Which teams are more likely to reach the Playoffs in the 2022 NFL Season?

Which teams are more likely to reach the Playoffs in the 2022 NFL Season?

Some teams are in an excellent position to qualify for the playoffs with the NFL season going past halfway through, but anything can happen in the NFL. Before the season began, supporters all over the world showed patience and unwavering support for their favorite teams throughout a busy summer that saw numerous changes and important signings. Now, going into the 12th week, the 2022 season has been nothing short of exciting.

After a weekend full of fascinating matches and unexpected results, the top rankings have changed a little bit again. Some teams like the Chiefs have advanced significantly toward the position of favorites. This has made it possible for the spectators of the sport to place wagers on the various teams while enjoying the games.

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With the Playoffs set to be held from January 15 to February 13, here are the teams well poised to compete in the final stages.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently in first place in the AFC West Division, and all projections indicate that they will remain there. After having played all of their challenging games this season, they appear to have the easiest schedule remaining. The Chiefs will face teams with less than three victories in most of their remaining seven fixtures. The Chiefs now stand to gain the most from winning the division, and they will almost certainly participate in the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills were regarded as the best team in the league, but their season was ruined by unlucky injuries, which affected their depth. The Bills currently have a record of 7-3, but that does not seem impressive given how much the other AFC East teams have gotten considerably better. The club is strong overall, and with an attack that ranks them among the best teams and a defense that is just as strong, they still have a chance to contend and are probably going to make the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens

Due to their impressive performances this year, the Baltimore Ravens are presently in front of the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North Division in a tight race. However, based on forecasts, it does appear that they will take the Division. The Bengals' remaining games against difficult opponents contrast with the Ravens', who have one of the league's easier remaining schedules. If the Bengals' current record stays the same and the Ravens finish their final four games with a 2-2 record, they will win the division.

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans, the reigning AFC South Division Champions, are the clear favorites because they have consistently outperformed every other team in the division this season. Their week 11 win over the Green Bay Packers has made them seem formidable, and are likely Super Bowl favorites if they keep up with their current form. With key players like Derrick Henry, they are a difficult side and will cause problems for teams going forward.