back and forth for as long as you are comfortable with. One can achieve perfect balance using these two combined items, in no time.

The Ball Motion Trainer. Then there is this item which is a more modern take on a release trainer but teaches you about your hand positioning, which is a very important aspect in any game, it can make or break your winnings. The position of your hand when you release the ball is crucial. Sometimes you may find a slight deviation in the angle which could cause you to miss the mark altogether and lose points.

This tool allows you to see the spin axis clearly, and one can change the position of your hand to see how it affects the motion of the ball. This is one of the best trainers on the market.

We hope this quick guide above gives you some idea of which skill you need to enhance and the corresponding tool to use for it to make the best out of every game Afterall it is about winning!