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Owners Review

Are you a local bookie, if so then you are a sportsbook owner. What this makes you, is a person that loves the gaming industry, and a person that wants to earn a fantastic living by doing what you love. You should want to earn a fantastic living, as well as expect to earn what you are worth. There is a lot of money to be earned in this bookmaking business, however, you will never earn what you are worth without the proper tools. Have you gathered the proper tools around you, are you prepared for this job, are you listening to your clients? Your clients are the only reason you're in this business, obviously, without them, you're dead in the water. You must get in the habit of listening to what your clients ask for and listening to what your clients want. Your clients want 24/7 gaming, and they also want a fantastic, state-of-the-art sportsbook that comes loaded with all of the best wagering options. it is simple; offer it and they will come. Don't offer it and you have nothing, and you can't expect to earn much of an income.


● Find an online presence. You must get online right now without any delay. The good news is you can get online within a day or two, for pennies on the dollar. That's right, you can be online in a day or two, you can be operational, fully functional, with a full-on sportsbook, as well as a Las Vegas-style casino, and to boot – you get a world-class racebook that features more than 75 tracks from across North America and around the world. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

● You're probably wondering how you can get online so quickly, so efficiently, and for pennies on the dollar as we say. The explanation is simple; the pay per head industry has come along at the right place and at the right time. The simple fact of the matter is this, to start a gaming website and position yourself online as a bookmaker is not an easy task. It's a difficult task, you will need to possess many technical skills, you will also need to have quite a lot of money saved for this project … Starting a gaming website, getting it operational, and rolling out in a day or two is expensive, difficult, and next to impossible.

● The PPH offers a fantastic alternative to the do-it-yourself, what they offer is the world's leading software for bookies. If you want a software program that will do your job for you, all of the grunt work, act as your accountant, and your assistant, then you must find a fantastic PPH, call them immediately and ask them for a free gaming website.

● You heard us right, the best PPH providers on the Internet are now offering a free gaming website. They will custom build your website to your specifications. They are offering a fantastic sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook – they are offering all of this for free. They will build the gaming website that comes with an address for you and your clients, and they will build it in a day or two. All you have to do is pick up the phone and make the call, it's time to change your life, and most of all it's time to start earning what you are worth.

● As mentioned, the PPH does everything for you, they are the bookie. All you need to do is kick back, fire up your mobile device, laptop, or desktop, and go to work. They set the daily events, they also set the daily lines and odds, they accept wagers either on the website or over the phone, and they grade all bed slips at the end of the day, or when the sporting event has ended.

Why not make 2021 your best year ever? You can do it and it's simple, quick, and cost-effective. For around $7.00 per head, you can be one of the big boys, an online bookie who earns a fantastic living wage.

Get Things Ready

Attention bookmakers: Are you sick and tired of doing all the work and receiving none of their rewards? Are you ready to start earning a fantastic income? Are you sick of the inefficiency that is rampant from many software providers? Are your lines and odds constantly being put up incorrectly? We all know what happens when this happens … You have to pick up the phone and call somebody somewhere that you've never heard of and tell them to make your website correct because you're losing money! Who needs this nonsense? You certainly don't. What you need is an efficient gaming website that offers your wagering clients a better way to gamble. Your clients want to bet 24/7, and they want all the bells and whistles. It's time to start offering your clients what they have been asking you for. You're in this business to earn a great living and you can't possibly do this without client loyalty.

● The number one bookie killer is money mismanagement, and clients went astray. You must manage your money in a superior manner, you must know where every penny goes at all times and when every penny comes in the door at all times. If you do not stay on top of your financials you are dead in the water within three to six months and probably much less time.

● Money management and client management (player management) go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other and you must have both. keeping your clients is not an easy task; we are not here to blow smoke up your skirt! We are here to tell you the truth and the truth of the matter is this … If you are not offering your clients what they are asking you for then they are not being faithful to you. Your clients have a lot of easy options and they are using those options. Anybody can open a new online sportsbook account, have it funded, and be gambling within 15 minutes, however, this is beside the point. Your clients already have two or three accounts open and when they don't see the numbers they are hoping to see on your site, they use your competition.

● Guys, gals, bookies, perspective bookies, online bookies, local bookies, and to anybody pushing any kind of number … you can get online today and have your clients playing against you tomorrow. The best news of all – you don't pay any upfront cost, there is no deposit, and there are no hidden charges. All you have to do is call a fantastic pay per head and ask them for a free, custom-built gaming website.

● For no money down, and no upfront cost, you can be operational with an online gaming website tomorrow. Your custom build website will include a state-of-the-art online sportsbook that features a sleek user interface, and a huge wagering menu-that comes with every sport known to man. Your clients will love the new look, and they will also love the fact they have an online casino to play in, along with a world-class racebook.

● Your online casino will feature more than 100 games and will offer the hottest and latest slots, along with the web all of your client's favorite table games, and they feature live dealers. The racebook is an even better thing to have and it features more than 75 tracks from across North America and around the world. You get all of this or around $7.00 per head, per week.

● The PPH does everything for you. The software they provide is in effect, the bookie. The PPH does your job for you. They set all of the daily events in the sportsbook, they set all of the lines and odds, but they always leave you in control.

It's time to start earning a great living by doing what you love. Stop going this rat race alone, a bookie's job is not as easy as most people think it is, however, it can be much easier than what people think it is. Call a fantastic PPH today, they will have you operational in a day or two for no money down, no upfront cost, and no gimmicks. Make the call and make 2021 your best year ever.

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Elite Eight: 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

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The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Elite Eight bracket is finally set. After some nerve-wracking Sweet 16 games, the surviving teams are only one game away from playing in the Final Four.

We have one No. 3 seed, one No. 2 seed, and three No. 1 seeds among the remaining teams. However, this tournament has only been just all chalk, thanks to the Pac-12 conference, with three surprising teams moving forward this far.

In this post, we’ve outlined a few key facts from the Sweet 16 that would be useful for the Elite Eight. Read on to know more!

Gonzaga Bulldogs Vs. Baylor Bears

Baylor and Gonzaga are probably destined to meet. These teams have been No. 1 and 2 in the Ferris Mowers Coaches Poll for the whole of 2020-2021 and have pursued to seem like title favorites in this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.

In the Sweet 16, the Gonzaga Bulldogs won past Creighton and have been laying down offensive clinics with Jalen Suggs, Drew Timme, and Corey Kispert. On the other hand, the Baylor Bears have eleven top-30 NET wins, plus the excellent wins in the NCAA over Villanova and Wisconsin.

Baylor Bears is just as impressive in the offense as the Gonzaga Bulldogs and returns its last year’s team. What’s more, the backcourt trio of Davion Mitchell, MaCio Teague, and Jared Butler averages at least 50 points combined, thus, helping the Bears lead in the three-point shooting field. Make sure to visit betting sites NL to place your bet.

Don’t Underestimate Michigan Wolverines

By winning big, the Michigan Wolverines are proving the nonbelievers wrong, even without Isaiah Livers, the team’s second-leading scorer. Coach Howard has motivated and encouraged his team.

Because of that, the Michigan Wolverines has seemed or appeared very much the part of the top seed as it collected wins over Florida State and LSU. Last Sunday, the Wolverines won in an 18-point lead over the Seminoles, thanks to its supporting players.

Additionally, there are two big names on this team particularly Franz Wagner and Hunter Dickinson. Of course, this is not to say that the Wolverines have fewer chances to win as a No. 1 seed. It is about how quickly this team has been able to reassemble without one of its top players.

Which Pac-12 Team Reaches The Final Four?

Three Pac-12 teams are included in the Elite Eight bracket in one of the best runs in NCAA Tournament conference history. In March Madness, the conference is 12-2 overall. One of the losses was bound to happen as Southern California finished the season for Oregon in the Sweet 16.

However, the most ambitious surprises have come from No. 11 seed UCLA and No. 12 Oregon State. The UCLA Bruins put up with a punch to the gut after a three-pointer at the buzzer, forcing overtime against Alabama on Sunday.

Still, the capacity to recover quickly of coach Cronin’s team was shown in overtime, throughout which UCLA beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. So, which group is most likely to get to the Final Four?

The USC Trojan may have the highest test in playing against the No. 1 seed Gonzaga. Even though coach Enfield’s team is pretty excellent, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are an offensive team that no other team could possibly beat.

It will take a big-time performance and determined effort from Evan Mobley against Drew Timme.

Seed Sleepers

On rare occasions, No. 2 and 3 seeds are deemed sleepers. However, Arkansas and Houston are seed sleepers. At the No. 2 seed group, Oral Roberts won against Ohio State in the first round. Additionally, Iowa lost to Oregon in the second round.

Also, Alabama just lost in the Sweet 16 against UCLA. At the No. 3 seed group, Abilene Christian won against Texas in the first round and West Virginia lost in the Sweet 16 against Syracuse Orange.

The Teams

The remaining teams have been uncertain. Only one Big Ten Team survives and 60% of the Pac-12 teams nabbed a place in the 2021 NCAA tournament. Will No. 1 seed Gonzaga and No. 2 Baylor be in the Final Four? Or can Houston make its way to the Final Four since 1984? Be sure to read this post just like you read a loyal casino review.

College Basketball National Championship Favorites Entering the Final Four

Below is a table of the favorites to win the National Championship heading into the Final Four and how they have performed. Also listed are the pre-Final Four odds of the eventual National Champion.

Year Nat'l Champ
Nat'l Champ
Nat'l Champ
Nat'l Champ
Nat'l Champ
Nat'l Champ
Nat'l Champ
Nat'l Champ
Odds Rank
2021 Gonzaga 1 -225 Lost NC Baylor #1 +375 2nd
2020 Tournament Cancelled
2019 Virginia 1 +158 Won NC Virginia 1 +158 1st
2018 Villanova 1 -105 Won NC Villanova 1 -105 1st
2017 North Carolina 1 +141 Won NC North Carolina 1 +141 1st
2016 North Carolina 1 -104 Lost NC Villanova 2 +253 2nd
2015 Kentucky 1 -140 Lost SF Duke 1 +300 2nd
2014 Florida 1 -120 Lost SF Connecticut 7 +800 4th
2013 Louisville 1 -111 Won NC Louisville 1 -111 1st
2012 Kentucky 1 -135 Won NC Kentucky 1 -135 1st
2011 Kentucky 4 +150 Lost SF Connecticut 3 +225 2nd
2010 Duke 1 +120 Won NC Duke 1 +120 1st
2009 North Carolina 1 +120 Won NC North Carolina 1 +120 1st
2008 North Carolina 1 +150 Lost SF Kansas 1 +200 2nd
2007 Florida 1 +200 Won NC Florida 1 +200 1st
2006 Florida 3 +150 Won NC Florida 3 +150 1st
2005 North Carolina 1 +140 Won NC North Carolina 1 +140 1st
2004 Connecticut 2 +140 Won NC Connecticut 2 +140 1st
2003 Texas 1 +200 Lost SF Syracuse 3 +350 4th
2002 Kansas 1 +140 Lost SF Maryland 1 +180 2nd
2001 Duke 1 +100 Won NC Duke 1 +100 1st
2000 Michigan State 1 -200 Won NC Michigan State 1 -200 1st
1999 Duke 1 -300 Lost NC Connecticut 1 +350 2nd
1998 North Carolina 1 +100 Lost SF Kentucky 2 +140 2nd
1997 Kentucky 1 +100 Lost NC Arizona 4 +800 4th
1996 Kentucky 1 -300 Won NC Kentucky 1 -300 1st
1995 UCLA 1 +140 Won NC UCLA 1 +140 1st
1994 Arkansas 1 +150 Won NC Arkansas 1 +150 1st
1993 Kentucky 1 -125 Lost SF North Carolina 1 +250 2nd
1992 Duke 1 -200 Won NC Duke 1 -200 1st
1991 UNLV 1 -200 Lost SF Duke 2 +600 3rd
1990 UNLV 1 +140 Won NC UNLV 1 +140 1st
1989 Duke 2 +160 Lost SF Michigan 3 +200 T-2nd
1988 Arizona 1 +140 Lost SF Kansas 6 +400 4th
1987 UNLV 1 +120 Lost SF Indiana 1 +250 3rd
1986 Louisville 2 +160 Won NC Louisville 2 +160 1st
1985 Georgetown 1 -200 Lost NC Villanova 8 +350 T-2nd
1984 Georgetown 1 +160 Won NC Georgetown 1 +160 1st

Pay by phone slot games to play

The pay by phone bill slots are becoming more and more popular. A few years ago, the option to pay for our bets by adding them to our mobile bill seemed revolutionary. Now many players choose this option as it is easy and convenient. It also allows them to keep track of how much they spend on slots. There are many pay by phone slot games available online and below you can read about a few of them that are definitely worth giving a go.

Rainbow Riches

The legendary Rainbow Riches is a famous fruit slot machine that features a leprechaun and gold symbols. It has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. If you land the friendly Leprechaun on the reels, you can activate 3 different bonus games.

In Road to Riches bonus feature you have to spin the wheel and it will determine the number of steps up the cash path. You can continue spinning until you reach the collect position or the top prize. Wishing Well bonus game lets you select a wishing well. You will then get the amount on the selected well multiplied by the total stake. Finally, during Pots of gold bonus game gold, silver and bronze pots spin around the screen. When they stop the arrow will show you which pot you get. You will be awarded the sum indicated by pot.


This online slot is a new game developed by Neon Valley Studios and Microgaming together. It was released very recently, on the 24th of November 2020. The game features Collecting Mechanics, Wild Reels, Free Spins and impressive 3D graphics. The theme represents ancient civilisations.

The slot offers 5 reels, 3 rows grid and an RTP value of 96.14%. Players can win up to 1000x their stake so placing high bets is a good idea. This pay by phone slot is available on devices with Android, as well as iOS so players can enjoy it anytime, wherever they are.

Fishin’ Frenzy

This slot is a Pay by Mobile casino classic from Reel Time Gaming. A feature that makes it such a popular game is being able to get 20 Free Spins every time you a player align five Scatters. The minimum bet in the game is 1p and the maximum one £10. That makes it a great choice for gamblers playing on a budget.

The game offers RTP of 96.12% and it has 5 reels, 3 rows, 10 paylines. Fishin’ Frenzy is a traditional slot without too exciting bonus features but during playtime users can get many free spins. During Free Spins mode, you should try to land as many blue fish symbols as possible because each of them has a different price tag. Thanks to this feature you can win up to 50 times your initial bet.


Pay by phone slot games are safe and they provide players with great quality and comfort. Thanks to the advancement in technology, online slot developers come up with new titles all the time. Pay by phone slots are extremely entertaining and everyone can find a slot they will enjoy.

Top Slots by Yggdrasil

If you have been playing online slots for a while, you may start to recognise a few of the names of the developers. Some of these developers are incredibly popular and are well known among the slot community, other developers are less well known – try Shamans Dream Slot.

Yggdrasil is a popular developer who has made some of the most exciting slot games over the past few years, it may surprise you to know that despite their massive output Yggdrasil are considered one of the small developers! Below is everything you need to know about this popular developer, from Yggdrasil’s history to their most popular slots!

Who are Yggdrasil

If you haven't guessed from the name, Yggdrasil is originally from Europe. It’s name is taken from ancient norse mythology, Yggdrasil means the tree of life. In the mythology the tree of life would extend it’s branches out to the nine realms whilst firmly planting it’s three roots in Asgard, Nifelheim and Jotunheim. A depiction of this tree is used as a logo for Yggdrasil gaming. The slogan is superior gaming, something that may seem a little pretentious at first. However when you look at the impressive catalogue of slots that Yggdrasil have released, you’ll see that this is a title which was earned. While it gets its name from Norse mythology, the similarities end there as Yggdrasil has developed slots from all sorts of backgrounds and themes. Yggdrasil have managed to cut an impressive slice of the market share in their favour by focusing on creating slots which have innovative features and visually stunning graphics, they more than deliver on their slogan.

Best Slots by Yggdrasil

Jungle Books

This is the quintessential Yggdrasil slot to play, it has everything that players have come to expect from the developer. It features similar iconography to the classic animation by Disney but is distinct enough to have a different feel, the graphics in particular make sure to set this apart from other works. The slot also has innovative features which players can enjoy, there is the spreading wilds feature, stacked symbols and there are even synced reels which keep the action following!

Spina Colada

This slot helps to show the range of Yggdrasil, fruit themed slots are some of the most popular slots that players enjoy no matter what time of the year it is. There is something about the bright colours and fun gameplay which provide players with an utterly refreshing experience. Yggdrasil has managed to capture what makes a fruit themed slot enjoyable with Spina Colada whilst also making sure that the slot feels distinctly like a Yggdrasil. You can expect all the familiar tropes of fruit slots mixed with amazing graphics and features such as free spins and wilds. Certain symbols will freeze whenever the player lands a winning combo, ensuring the fun will keep on happening.


Yggdrasil has produced some of the most popular slots over the past few years, thanks to their focus on having amazing graphics and innovative features. Their slots continue to be memorable in a time where hundreds of slots are released.

Laying off action

You might have Heard this phrase before, for sure, if you’re in the sportsbook business, “laying off action”. But what does it mean exactly? And why is it necessary to know the term and to be able to do it from time to time? That’s what we’re going to talk about for a little bit in this article.

There will be times when your players all sit on the same team or teams, and as a bookie, you will have great exposure to different games. That’s unavoidable, if we’re being honest, it just happens from time to time, regardless of how well you dealt your lines and how much you try to control your risk. There are games where teams are just too favorite, or fans and players are just too eager to bet on a specific team for different reasons, it could be because they’re having a great home winning streak, it could be because a player is about to break a record, it could be just because the best team in the league is facing the worst, record-wise. There are many reasons why this could happen, and if you’re a small bookie, mostly, or if you’re running a small operation, you could worry about the risk level for that game.

So, laying off action is something you can do in these cases, and what it means is that you basically side with your players, and if they’re all betting on the same team, then you look for a bookie yourself, that can take you as a customer, and you play some of that money on that same team. What this will do is decrease your risk level and allow you to work with better margins.

How do I lay off action if I need to?

Let’s put an example so that it’s easier to understand. Let’s say the Buccaneers are home playing the New York Jets. The Bucs are obviously huge favorites, let’s not even talk about the spread, let’s just say that all your players are taking the Bucs, and you start seeing that it could get “out of hand”. All of the sudden, you have $30K riding on Tampa, and as a small bookie, you think this could hurt your finances a little bit.

What you do in this case is that you go to another bookie, and you place a wager for a percentage of what your exposure is on this game, and of course, you bet on the same team, in this case, the Buccaneers. It’s good to have a plan in advance, so that you know what to do exactly. What you want to do is prevent, lower your risk, not try to go and cancel it out. You can think of a 20% to a 50% maybe, so that if you have $30K already at risk by your players, then you can try to lay off $10K, or $15K.

If the Bucs win, then your players will win, but so will you. And if they end up losing for whatever reason, then you will also lose your bet, but you’ll have your players’ losses as well.

This is a good backup, or emergency practice you can keep in mind for the future. Remember, it’s not something to do too much, but it can make your life easier, and reduce your risk, from time to time. If you want to talk about this a little bit more, visit us at right now, and we’ll be happy to help.

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MLB hopes for a month-delay to start the 2021 season

So far, what we know about the 2021 MLB season is that it’s right on schedule. Spring training is supposed to start on February 25th, and the regular season will take off on April 1st.

However, and very much like this past whole year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, things could and will probably change, as MLB’s main goal for the season is to try to bring back fans to the stadiums. It would be great news for fans of course, but even greater for teams and the league in general, because we all know by now that all sports leagues in the world have suffered major losses since 2020, when the pandemic hit and changed everything as we know it.

So, why is this MLB’s sudden interest in delaying the season?

The right answer is the Covid-19 vaccine. We all know that the vaccine is out and it’s starting to be applied in different segments of population in different countries, depending on age, risk-levels, job description, and so on. The United States is one of those countries that is already applying it, and with Joe Biden now in charge, the plan is to get people vaccinated as soon as possible.

With this in mind, the MLB is proposing a month delay for the season, but so far, it hasn’t been accepted by the MLBPA, and apparently, it won’t, at least not before a little renegotiation. The proposed date is March 28th for Spring Training, while Opening Day would be pushed back to April 28th. It would be a 154-game long season and we would have extended playoffs again, just like last year. However, the expanded postseason would include only 14 teams, and not 16 like the 2020 season.

Most importantly, the MLB’s proposal suggests that the players will be paid their full salaries for the season, even though it would be a little bit shorter than normal, which is just the right thing to do.

With this proposed format, there would be some 7-inning double-headers scheduled throughout the regular season, the extra innings tiebreaker would stay in place, and the Universal DH hitter rule would also be included in the deal.

In the end, the Players’ Association is looking out for their best interests, and they feel that the owners would get much more out of an extended postseason than the players would, and this is basically why they rejected the initial proposal. However, it does not seem like something that couldn’t be worked out soon.

Remember, the 2020 MLB season was a much shorter, 60-game regular season, with extended playoffs, but in that case, salaries were adjusted, as the number of games changed drastically. However, in this case, for the 2021 season, the proposal sticks a lot more to the regular season format, and we just hope we get to enjoy it as much as possible. The goal remains the same, get fans back to stadiums, and for the looks of it, we could be very close to achieving that.

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How to Start Your Own Business

Looking to start an online business?

Everyone has been spending tons of time online the past year. One of the fastest growing industries without a doubt has been gambling. Revenues have been skyrocketing in many countries.

Lockdowns have led to more people gambling online, but that’s not the only reason.

A lot of countries or jurisdictions within countries have been legalizing online gambling. Nearly half of the U.S. states have legalized online betting in the last couple years.

With billions of dollars in annual turnover and hundreds of millions in profits up for grabs, you can carve out a small niche in this industry while remaining completely anonymous.

What’s Needed to Start a Sports Betting Business?

Starting an online business as a bookie is actually quite simple and affordable.

These are the things you’ll need to give this online business a chance:

● Bankroll: Like most businesses, you will require some money to start a bookie. However, the amount of money you need is a lot less than many people assume.

The main thing you need money for when starting out as a bookie is to pay your players if they win.

Yes, your players are going to win some weeks and you’re going to be paying them out. Make sure you have money on hand to pay them quickly. Don’t expect player losses to always exceed winnings.

● Pay Per Head Service: You need to join a pay per head (PPH) service, as these services will provide new bookies with the software, website and expertise to run a bookie.

You’ll be able to open accounts for your players. They’ll be able to sign-in to those accounts by visiting your website. From there, players will be able to bet on sports, casino games or horses.

PPH services create and maintain the betting odds. They also grade all of the bets instantly.

● Ambition: You need to have ambition and be motivated to succeed. Opening a bookie is the easy part. The hard part is finding active players that will remain loyal.

Without guys betting on sports, you’re not going to be making any money.

Make sure you have time to commit to your new online business daily. This doesn’t have to be a full-time job right out of the gate, but you’ll need to commit some time to this endeavour.

Is This Online Business Legal?

While it’ll depend upon where you live, being a bookie can be a legal profession.

However, most online bookies utilizing PPH services operate without a license. However, with your website being hosted offshore, you don’t need to worry too much as long as you’re smart.

Don’t leave a paper trail showing you sending money to your players. Use cash or cryptos to mask where the money is coming from and to remain as anonymous as possible.

How often do you hear of a small local bookie being charged in the US? It rarely happens unless a bookie becomes too big. Just keep your head down and don’t draw attention to your business.

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Why choose A1PPH

Finding the right pay per head for your needs

If you are in the sports betting business, then you know how vast and exciting this world is. There are so many different options out there, so many tools to take advantage of, but it’s important to be able to identify which of those are the right ones for your operation. Maybe what’s good for one sportsbook, is not necessarily as good for yours, or vice versa. The thing is, you need to know your players and your business, so that you can easily identify which services and tools are right for you.

With Price per Head you will have the best assistance and support day in and day out, and we want you to know that here at, we’re more than ready to help. The PPH industry has grown and evolved quite a lot in the past years, and this business model has quickly become one of the most trusted, and for good reasons. Over here you will find that we have some of the best and most experienced personnel in sports betting, from Customer Service to wagering clerks, from line movers to IT technicians, we have everything you need, and all for a small and comfortable weekly fee per active customer.

Personalize your PPH Service, make sure it’s what you need

There are many different factors that come in play when you are trying to set up your business just the right way. How many players do you have? That’s one of the most important questions. Do they all play in the same package, or do you need them to access from different sites, or skins? What’s their favorite sport, or are they all around players? Are they interested in casino games or horse racing? Or is it only sports they’re looking for? What kind of limits do you want to give them?

These are all very important questions to make yourself when you’re looking for the right PPH service site. Why? Because here at we want to make sure you’re able to offer the best possible online betting experience, and this type of information can help us give you the right tools, and make sure you pay exactly for what you need, and nothing else.

What kind of tools and services can A1 PPH provide for your sportsbook?

We will help you run your day-to-day operation, everything you need, we can do it for you. That’s what we do, we have the global, 360 solution for your sports betting operation. We will provide you with:
– Your very own new website or a redesign of your existing one.
– The best online sports betting platform available.
– 100% mobile first design and development.
– Live reports.
– 24/7 customer support.
– Some of the sharpest line movers in the industry
– And much more.

Are you ready to live the Price per Head experience? Give us a call today or contact us through our website, and we’ll make sure to set you up for success!

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