What are the best football betting strategies?

Football is most popular sports when it comes to the coverage on TV and how many people are betting on it on a weekly basis. Many millions are wagered per each match, but the vast majority of players lose over the long term. Some of them are supporting their home team, and some like to bet for fun. But, there are bettors who bet to win, yet they can’t quite manage to do that.

While bookmakers always have an edge over the players when you take into account their spread, there are ways to make football betting profitable without becoming an expert in betting or maths. The strategies presented in this article are rather simple to execute, yet many bettors and sports fans haven’t heard about them before. This post will show you the best four football wagering techniques. If you follow them strictly, your bets will have a positive expectation in the long-run.

One quick note before we dive into the actual strategies though: The betting market will always take your money if you place our bets on random, due to the spread of the bookmaker. However, there is competition between bookmakers for signing-up customers and keeping them coming back to play. This is what creates opportunities for bettors who are smart with their money. Let’s take a look at the strategies built for taking advantage of these opportunities:

Matched betting

Most sportsbooks will give you an invite offer as free wagers, or top up your first deposit with additional bonus money that can be released by wagering. Frequently, there are reload bonuses or first deposit bonuses available simultaneously, creating an interesting situation. The principle is the same as in online poker, where players can join a new poker room to take advantage of a first deposit bonus that gives them additional edge during playing. Websites like BeastsOfPoker list offers from different poker sites that are available to all new players. There are plenty of this type of offers also from bookmakers, and creating an account with a new one can be done in a few minutes online.

You can benefit risk-free from these offers by a strategy called matched betting, where you bet on both sides of the soccer match with an overlay for both selections. Because of the free wagers offered by the sportsbooks, you will have an ensured a profit no matter which team ends up winning.

Remember to check best odds for the match when comparing different bookmakers that have free wager offers available. You can follow live odds for different sports including soccer on our website.

Soccer accumulator promotions

Accumulator bets that consist of multiple soccer matches are quite popular among bettors. You can choose two or more matches and place your bet on all them. While the odds and reward for winning can be very high with this type of bets, remember that bookmakers have a margin for each of the selections. These margins are multiplied the more selections your accumulator bet includes, making your expectation in the long run quite low.

But, there are ways to overcome this edge of bookmakers. If you find an offer where you get a refund of your stake in case one selection fails to win, you have much better expectation for the bet. When you lay each selection on a betting exchange and place an accumulator at the same time, you can actually make a risk-free profit no matter the outcomes of the selections.

Match price boosts

For big soccer matches, you can find offers where sportsbooks will give you improved chances temporarily on a specific market. It could on the visitor side team, over and under market or anything else. Often the match price boost is so high, that you can make a sure win bet by laying the same bet on a betting exchange. The best match price boost offers occur usually during big tournaments like the World Cup games.

Refund promotions

As the name proposes, rather than losing you will recover your bet in specific cases when placing a bet during a refund promotion. One of the most common refund offers is getting your bet refunded in full if the game ends with none goals scored. A refund offer can be used to place a sure win bet if the outcome of the refund is likely enough to happen – otherwise it might be best to just place the refund bet without laying the other the opposite outcome. It can still be a profitable bet in the long run, as long as the bookmaker’s margin is not too high!


Many bettors ignore the different offers from bookmakers that would enable them to bet with a positive expectation in the long run. By following a few simple strategies you can get an edge in soccer betting, as long as you utilize those offers available from bookmakers competing for customers.