What Are The Functions Of A Football Commentator In A Live Streaming Platform?

Sports have been a part of our livelihood for a very long time. Football, in particular, is widely played and watched worldwide. As a result, football fanbase spreads all around the globe.

Since not everyone has the resources required to watch live games, radios and televisions come to the picture. Football commentators serve numerous functions in a football game.

The roles or functions of a football commentator in a football live (trực tiếp bóng đá) streaming platform vary widely. This article aims at describing the many roles of a football commentator.

Report on Events as They Take Place

In the early days before the advent of televisions and radios, people used to watch football matches live. Play-by-play commentators described to viewers how the game was progressing. The tradition is still in play despite the advancement in technology.

The primary role of the play-by-play commentator is to describe all aspects of the game. Therefore, the commentator has to be captivating to keep you hooked. The tradition of hiring radio commentators is still the same up to date.

Not on radio alone are Commentators restricted to work. Commentators are also present on televised matches as voiceovers. You will hear the sounds of spectators in the background.

There is a slight difference between covering a match over the radio and television. Radio requires you to be more verbal and articulate. It is not common to have a commentator cover radio and televised events.

Explaining Rules and Tactics

Rules and tactics used in a football match can be tricky to comprehend. Hence the role of a color or analyst commentator. These are football commentators who are well acquainted with the sport’s rules.

Their job is to make sure you stay afloat as the game proceeds. Most color commentators are known veterans of the sport. Being former players makes them the ideal candidate for the role.

Color commentators usually work side by side with the play-by-play commentator. The latter usually is a professional in the journalistic. The play-by-play commentator acts as the lead.

Giving Live Updates

You have learned about the color and real-time commentators whose job is restricted to the booth. However, side-line reporters are also essential members of the commentary team. The main reason is that they give live updates.

As the name suggests, the side-line reporters are placed strategically near the field. They receive live updates on important issues such as injuries. The information is then conveyed to you.

The other role of the side-line reporters is to interview players at the end of the match. Their closeness to the pitch ensures they get to ask questions firsthand. In recent years, side-line reporters have been given a more prominent role.


Commentators are essential people in a football match. In cases where you cannot watch the match, the radio commentators will make you feel at home.

Football Commentators have roles other than the ones mentioned above. For example, they may be employed in a football live (trực tiếp bóng đá) streaming platform to explain the ruling of a referee.