Trust Your PPH Service

You need to absolutely trust your pay per head (PPH) service 100% in the bookie business.

If you have the slightest doubt about whether you can trust your PPH service, you need to switch providers now. The PPH service you choose has a massive influence on your business.

Why You Need to Trust Your PPH Service

Here are just some of the main reasons why you need to have full trust in your PPH provider.

Software: They manage the software and development. They decide whether to implement new features and they also handle server management. What happens if your site goes down on NFL Sunday? Do they have a team on standby to get your site back up?

Bookie Support: They’re going to be the ones helping you grow. Are they helpful or do they leave you stranded on your own? The best price per head sites have huge teams with the expertise to make sure your business will grow. Bookie support is even more important for new bookies.

Player Support: PPH services handle player support for you as well. Do they have a 24/7 team with English-speaking reps? If most of your players are in the US or Canada then it’s important that your PPH service can handle player support in English.

Odds Management: Can you trust your pay per head to maintain sharp lines? Even having a stale line for a few hours can cost you a bunch of money if your players notice. You don’t want to rely on a PPH service that simply utilizes an odds feed to manage the betting lines.

Switching to a New Pay Per Head Provider

It’s also a daunting task to switch PPH providers and something no one looks forward to doing.

However, in some cases, you have no choice. If you don’t have trust in your PPH service, it’s time to change providers. You should switch to the most trusted price per head service.

Why We Recommend RealBookies

RealBookies has the trust of thousands of bookies already. They’re one of the biggest PPH services in the world and they have been building their stellar reputation up for many years now.

The software they use is developed in-house and filled with features to make your life easier. You can track every wager in real-time and know exactly where you stand financially.

Bookie and player support is available 24/7. RealBookies have a 24/7 call center where your players can not only call in for player support, but they can place bets on the telephone. If your players are living in rural areas with poor internet, they may require a call center to ensure they don’t miss bets.

Lastly, RealBookies have a huge team to manage the betting odds. They utilize the best data feeds in the business and then watch market movements across the industry 24/7. There’s never a stale line at RealBookies and you’ll notice your overall hold percentage increase when you switch.

RealBookies is a name you can trust in the pay per head industry.

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