Cavs looking to Even Series at Home

Here we are talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers evening things up against the reigning champions of the NBA-Golden State Warriors and they haven’t even won game 3! First things is first here so as to not get the cart before the horse; how can they win game 3? It’s a good question but not that difficult to answer.

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The Cavaliers must beat the mental game and they seem to have a handle on that at home. The first thing they must do in order to beat the Warriors in game 3 is to brush the dirt off their shoulder and forget about games 1 and 2. Yes, they need to look at game film and find out what they did wrong and correct their mishaps but they must move past the fact that they are down 0-2. Game one was a debacle and maybe the biggest debacle of any NBA Finals game in history. They had the game won, really all they needed in that game was a J.R. Smith layup and we would be talking about LeBron’s historic 51 point performance.

Following the J.R. Smith mess, things went even further to pot in overtime. The Warriors outscored the Cav’s 17-7 and held James to a lousy 2 points. One thing that teams cannot do against the Warriors; give them a second chance. That’s exactly what they did in overtime, they gave the Warriors a second chance and it burned them.

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The online bookies are going crazy with this one and have set the line at -4.5 in favor of the Warriors. This is a public perception line. The bookmakers want you to think this is exactly what will happen, but will it? The Cavaliers are very good at home and they know how to win. They lose their fear, they take on a different mindset altogether and they will come out sharp early. Look for a great first half from the home team in this one and look for the Warriors to get back into it late but it just might not be enough.

LeBron must get his teammates involved in this game as well as in game four. The ones around him are the ones that brought him all year long and abandoning them will kill their chances. James is a great player and he got that way by thinking of nobody but himself!

Kevin Love must have more than 21 points and 1 rebound. He has to stay involved in game three or everything is back on James and Smith is not going to pick up the slack neither is Tristan Thompson. Kyle Korver has been a steady force in this year’s playoffs and he has done nothing. He is another one that must be involved.

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LeBron James has proven himself to be one of the greatest players in NBA history and he has also proven his lack of leadership. Michael Jordan won six championships because he was a leader and he made his teammates better. LeBron struggles to make his team better and he has basically failed at it. He has certainly failed at it through the first two games of this series.

The Warriors have weapons on all sides of the ball and everyone knew how tough they would be when they finally found some defense. They have found it and it’s working in a big way. The Warriors offense will not be shut down but they can be contained and it all starts with Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant must be held to less than 25 or the Warriors will most likely win.