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How do Bookies Make Money?

The online sports gambling business doubles nearly every five years and this year alone, more than $10 billion was spent just on March Madness! That’s a mind-boggling number and one that bears the question, where is all of this money going? It’s going into the pockets of someone.

Are you benefiting from this sports gambling windfall, are you seeing the profits come rolling in? If not, you could be, and you can see those big profits through the eyes of a bookie; you!

  • Bookies make money by having players play with them. In order to make real money, you must get the players, you must get the action and you must get the cross action.
  • HAVE A CASINO! Really, we can’t emphasize this enough. You may ask, how can I start a casino, or wouldn’t that cost a fortune? Two answers; EASY, and NO.
  • The process of starting an online casino is quick, easy, and you can be operational in a day or two. Now, let’s be real, the goal here was to start an online bookie business, so yes, although that may be your first priority, starting an online casino is a mandatory must for any bookie. You will make a ton of extra cash in the casino.
  • Nine out of ten successful bookies are operating under the blanket of a Pay Per Head, or otherwise known as a (PPH).
  • Go online and conduct a search for a fantastic PPH provider. Find one that will offer you a free trial and one that offers fair pricing.
  • A fair priced PPH will usually charge between $10-$15. Often the underpriced PPH services are not worth their time and the customer service is minimal at best, or worse, nonexistent.

Bookies must know what they plan to offer on their wagering menu and they must also know a little about those sports.

  • Be prepared to offer as many sports as humanly possible. Remember, you are dealing with gamblers and they want to gamble.
  • Be in the know as much as you can be about the sports that you are offering. The bookie business is like any other business, the more product knowledge you have, the better your product will sell.
  • Offer horse racing. The horses are a big deal and the more tracks that you offer, the more horse players you will draw to you online horse book. Make sure that your PPH offers all of the popular tracks across the USA, and worldwide.
  • Make sure that your PPH pays track Odds. This is important to horse players.
  • Nobody is suggesting that you be a sports guru. What is being suggested is that you know enough about sports in general to make clear cut decisions when adjusting lines and odds.
  • Find a PPH that is willing to set all of the daily lines and odds for you, and one that will grade all of the day’s action. The PPH providers will allow you to adjust your own lines and odds on any game or event that you feel persuaded to do so. Remember, it’s your online sportsbook and you are paying for the service.

The short and tall of it all…

  • Bookies make a lot of money by being all things to all people, all of the time! The problem is, you can’t possibly do all of this all of the time. In order to make real money as a bookie you must have a system in place and that system involves great bookie software.
  • Find bookie software that is affordable, and user-friendly, and there we go again! We can’t emphasize this enough. A PPH will provide the service to you and for your clients. They can and will, love using your online sportsbook in the comfort of their own home.

Successful bookies that make a nice income are on the rise. Online sports gambling is now legal, and everybody is doing it. Remember the $10 billion spent on March Madness? What about the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, and baseball? Better yet, what about the NFL, college football, the MMA, soccer, golf, auto racing, and tennis? Gamblers want, and will, bet on all of these sports if you offer them, and the best, most efficient way to offer them, is through the use of a fantastic Pay Per Head gambling software.

What to do when a player has exceeded his weekly casino limit

When you are using Price Per Head software to service the customers in your bookie business, it comes with certain amenities, one of which is that you can offer casino games to your customers. This can be a nice profit center, because these games have a very strong long-run expectation for the house (that’s you). They include the likes of blackjack, craps, roulette, video poker, specialty games and more.

It is generally advantageous for you to offer these games for your customers, because it will bring you added income and it is a diversion for people who are also betting on sports. Of course, you have to be somewhat careful with this offering, as the player could, in the short run, hit something with a sizable payoff in something like slots or video poker, for instance. And as part of your weekly settlement with your customer, you have to be able to cover it.

So much for your obligation. At the other end, you have to be prepared as to what could happen when your player may have pushed things a little too far with casino play.

When they go past the weekly limit…

But what happens if your player exceeds the limit as to how much he can play and/or lose in any given week? At that point a decision has to be made as to how to handle this customer.

You can do a number of things:

  • You could shut the account down, until your customer is all caught up. This is what might usually be done with a player you may not know all that well. You don’t want them getting too far out and then getting into a hole as far as their obligation is concerned.
  • You can shut casino play down, but keep them active in the sportsbook. The great Price Per Head software you have at your disposal allows you to do this. Maybe this customer has enough value to you that you do not want to lose him as a sportsbook player, because ultimately he is going to be good for the debt, and the sports betting means more to you.
  • You can continue allowing casino play, but severely limit action and bet size. This way, you aren’t going to make your customer all that unhappy, because depending on how much you value his business, you wouldn’t want him taking that business elsewhere just because of some casino action.
  • You can take no action at all, but issue a reminder. In other words, you’re going to ride it out, because the player has a good track record of payment with you, but you’re going to let him know that you are not going to let things get out of hand. Sometimes this is enough of a call to action that it results in different behavior on the part of the customer.

No hard and fast “rule of thumb”

  • The bottom line is that you are going to handle different customers in different ways. That is why, in a manner of speaking, when you are in the bookie business you are very much in the “people business.”
  • Over the course of time, you are going to get a very good “feel” as to how each of these players operates and where they can and can’t be trusted. And with the player management tools that are available with the Price Per Head software, you have the ability to pull up the record of every player you have in your database, instantly.
  • Remember that ultimately, you are the one in charge of your own bookie business. And toward that end, you have the capability to exercise whatever controls are necessary to make the relationship work with each and every customer. That’s part of the benefit of using the best Price Per Head software!

You’ve got a future of profits in the palm of your hand. Just SIGN UP and let us help you get started on establishing your own bookie business.

Biggest Pre-Season Underdogs to Win the World Series

A huge part of baseball is its underdog stories, when teams manage to defy the odds to reach heights that weren’t thought possible from them before the start of the season. These three sides, in particular, managed to do that by winning the World Series despite having the longest pre-season odds of any teams to win the Fall Classic since those odds were tracked.

1991 Minnesota Twins

Minnesota wasn’t thought to be much of a threat heading into the 1991 season, with the team landing at +8000 odds to win the title heading into the year. But they managed to not just win the World Series, but win the World Series with some of the more memorable moments in the history of the event. Those moments were thanks in large part to Kirby Puckett, but the team as a whole managed to pull together to win in seven games over the Atlanta Braves.

Perhaps more impressive than overcoming those long odds was the fact that the Twins had to overcome such a talented pitching staff in Atlanta to get the job done. The Braves had Hall of Famers in Tom Glavine and John Smoltz, both of whom were dominant throughout the 1990s. But it was Jack Morris who was the star on the mound in this series, going 2-0 for the Twins, including pitching a shutout in game seven.

2003 Florida Marlins

The 2003 Marlins were an interesting team, as they combined young pitching talent like Josh Beckett and Dontrelle Willis with veteran players such as Pudge Rodriguez. They came into the 2003 season with +7500 odds to win the World Series, and remained underdogs when they took on the mighty New York Yankees in the championship round. But they managed to keep their cool and defeat the Yankees for their second title in franchise history.

And while the Marlins making that championship run was impressive given their long odds to win the title, they would need an even more impressive run to get the job done now. MLB odds on bet365 to win the World Series currently have the Marlins at +75000 to win the title, the longest odds of any team in the league this year. Ironically, the team is currently owned by a group headlined by Derek Jeter, who played on the Yankees team that the Marlins beat in 2003.

2002 Anaheim Angels

In 2002, the Anaheim Angels were given +4000 odds to win the 2002 World Series heading into the year, and they cashed in for those who backed them. To do so, they had to beat the San Francisco Giants, who were led by one of the greatest hitters of all-time in Barry Bonds. Bonds had his share of moments in that World Series, but it was the Angels who got the last laugh.

With all-time greats like Troy Percival in the back end of the bullpen, the Angels were able to shorten games all the way to the championship. And with Mike Trout signed to a long-term deal, there is no reason to believe they won’t get back there again eventually.

NBA – Odds to Win the Championship

The NBA is a funny game, it’s a fantastic game, and certainly one of the more exciting sports to bet on, but it’s a funny game. We say it’s a funny game for a couple of reasons and the first and foremost reason behind this idea would be the simple fact that the regular season means next to nothing, at least from an NBA players perspective.

Sports Odds History – How Oddsmakers Set Point Spreads

Every year it’s the same, it seems that one year mirrors the next. The same group of teams start out hot and then someone always comes along in the end and makes a push for the 7th and 8th spots. In the NBA there are 16 teams that make the playoffs, 8 teams from the Western Conference, and 8 teams from the Eastern Conference. Now that the playoffs are here, who really has an honest shot at winning it all? What are the sports betting sites offering in the way of betting options?

Golden State Warriors/Odds—1/2

If you follow the NBA regular season at all, then you know that the Warriors finally look human! This team looks a lot like any other team, a little better, but certainly not the dominators of the Western Conference as they have been for the last several years. They have been in a position to win the conference all-season and they have once again been tough but again, not the dominating team they once were. Do they have a legitimate chance to win the title once again? Yes, they do, they dial it up come playoff time and they have the experience to get the job done. Do not take this team for granted. They will be tough to bring down. They can be brought down and maybe they will be, but going in, they have to be thought of as the overall favorite. Sports bettors everywhere still believe in the Warriors.

Milwaukee Bucks/Odds—7/1

The Bucks have the best player in the NBA and his name is Giannis Antetokounmpa! May be a difficult name to pronounce but get used to it. He is a dominator and what he has done in Milwaukee has propelled his team to greatness. This team is fully capable of bringing down any other team in the West and certainly capable of winning an NBA Championship. There is a changing of the guard in the NBA and Milwaukee is one of the teams acting as the enforcer. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are still dominating players, but players that now have competition. Milwaukee poses the biggest threat.

Houston Rockets/Odds—8/1

The Houston Rockets are always a tough team and they still score a ton of points and bring a highly entertaining style to the court. The problem with the Rockets, they can never finish. Many had said that with the addition of Chris Paul in the backcourt, they would be unstoppable. That has proven untrue. They are good, extremely good but are they good enough to find an online bookie and plunk the money down? Maybe, but in our estimation, it will certainly behoove you to make the most of you betting options, open up the gambling playbook and explore.

Guide to Betting on the 2019 NBA Basketball Playoffs

Toronto Raptors/Odds—15/1

Now the odds are skyrocketing! Are the Raptors worthy of an investment on the hopes of a 15/1 payout? They may be. This team is certainly the best team in the Eastern Conference, although it’s close. Boston will give them a serious series and the East should come down to a Toronto/Boston Eastern Conference Finals. We do not believe in any other team in the East. The 76ers are still a project. We are not saying they can’t win, but it’s unlikely. The Raptors are tough and maybe they have finally found a way to beat their nemesis-the Celtics.

Boston Celtics/Odds—18/1

The Celtics have more than just Kyrie Irving, they have a full-on tough-minded cast of characters that can play with anybody from not only the Eastern Conference but the Western conference as well. They are maybe the best longshot on the gambling board.

Honorable Mention

1. Denver 50/1
2. Philadelphia 25/1
3. Oklahoma City 50/1

Anyone can dream and why not? The fun part of betting on the NBA is hoping a longshot makes it in. Finding a great online sportsbook that comes with a proven track record for fantastic customer service is in your best interest. Find them, ask for an NBA players bonus and get in with a great future bet to win the NBA Championship. This is a year for the wildcards, anybody can win.

Biggest Wins at a Casino Ever

It’s a common belief that no-one ever wins big at casinos but whether it’s luck or just pure recklessness, some people still risk big sums of cash on the chance of winning the jackpot. And for these people, their lives were transformed in just moments with some of the biggest payouts ever recorded.

MGM Grand – $20-40 million

Australian billionaire Kerry Packer chose to play baccarat and blackjack one evening at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but it was a decision that changed his life. While the exact sum he won is unknown since there were several big wins for him in Vegas, it’s believed that he won up to $40 million that night. From the moment he won big, he began splashing the cash at the casino straight away, tipping waiters and waitresses as much as $1 million.

Two-Time Megabucks Winner – $21,147,947

Elmer Sherwin is largely considered to be the luckiest man in Las Vegas – a two-time Megabucks winner! He won a whopping $4.6 million in 1989 when the Mirage opened on the Strip and then in 2005, the 92-year-old war veteran sat down at the Megabucks slot machine and won the staggering $21,147,947. He didn’t keep that money though, generously donating it to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.

Wheel of Fortune at Palace Station – $680,000

A stubborn mindset worked off for a 60-year-old woman when she was playing a Wheel of Fortune machine that paid out $680,000. But despite a big win, she continued to play at casinos regularly and actually invested much of her jackpot into gambling. It appeared to work out for the best when she yielded a massive profit of over $28 million when she won the Megabucks slots!

The Young Engineer at Excalibur Casino – $39.7 million

In 2003, a 25-year-old engineer from Los Angeles made his way to Vegas to show support for his favourite basketball team and while waiting for the game, he dropped in at the Excalibur casino. It was the best decision he ever made, as he headed to the slots and had only spent $100 when the jackpot sign appeared, and he won an unbelievable $39,713,982. It’s such a big amount that it actually compared to an average month’s profit of the whole venue! The winner remained anonymous and asked the casino to transfer $1,500,000 into his account each year instead of giving him all of his winnings in one go.

Ashley’s London Win – £1.6 million

Multi-billionaire owner of Newcastle United Football Club, Mike Ashley, won big betting on lucky number 17 when he was playing roulette in a London casino. Over the course of three hours, he won £1.6 million, after which he decided to call it a day. The chances of winning on 17 are slim and even Ashley knew that luck rarely strikes twice. However, in 2011, he lost £1 million in just two hours, proving cash can be lost just as quickly as it’s won.

MLB Best Bets to Win World Series

The Boston Red Sox are a great champion and the team they put together last season was one for the books. With 108 wins on the regular season, can they repeat? Can they win another 108 games and look even close to as dominate as they were? It’s going to be a difficult task, but they will absolutely be in the hunt. There is certainly no shortage of competition with the Yankees and Astros breathing down their necks. The National league brings it just as well, with the Dodgers looking for a way back, the Braves and Brewers are going to be battling for their respective divisions-count on tough minded all-out battling in the national league. The race will be on from day one and although the season is long, this is exactly why it’s long.

MLB Best Bets – NL Teams to Win World Series

1. Boston Red Sox 7/1

The Red Sox did all the right things last year. They consistently brought the big bats and they brought the pitching and defense. It was a lethal combination from wire to wire and it saw them beat the Dodgers 4-1 in the World Series. It will however, be extremely difficult for this team to win another 108 games. They certainly have the talent to win 90 plus but 108, that will be a tall order. David Price has a perpetually sore shoulder and that is a problem, the bullpen is a problem for one reason; the Yankees have the best pen in baseball! We haven’t even talked about the Astros or the National league! Look, the Red Sox and the Yankees will do battle all season for the American League East. Whomever comes out will most likely advance to the World Series and between the Yankees and the Red Sox, we give the slight edge but it’s close. At 7/1, the Sox are a darn good bet. Include them on your futures list.

2. Houston Astros 7/1

The Astros won 103 games in easy fashion last season and were well capable of winning at least 10 more. This team could be historically good, and we still don’t know the fate of Morton and Keuchel. Keuchel has had some big moments but Houston can part ways and say thanks for the memories. He will be missed, but more by the fans than the team. The Astros have plenty of pitching and a tough pen that will close the door and close it often. Josh James and Forest Whitley add to the much-needed mix and will fill in the gap nicely. The lineup is fierce and brings back not only tough players, but superstars of the game with names such as Gonzalez, Altuve, Bregman and Springer. This team is nearly a lock to win the AL West and certainly a worthy favorite to win the 2019 World Series. At 7/1, they are easily worth an investment.

Shopping for MLB Baseball Futures at Online Sportsbooks

3. Milwaukee Brewers 20/1

The Brewers are the best buy on the future board for our money. Has Vegas completely forgotten about this team and the fact that they pushed the Dodgers to seven games of the ALCS? The good news for Brewers fans, the roster hardly changes, they literally bring back everybody and that includes Yelich, a true star of the game and MVP contender. The Brewers are probably a starter away but with cap space and still plenty of time, this team is a fantastic investment at 20/1. Why not take a shot at a team that took the Dodgers deep last season?

4. New York Yankees 11/2

As always, the Yankees are once again the Vegas darlings and a favorite to win this years World Series. Are the worthy of an investment? We absolutely think so, folks, this is the Yankees and how long will they settle for being embarrassed by the Red Sox? The Yankees have the new murderer’s row with a linkup that’s hard to touch and the best bullpen in the majors, this makes them a worthy bet and a great value at 11/2. The only weakness is age in the rotation, can they overcome this? They will acquire youth, fear not for the Yankees and fear for the other guys. This team will figure it out and build a winning roster that has a chance to win the World Series. At 11/2, bet them, they are worth any serious bettors time.

Long shots:

1. Chicago Cubs 9/1

They are still a great team and still have Madden. This team will win a pile of baseball games and will be better than they were last season. At 9/1, this is a fair offering and could be a great sleeper pick.

2. Cincinnati Reds 90/1

Big offseason moves with names such as Wood and Puig make this team an instant contender. You simply can’t go wrong with 90/1. Why not take a chance on a team that has a chance? Get in quick, the number will change in a hurry.

MLB Best Bets – AL Teams to Win World Series

Have fun betting baseball this season and stick to a plan, have a budget that works and look for a great baseball player bonus with your favorite online bookmaker. The preseason is over and the regular season is has just started. There are plenty of great future investments and plenty of great teams to bet on all season. This year is going to be a fun one to follow all the way to the playoffs and World Series. Good luck.

MLB Best Bets – NL Teams to Win World Series

The 2019 MLB Preseason is almost over and the regular season is right around the corner. When it comes to making money betting on sports, there isn’t a better sport than baseball to get it done and in a big way. The heavy hitters of sports gambling tell the same story, year in and year out; “the fun sport to bet is football, the winning sport to bet, is baseball”. Baseball is a consistent winner, the season is long, and the wins far outweigh the losses. This is the truth sports betting fans, there is a pile of money to be made if you stay the course and are a disciplined bettor.

SOH : MLB Best Bets – AL Teams to Win World Series

The Boston Red Sox are on top of the world with their current World Series Champion crown, can it last? We think there are more than a few great teams in the National League to give this team a run for its money. Who are they? Check it out.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers—WS 15/2, NL Pennant 4/1

The Dodgers had another fantastic year in 2018 but were cut short in the World Series with a disappointing, one win. Now, we certainly think that the Red Sox are going to be a contender don’t misunderstand but the Dodgers have made all the right offseason moves to keep this team moving forward and to make this team better.

The best news is the Luxury cap, they come in under it. Who doesn’t want to play for the Blue? The Dodgers are looking for a true hitting star and they will land him and that will catapult the team even further up the road. With the signing of reliever Joe Kelly and securing a place for Kershaw to most likely retire, this team is headed in the right direction for a repeat. Skipper-Dave Roberts is locked up for another four years and that’s worth it’s weight in gold. There will be contenders for the number one spot, the Dodgers will be there all season long, but they will feel the heat.

At 15/2 or better yet, 7 ½ to 1, the Dodgers look like the best buy on the futures board when it comes to a bargain for the World Series. Get your bet secured now because this stock will rise, and the price will rise with it.

Learn more about how to bet on baseball at America’s Bookie

2. Atlanta Braves—WS 15/1, NL Pennant 13/2

The Braves come off a season that jumped up and surprised baseball fans. Listen, this team was good, and they earned it. They earned their NL East Title. The Braves have (arguably) the best player in the NL with Ronald Acuna Jr. and this team finished the season 22 games over .500 in the NL East. The team can hit, they have consistent pitching that got it done all season long and they will easily be the best team in the NL East, once again. This team is making the playoffs, there is no doubt about this and the odd on to win the division is all but sold. The World Series at 15/1 is a great buy as well for one reason. As nice as we talked about the Dodgers, one never can tell what will happen at the end of the day! The Dodgers are still looking for that big hitter and looking for a few rising stars in spring training. The Braves are a fantastic buy at 15/1.

3. Milwaukee Brewers—WS 20/1 NL Pennant 10/1

Simply based on the money; the Brewers are by far and away the best bet on the board at a whopping 20/1. Right now, is the opportunity of a lifetime to jump in with a great futures investment and ride this train. Many felt that the Brewers had a better chance of beating the Red Sox than the Dodgers did, but that wasn’t meant to be when they came up short in what was a fantastic 7 game, NLCS series. The Brewers bring everybody back including Christian Yelich, who will undoubtably vie for the MVP. The Brewers have big hitters and a big rotation with Woodruff and Burnes moving up the ladder. Landing a big-name starter will make this team better than the Dodgers. Do not miss this opportunity at 20/1. This is another fantastic buy and the Brewers can make the World Series.

All these teams have a fantastic chance to win the World Series and all three present great value for your betting dollar.

The Best Longshot— Cincinnati Reds 60/1

Why not take a shot? They just signed Puig and this team is showing they want to be better now, not just rebuild. They will be good, and anything can happen. Remember the Las Vegas Golden Knights? The Reds are worth taking a shot on at 60/1

No matter who you like, what’s important is the right investment. Find a great future bet with your favorite online bookmaker and start this season out right. Find a bookie that caters to baseball and ride that “dime line” all season. 2019 is going to be one for the record books.

Biggest underdog wins in history

A great way to earn extra income is betting on sports – but who are the biggest sports underdogs in the betting world, well here’s a guide to helping you pick out the best underdogs!

Whether its UFC, football and the most popular horse racing event as it is held for three-days, The Grand National. A horse racing event like The Grand National has seen many underdogs in its time, for an example – Non-professional jockey William Dutton’s story had one of the most interest and lucky wins of all Grand National history. Before the race, William heard from the audience, his friend shouted “You could win the race if every other horse fell down”, and funnily enough, that’s exactly what happened. He won the race. The odds were 100/1 because of the experience of the jockey.

Let’s talk about a popular sport, football. The Leicester City win in the 2016 Premier League shocked every football fan and the supporters of the club. The small club to advantage of being the small unlikely to get a Premier League victory and defy all the odds against them. Their odds stood at 5,000/1 – with the title’s winners from Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Kasper Schmeichel.

In 1985, Boris Becker, the 17-year old German who focused his preparations at Queens Club. The young tennis player was declared as ‘Future Wimbledon champion’ by the event commentators – three weeks later he goes to win the tennis tournament of the summer. He was then the youngest ever male Grand Slam singles champion, at just 17 years old. Then the youngest Cincinnati Open winner. Thought to be an underdog, but brought records.

The UFC has seen some greatest fighters – Conor McGregor being one, after his 13-second knockout against Brazils, José Aldo. But Conor would not be an underdog as he reached the UFC championship with popularity and a swift left hand. The underdog of this entertaining sport goes to Holly Holms as she defeated Ronda Rousey – “Rowdy” Rousey was at the peak of her career going into the fight after winning all three previous fights in seconds. Rousey was clear to win the fight against Holly Holm, until Holms made a devasting kick in the second round that knocked Rousey.

Formula One, the intense high-speed circuit racing with tight corners and close tire to tire racing which has seen some devastating crashes and some incredibly fast laps. While Michael Schumacher holds the record for most championships at seven before his tragic skiing accident and with Lewis Hamilton catching up with 5 championships after winning 2018’s World Championship – there’s rarely underdogs in Formula One. Niki Lauda, as he really is no underdog – Born from a rich family and driving for the riches, fastest at its time. His story is very compelling. After his accident in Nürburgring which burnt the side of his face. He eventually returned, which shocked fans – Lauda after his return went on to win the 1977 and 1984 titles. Nobody thought he could become F1 champion again.

The moral of all these stories is to not pay attention to the people that will undermine your talent, and never giving up. No matter where you come from, rich or poor. There’s always a unique opportunity to make it in something you enjoy.

Warriors Set to Be Biggest Finals Favorites in 23 years

The Golden State Warriors have run roughshod over the rest of the NBA over the last few years, with the team clinching three of the last four championships en route to becoming the latest league dynasty. And while there are plenty of teams looking to end that dominance, the Warriors are the biggest favorites to win the NBA Finals entering the NBA Playoffs since the 1996 Chicago Bulls.

Since NBA futures odds were tracked in 1984, only the Los Angeles Lakers in 1987 (-250) and the Bulls in 1996 (-400) have been greater than a -200 favorite to win the title before the playoffs. Golden State is currently around -225 to win the championship and given that the Warriors have suffered some injuries this season, that standing is even more impressive.

Fortunately, the injury bug has not impacted the core four players of the Warriors too badly, but it has hurt their new acquisition in DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins was supposed to add another layer of offensive prowess to this Warriors team, but he hasn’t been able to do so due to the constant setbacks that he’s faced throughout the year. Even so, the Warriors have proven time and time again that any champion is going to have to go through them.

One of the latest instances of the Warriors proving that they are by far the league’s best team was their dominant win in Oklahoma City against the Thunder. Oklahoma City always has revenge on the mind when it plays the Thunder due to Golden State’s taking of Kevin Durant. But all of the motivation in the world couldn’t make one of the best teams in the Western Conference good enough to hang with a team that is clearly ready for whatever the playoffs have to throw at them.

It is fitting that the Warriors are doing something that has never been done before, revolutionizing basketball at the same time that the sports betting industry is being revolutionized as well. Just as Golden State have always been a historically big favorite with so many scoring options, the sports betting industry is experiencing growth in the number of options players have with respect to things they can wager on and ways they can fund said betting.

Years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to withdraw your gambling winnings with PayPal in some locations. But just like most teams weren’t able to win championships with three-point shooting in years past, both the Warriors and the sports betting industry have pushed the envelope to make what seemed impossible possible.

The question now for the Warriors is whether or not they will be able to finish the job as favorites once again. They are likely to face tough competition from the likes of the Milwaukee Bucks, along with the Denver Nuggets, two fresh faces to the list of title contenders. But if the Warriors even approach their best basketball in the next few months, they’ll make it four out of five titles without any sweat.

How to Make a Killing on the Stanley Cup Odds

There’s less than one month left of the NHL regular season with each team scheduled to play fewer than ten more games. Despite many playoff places yet to be decided, there is one thing that’s certain: the Tampa Bay Lightning are the best team in the league.

At the 71-game mark, the Bolts sat way atop the overall standings with 112 points and an almighty goal difference of +90, placing them 17 points ahead of their next closest competitor, per So, with the Lightning being so dominant and the heavy favourites to win the Stanley Cup, what’s the point in betting on any other team?

The Bolts will meet a Western team

Any NHL fan will tell you that the Tampa Bay Lightning have the best team in the league and are playing the best ice hockey. They continue to go from strength-to-strength with their non-superstar players having as much of a part as the likes of Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy, and Victor Hedman. The team is incredibly deep and destined for the Stanley Cup Finals.

At odds of 9/4 to win the Cup, the Lightning are still a viable option in the outright betting. Given their overwhelming strength, it’s tough to see any other Eastern Conference team making to past them to get to the Finals. But, in the Finals, the Lightning will have to face a Western Conference team.

There are some very good teams in the Western Conference who could cause the Bolts some problems across a seven-game series, but the best way to take advantage of the odds is by going each-way. As it stands, the San Jose Sharks are at 7/1, the Calgary Flames are at 8/1, the Vegas Golden Knights are at 12/1, and the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets are at 14/1, with offering half-odds for each-way bets.

So, if you back any of these teams each-way, they make it to the final but lose, you’ll still get a return at half the odds, putting predicting the finalist from the Western Conference at longer odds than if you were to back the Lightning to win it all.

Which Western team will make it to the Finals?

For much of the season, the Central looked to be the stronger of the two Western Conference divisions, with the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators playing consistently well and winning games. Both of these juggernauts have cooled down as the end of the season has crept in, but both made significant trade deadline deals to improve the team.

The Jets added Kevin Hayes to become their second line centre, which was one of the strongest moves of the deadline, while the Predators added the likes of Wayne Simmonds, Brian Boyle, and Mikael Granlund to attempt to improve their woeful powerplay numbers, as shown by

Right now, however, the two teams that are tussling for the top of the Pacific Division look to be the top contenders for a place in the Finals. The San Jose Sharks are wisely being tentative with the return of superstar defenseman Erik Karlsson, per, but have still been notching wins. The Flames continue to be streaky but incredibly dangerous nonetheless.

Postseason experience and general team experience gives the Sharks the nod over the Flames, who may be incredibly talented and exciting, but could burn out early as other teams of their ilk have done in a long-awaited return to the playoffs.

Anything can happen in the playoffs, regardless of the quality of the team, but in the Western Conference, as it stands, the Predators and Sharks look to be the ones to battle in the Conference Finals to get into the Stanley Cup Finals.