What to do when a player has exceeded his weekly casino limit

When you are using Price Per Head software to service the customers in your bookie business, it comes with certain amenities, one of which is that you can offer casino games to your customers. This can be a nice profit center, because these games have a very strong long-run expectation for the house (that's you). They include the likes of blackjack, craps, roulette, video poker, specialty games and more.

It is generally advantageous for you to offer these games for your customers, because it will bring you added income and it is a diversion for people who are also betting on sports. Of course, you have to be somewhat careful with this offering, as the player could, in the short run, hit something with a sizable payoff in something like slots or video poker, for instance. And as part of your weekly settlement with your customer, you have to be able to cover it.

So much for your obligation. At the other end, you have to be prepared as to what could happen when your player may have pushed things a little too far with casino play.

When they go past the weekly limit…

But what happens if your player exceeds the limit as to how much he can play and/or lose in any given week? At that point a decision has to be made as to how to handle this customer.

You can do a number of things:

  • You could shut the account down, until your customer is all caught up. This is what might usually be done with a player you may not know all that well. You don't want them getting too far out and then getting into a hole as far as their obligation is concerned.
  • You can shut casino play down, but keep them active in the sportsbook. The great Price Per Head software you have at your disposal allows you to do this. Maybe this customer has enough value to you that you do not want to lose him as a sportsbook player, because ultimately he is going to be good for the debt, and the sports betting means more to you.
  • You can continue allowing casino play, but severely limit action and bet size. This way, you aren't going to make your customer all that unhappy, because depending on how much you value his business, you wouldn't want him taking that business elsewhere just because of some casino action.
  • You can take no action at all, but issue a reminder. In other words, you're going to ride it out, because the player has a good track record of payment with you, but you’re going to let him know that you are not going to let things get out of hand. Sometimes this is enough of a call to action that it results in different behavior on the part of the customer.

No hard and fast “rule of thumb”

  • The bottom line is that you are going to handle different customers in different ways. That is why, in a manner of speaking, when you are in the bookie business you are very much in the “people business.”
  • Over the course of time, you are going to get a very good “feel” as to how each of these players operates and where they can and can't be trusted. And with the player management tools that are available with the Price Per Head software, you have the ability to pull up the record of every player you have in your database, instantly.
  • Remember that ultimately, you are the one in charge of your own bookie business. And toward that end, you have the capability to exercise whatever controls are necessary to make the relationship work with each and every customer. That's part of the benefit of using the best Price Per Head software!

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