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Against All Odds: Biggest Betting Upsets of All Time

On a regular day in the sporting calendar, the bookies are guaranteed to turn a tidy profit from their customers. But every so often one extremely lucky – or clever – gambler manages to beat the odds and walk away with a huge sum of money from an unlikely bet. Here are some of the betting upsets that have gone down in infamy.

Gino DiFelice and the Fail Mary

In 2012, Canadian Gino DiFelice was waiting on the outcome of the clash between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Having already predicted the outcomes of 14 other NFL games correctly, this final result was all that was standing between him and a staggering win.

The game went down to the wire, and was ultimately decided by a controversial Hail Mary pass that handed the game to the Seahawks by the narrowest of margins. The incident famously became known as the ‘Fail Mary’, as the official’s decision to award the touchdown was dubious at best. Good news for DiFelice, who received the full $725,000 from his original $5 bet.

Leicester City Top the English Premier League

One of the most popular sporting leagues in the world, the EPL is not usually full of big surprises. Teams that receive a massive injection of cash may be expected to up their game fairly rapidly, but aside from that the final top ten are generally a mix of the usual suspects.

The bookies were caught out in a big way in the 2015/16 season, when rank outsiders Leicester City rocketed up the table and proved unstoppable. During the previous season the team had faced relegation fears, ultimately finishing in fourteenth place. At the start of the next season, their odds for topping the table were set at 5,000-1. Only 24 people made the bet before the first kickoff. By the time Leicester lifted the trophy, UK bookies had paid out more than $34.5 million.

Overnight Millionaire

A horse racing fan from Yorkshire in the UK received the best birthday present imaginable in 2008 when he became a millionaire overnight – from a stake of just fifty pence (around $0.70). Fred Craggs placed the eight-race accumulator bet as a bit of fun, and didn’t even check the ticket at first.

Only when he next visited the bookmaker, to place some more small bets, was he informed that the 2,800,000-1 odds had netted him a million pounds sterling. At the time, this was the maximum payout for horse racing, and Craggs was the first customer ever to win it. Fittingly, the name of the first horse was Isn't That Lucky, and the last was A Dream Come True.
World Series Wild Cards
In 2011, the St Louis Cardinals were a Major League Baseball wild card team. The chances of them even making the playoffs had been looking slim, so the odds stayed high for them to be the eventual winners. One devoted fan had enough faith to place a $125 bet at 999-1.

Going up against defending American League champions the Texas Rangers, the Cardinals played a nailbiter for the seven games of the World Series. Tied after the sixth game, the Cards pulled it out of the bag to score the title in the final clash. After a season dogged by injury and the loss of some key players, the bookies were likely surprised that they had to cough up the cash.

Kentucky Derby Makes the Headlines

It may be a household name today, but back in 1913 the Kentucky Derby was not yet on many people’s radar. The result that year, the 39th running of the annual race, cemented its place as a premier sporting event in the American calendar. Donerail was the winning horse, a locally-reared thoroughbred who still to this day holds the record for the longest odds victory in the history of the race.

At 91-1, Donerail was clearly not seen as a threat. Jockey Roscoe Goose held the stallion back until the home stretch, but when he was unleashed he forged ahead to overtake the three in front and win over favorite Ten Point by half a length. Although his time doesn’t even make the top fifty today, Donerail set the record that day. From a bet of just $2, one lucky racegoer received $184.90 – which translates to almost $5,000 in today’s money.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Luck

In 2015, Las Vegas resident Tayla Polia was trying to learn how spread betting works. As she recalls, her boyfriend was getting frustrated with explaining it, so she decided to learn by doing and try it out on the day’s NFL games. Polia knew that the parlay bet she placed on all 15 fixtures was ludicrous, but it wasn’t really about winning.

Imagine her surprise when all her bets came through. Polia won a cool hundred grand after betting just $5, beating the 20,000-1 odds.

If You Win, Make Sure The Payout is Fast

There you have it, some of the biggest upsets that have cost bookmakers a lot, or have brough piles of money to the winners. While these situations are rare, everyday people do win by gambling – either in sports or in online casinos. These winnings will be taxed depending on their country of residence. Example, in Germany taxes will probably higher than in the Finland where gambling is tax free. Sometimes there are issues with payouts for simple reasons that all documents aren’t in order or that casinos/bookies suspect irregularities. When all the procedural red tape is cleared, transfers of money can also take a while, depending on the amount. In order to speed things up, punters should always consider using quick withdrawal operators which guarantee short processing periods and generous payout terms. Keep this in mind, just in case you win big and don’t want to wait too long.

The Fight Against Match Fixing

Sporting events and sports betting have gone hand in hand ever since the Greeks devised the first Olympics, the Romans held their first chariot races, and the Chinese kicked a ball in the first game of Cuju. And no matter how many times sports betting has been deemed illegal over the years, punters have always found a way to make it interesting. We just love to place bets on the outcome of an exciting sporting event. So much so, in fact, that these days sports betting accounts for at least 70% of the gambling revenue worldwide – we’re talking billions of euros. With such insane amounts of money flowing through the bookies every year, it’s not surprising that the industry would attract the attention of criminals looking to make some easy money through match fixing.

More Bets More Fixes

The advent of online gambling has not only led to a massive increase in the number of people placing sports bets, but also in the number of sporting events that can be bet on. There has also been a change in the way bets can be placed. In the past, it was only possible to bet on a football game via a land – based bookie, and the bets on offer were win, lose, or draw. Nowadays, punters can place bets on any number of factors, such as how many goals will be scored in the first or second half, or which player will score, or which player will get sent off. Venues have gone online, even online casinos offer sportsbook products. It’s very easy to start betting online. Almost any of the online casinos that accept PayPal makes it possible to deposit quickly and start betting without delay. Players can also place bets while a game is in play. Punters can also place bets on games within leagues that would normally fall under the radar. And it’s in these smaller games that match fixing can go unnoticed.

The Whys and Wherefores

Match fixing (and race fixing) is more common than any football fan would care to believe. After all, most fans love their game to the point of madness and would never wish to see their team cheat their way to a win. But for some people, it’s all about the money. These people know that if they place a guaranteed bet at the right moment, when the odds are low, then they’re going to make a fortune. And the only way to guarantee a bet is to fix a match.

Match fixing is accomplished in any number of ways. The most common is to pay-off the referee, but sometimes match fixing can involve players, managers, and club members. Up until the early 2000’s it was impossible for bookmakers to offer truly accurate odds on minor league games. This made it easier for match fixers to throw a game without drawing too much attention to themselves. However, in 2001, a company called Market Monitor created a software tool by the name of Betradar that could accumulate and assess data from hundreds of bookies worldwide. Using this data, Betradar could provide bookies with more accurate odds on a vast selection of matches – saving them both time and money. It wasn’t long before the team at Market Monitor realized that their software could also be used to detect suspicious gambling patterns in live sporting events.

The Rise of Sportradar

In the 2005 Hamburg vs Paderborn match fixing scandal, a referee (Robert Hoyzer) was paid off by members of the Croatian mafia to throw the game in favor of Paderborn. The crime came to light after several other referees came forward to testify that they had been approached by Hoyzer to fix other games. It was at this time that Carsten Koerl, Market Monitor’s CEO, realized that Betradar could have red-flagged the sudden upsurge of bets in favor of Paderborn midway through the game, just before the referee sent off Hamburg’s star striker with a dubious red card and then went on to award Paderborn two penalty kicks. There was little to suggest that Paderborn had any chance of winning prior to Hoyzer’s actions. Clearly, the bets were placed because whoever placed them knew what Hoyzer was up to.

The German Football Association, suitably embarrassed by the scandal, worked with Market Monitor to produce the Fraud Detection System using the Betradar software. Market Monitor is now known as Sportradar and their software is now responsible for monitoring bookmakers in over 100 different countries. Huge amounts of data are processed on a daily basis in order to calculate odds and detect unscrupulous behavior. The Sportsradar team monitors approximately 375 football games a day, as well as a huge array of other sporting events. They calculate odds using data that includes past performance, current team players, injuries, weather conditions, and game location. The data is then displayed on a graph that also displays real-time odds during the game. Should the real-time odds suddenly veer off course for no discernible reason, such as an in-game injury, or a change of player, then the team will investigate the possibility of match fixing. Since their launch in 2009, Sportradar has detected 4,145 cases of match fixing. But the fight to weed out corrupt players and officials, as well as career criminals is ongoing.

NBA to wear contact sensors during the season

The NBA has usually been ahead and a leader when it comes to social movement, inclusion, community help, and so on. The Covid-19 pandemic has not been an exception, and the league was probably the most successful in achieving the best possible results last season, in the Orlando Bubble and with 0 player cases during the entire playoffs and NBA Finals.

The new season started recently, and things have already turned out a bit differently. There has been talks about forming a new bubble once the playoffs come, but for the regular season, teams have been playing home and away games, and have been traveling, even though the schedule was specially rearranged to decrease the number of times teams need to travel.

This new dynamic, having to travel back and forth, going home and having a regular life, of course has many different challenges that were not there at the end of last season. In fact, there was already a postponed game on the first day of the season, so things are a bit more complex, and the NBA is trying to do everything it can to make things easier.

So, what’s the NBA’s new anti-COVID-19 plan?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sent out a memo stating that the league is planning to use a contact tracing program that will require players and staff to wear sensor devices during all league and team activities outside of games, starting on January 7th.

Players and specific staff members, according to the league’s health and safety protocols, will be the ones who must wear these Kinexon SafeZone contact sensor devices during certain work-related activities, like on planes, when the team travels, on the bus, during practice in arenas or at home practice facilities, which many players have, and any other activity that is work-related and requires for players or staff to be together.

Players will not be required to wear the sensors during games or at the team’s hotel when playing away games.

How do these Kinexon SafeZone sensors work?

To put it in simple words, they basically create a bubble around the person who’s wearing it. The sensors activate when coming within proximity with another person wearing one, meaning 6 feet close.

The sensors will not record GPS locations, but they will “the distance and duration of in-person interactions” with other people wearing them. The NBA will then have better tools to measure and determine any probable contact with anyone that could be a positive Coronavirus case, and use camera footage, make interviews and so on, to better understand who might have really been exposed to the virus and who hasn’t, hence, in determining who needs to be quarantined or not.

“We don't want to have to needlessly quarantine someone that doesn't need to be,” said an NBA official, who requested to remain anonymous.
There is no guarantee that this will work, but it is certainly a step in the right direction for the NBA, considering how many times teams will need to travel and be around other people during the season. There will probably be some adjustments down the road.

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Not all bookie services offer you the same

If you’ve been in the bookie business for a little while, you probably already know that there are many different ways to go when you’re trying to run your day to day operation. There is not a right or a wrong way, there is not a special or magic formula for success, you just do the best you can, you plan ahead, and you expect the best results possible.

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Real Bookies is safe, fast, and easy

We have been in business for over two decades, we know how this business works, we know what your operation needs, we’ve been there, we’ve built up already, we adjusted and came up with easier and better tools, and we’re ready to share our experience with you and your players.

At RealBookies we offer you instant account setup, you can use your laptop or smartphone, our platform is good either way, it’s actually mobile-first designed, because we know that’s how things are done right now, instantly, right at the palm of your hand. With our sportsbook platform you will be able to easily set up new accounts, profile customers, adjust limits, make payments and anything else you need, in a matter of just a few clicks.

Product variety is so important nowadays, and it was proven right during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when sports were forced to stop. Casino games became the number one product for many, horse racing, virtual sports, all of these gained popularity among gamblers, but most importantly, sportsbooks realized how important it is not only to offer them, but to offer a truly great experience, so that customers will never have to go out and find another source.

We can also guarantee some of the best and most experienced sportsbook personnel for your business, right here at Real Bookies. We have people with years of experience in every single position, and they’re all ready to offer you and your clients 24/7 backup and support, both in English and Spanish.

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Say Goodbye to 2020: Promising Sports Betting Forecasts for 2021

If we were to sum up the year 2020 in five words or less, we might simply say: A Year To Remember. Or depending on how the year went for you, you’d be more inclined to say, “Forget It.” While some industries took a major hit during the pandemic, other industries thrived as people tried to keep themselves busy and entertained while following stay-at-home orders.

One of the industries that thrived during the pandemic, and continues to do well, includes online gambling and sports betting. Whether you’re an avid sports bettor or have just recently become interested in sports betting, here’s what to watch for as we close out 2020 and enter 2021.

Expanding Beyond Sports

From collegiate sports and major league teams to historical international sporting events like the Summer Olympics, the COVID-19 pandemic forced cancellations, postponements, and other heavy restrictions. The lack of sporting events, made sports betting a little more challenging with fewer opportunities.

In an effort to keep sports betting going, betting branched out to other less traditional events like eSports or less popular sports, particularly in other parts of the world. While major sports like football, hockey, and basketball aren’t quite back to normal we expect that sports bettors can start betting on their favorite team in 2021. Of course, it all depends on how the pandemic continues to control the sports world.

The new year will likely expand to include less traditional sports and even non-sporting events into the betting sector. Like to make a friendly bet with friends over a game of ping pong or which entertainer will win an award? Betting might expand to include anyone, not just big league sports lovers.

Continued Betting Online and Increased Digitization

Although sports betting has a long history with in-person sporting events, 2020 was the year where people tried to do as much as they could online and from the safety of their home. Even though in-person sporting events had strong restrictions throughout the year, many sports fans opted to bet online rather than to risk the crowds in public.

As different parts of the globe begin to allow people to return to sports stadiums at a limited and safe capacity, we’re likely to see a continued interest in online sports betting. As more people continue to sports bet online, we can also expect more sports betting companies to digitize and become mobile-friendly.

Not only will digitization help ensure there are fewer interruptions in the world of sports betting, but more people might consider sports betting than ever before.

More Legalization Throughout the U.S.

If you’re new to sports betting, there’s a good chance that you might not know whether or not it’s legal in your state.

As of November of 2020, there are 20 states where it’s legal to bet on sports bet, but it’s important to note that each state has its own rules. For example, sports betting is legal in Nevada and Delaware. While Nevada allows in-person and mobile betting with no restrictions, Delaware only allows in-person betting and prohibits betting on in-state college teams.

Several states, including Michigan, are predicted to legalize sports betting in 2021.

Final Thoughts

At a glance, 2021 looks to be a promising year for sports betting. The good news is, you don’t have to wait until the new year to try out sports betting online. Check out this list of best sports betting sites as you say goodbye to 2020 and usher in a brand new year.

12 ways to play PGA tour style

In many parts of the world, golfers enjoyed increasing their level of play on every golf course. Many of them want to participate in different competitions that are within a professional level. Among them, the PGA Tour is one of the ways to become a classic professional.

Our friends at tell us 12 different ways to play with the style of a professional in this competition. So, by adopting these tips it will be very convenient if you want to reach high levels of play.

1. Management position

Of course, the management position is one of the main aspects. In this case, the position indicates much of your level as a golfer. You can optimize your posture by following the advice of the great golfers. To begin with, you can choose a basic configuration of grip, posture, and aim.

After that, you can continue improving your swing to be at the level of the professionals. Of course, there are a lot of tips you should implement. However, starting with these qualities is a good way.

2. Make a straight shot

When hitting the ball, a player should not emphasize distance. Instead, it is best to hit the ball as straight as possible. In this way, you will be able to obtain a much more affordable result when considering the straightness of the shot.

Otherwise, the wrong direction of the ball hitting is likely to make any situation worse. In this case, it will be much easier to get away from your target instead of getting closer. So, straightness should be a priority rather than the greatest distance.

3. Better aim

Optimizing your aim within 6 feet is another way to play like a professional. So proper aim can provide professionals with a much more appropriate result according to their expectations. However, it does not require much practice to optimize stability here.

Even a large number of beginner players may choose to start with the performance within 6 feet. From then on, achieving other goals will be a little easier.

4. Hitting more Greens

When you want to get within reach of most of the club's professional players, it is advisable to hit the green with a wedge. However, you may lose some greens when you send the ball in the right direction. So, it is highly recommended to practice the distance and direction of each swing.

Here the acceleration should be constant as well as the rhythm of each swing. In this way, you will notice in a very short time that the control over the distance is optimized properly.

5. Optimizing the short game distance

In each part of the golf course, it is much more convenient to optimize your control over the distance. Distance should be closely related to direction when playing a short game. This way it will be much easier to beat other golfers who are at the same level.

6. Improve your pace

Of course, in a lot of competitions, there is excessive pressure that can harm the golfer's ability. So here it is necessary to have a relevant and appropriate rhythm for each game.

It is even an excellent way for jurists to have much more fun while achieving better and better scores. In turn, this tactic will allow you to play in the style of the professionals.

7. Knowing one's physical capabilities

Of course, knowing your physical abilities and your body is very relevant in any sport. This is important so that you can improve your swing with every shot. To play the style of the professionals, you must stop comparing yourself to them.

Instead, you should consider what are the most relevant aspects to specifically improve your swing. What may work in other professional players may not be so appropriate for you.

8. Optimize your nutrition

In any sport, it is necessary to have a diet that is appropriate for you. In principle, a very nutritious and adequate breakfast should combine carbohydrates and proteins in excellent balance.

At the same time, you should leave aside fats and everything inappropriate for your body. Also, the liquid is as important as the fruits that you should eat before and after each game.

9. Balance

Using an alignment shaft or stick may be the most efficient way to improve your balance. Even if you analyze the balance of the professionals you will notice that it is highly balanced and flexible.

Of course, not all players need the same balance to progress. As it works with the swing you should find the balance that best suits you.

10. Improve pitching

If you want to lower the score on every golf game you should improve your pitching. To do this it is advisable to perfect the swing while you control the distance and arm movement. Even this is a procedure that requires patience and dedication.

11. Improve the capacity of analysis

When you get a better reading of your shots it's another efficient way to play the pros' style. In this case, you should analyze the combination of the angle of attack at impact, the club trajectory, and the face angle. This combination will allow you to hit with greater accuracy and optimal distance.

12. Physical form

Of course, it is not enough to improve the swing and performance on the golf course. Here you should also consider improving your body and physical capabilities. This way you will be much stronger and faster. Each of these qualities is essential if you want to enjoy optimal strength and speed in each swing.

Final Words

No doubt each of these tips is efficient if you want to achieve the PGA tour style. Even you should not be the only one, since a lot of golfers want to improve their skills to reach professional levels. While great practice is required, these 12 ways are an excellent start to resting a great game.

Virginia Sports Betting Could Help to Bring State Additional Revenue

Come 2021, Virginia is expected to join a handful of other states with legal, regulated online sportsbooks. That is because state legislators have already passed a law making online sports betting legal in the state and all that is left is wrapping up the implementation process, which should be complete by the end of January 2021 – just in time for Super Bowl LVI in February.

The move to legalize sports betting in Virginia should help the state’s economy as it’s expected to generate up to $412 million in annual revenue (once operators are up and running), which would mean Virginia would receive up to $61.8 dollars in tax revenue.

A Closer Look at Legalized Sports Betting in Virginia

In July 2020, Virginia began the process of implementing new laws that made online sportsbooks legal. Part of this process is to award up to 12 licenses to operators and to formalize the role of the Virginia Lottery, which is the governmental institution overseeing online sports betting in the state.

The Virginia Lottery will be responsible for approving the 12 licenses for online-only sports betting as well as managing up to 8 licenses for land-based casinos with sportsbooks. Online-only and land-based operators will be subjected to a 15% tax rate from the state.

Once legal sports betting is fully operational, operators are expected to generate millions in revenue. In fact, online-based sportsbooks should account for the lion's share of growth and revenue in Virginia – one projection has online sportsbooks accounting for $375 million (of the $400+ million) in annual revenue resulting in $56 million in tax revenue for the state.

Sports Betting Market is Continuing to Expand

In the November 2020 elections, Virginia voters voted to allow the construction of 4 brick-and-mortar casinos. And in 2021, voters will make a decision on a potential 5th casino in Richmond, VA.

Land-based casinos are just one part of the ever-growing sports betting and gaming market. Casinos attract walk-in traffic and hotel guests but they can also apply to operate mobile sportsbooks, which expands their reach throughout the state.

Throughout the country, major gaming players such as DraftKings, William Hill, Barstool, FoxBet, FanDuel, and BetRivers are capturing the market share of the rising online sportsbook market. Virginia is at the center of this boom as 25 operators applied for licenses (and as mentioned above only 12 licenses will be granted).

Who Will Be Granted a Sports Betting License in Virginia?

In a few week's time, we’ll officially know the 12 approved sportsbook operators in Virginia. Below is a look at a few of the major companies vying for a position in the Virginia sports betting market.


BetRivers is a gaming company owned by Rush Street Interactive, an online gaming company known for its several gaming companies, brands, and properties in North America.

Rush Street Gaming has already received approval to proceed with building land-based casinos in Virginia, including a casino property in Portsmouth, VA.

Virginia will likely be home to a large number of sports betting apps. Here are some of the top contenders for a Virginia launch.


DraftKings has quickly become a household name in gaming and sports betting and is continually expanding throughout the country. Time will tell how DraftKings will position themselves in the Virginia market but it’s likely they will focus on getting their own mobile sportsbook approved.


Along with DraftKings, FanDuel is another well-known sportsbook. FanDuel has expanded into states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, paving the way for a seamless transition into the Virginia sports betting market.

William Hill

William Hill is a UK-based gaming company that has emerged as a major gaming and sportsbook company in the United States, especially in Nevada.

Caesars Entertainment and William Hill are currently in a $3.7 billion dollar merger, thus bringing a William Hill owned online sportsbook to Virginia.

Understanding The House Edge In Online Casino Games

Image Source

Every casino game you play has an edge in favor of the house. Before you begin playing, it is essential to know what games have the best chances to win. Fortunately for gamblers, there are plenty of casino games with high chances of winning.

But this does not mean that other games are not worth playing. That’s not to suggest that the high-house edge games should always be avoided; you’re playing for fun after all, so of course, go to the game you find most enjoyable and attractive.

In reality, all casino games are built to offer the house a better profit, but some casino games are tilted more than other games. Awareness is a strength, and besides, through strategy and technique, the house edge can often be lowered, and your chances of winning increased.

Being Aware Of The House Edge

The famous saying that “the house always wins” was probably heard by many. This sentence refers to the house edge. This is the average amount of profit the gambling platform makes from a player’s wager, also known as the house advantage.

The house edge is the little upper hand that is constructed into any casino game and gives the casino a profit. This house edge is not a secret, or the players are being cheated; it is a statistical estimate reflecting the value of each bet made, and calculated as a percentage, will go directly to the house on an average time.

For instance, a coin toss’s correct odds will be 50-50. You would have a 50-50 betting chance, and if you bet a dollar on heads and the heads go out, then you’d win two dollars back (one dollar for the bet and one dollar for the win)—the factor in a house edge, you would have only had $1.95 with the five cents going to the house.

How Does House Edge Works In Online Casino Games

The idea of house edge has been around for as long as land-based casinos have been around. It has been optimized over the years to be as efficient as possible. Its sole aim is to ensure that the gaming establishments have a long-term advantage over their customers, something that’s essential for their business to operate continuously.

Of course, with any form of company, a profit margin must exist, and a proportion of money coming from their profits comes back to the betterment of their operations. It is not cheap to have high-tech online games with exhilarating graphics and a smooth display. Thus, leading online casinos such as also have platforms where the players can play comfortably, and it needs funds to keep that continuously.

House Edge Works In The Short And Long Run

The first thing to understand is that, under a large number of betting repetitions, all the probability figures are predictions that are supposed to be true. Anything can happen, or sometimes it will happen in the short run.

The variance gives you a headstart chances in the short term. The more hands you play, the closer you get to the average (a statistical notion called “regression to the mean”). The outcomes will differ. Often a series of wins will be put together and getting an above-average return in the short run.

The long-run is when the outcomes protected mathematically are almost likely mirrored to the real results. This is what the online casinos are counting for because some players will go home as winners.

But for every gambler who has an outstanding winning session, there’s another gambler who is almost sure to have an exceptional losing session too. Mainly when over the year, online casinos were dealing with thousands of players. And since they have an unlimited bankroll, they can afford to wait for the house edge to kick in.

Getting The House Edge As Your Advantage

Online casinos have the power to work the odds in their favor, but so do you too. There are mathematically correct moves for games you play and so the incorrect ones too. Outside bets are a great way to deal with the odds for those who don’t want to be exposed to much bigger risks.

The best thing about the house edge (from a player’s viewpoint) is that it can be used as a guide to tell you which games are the most lucrative. In contrast to those casino games with a lower house edge, games with a higher house edge would likely pay out less on the average amount of time.

So you can avoid being stung by casino games that offer a huge advantage for the casino over the player by using your knowledge with data-which is already accessible.


It is necessary to remember that it will not guarantee you a profit, but the house edge is simply based on the numbers that can be modified. For a gambler, the safest strategy is to recognize that the odds are stacked against them. You should focus on enjoying the game by itself until the realization sets in, which is the primary reason you are playing games at the casino in the first place.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Bat Tee

Are you shopping for a batting tee? This baseball training aid is beneficial for individuals who wish to give this sport a try for the very first time, as well as those looking to improve their swing.

Batting tees consist of a base, post, and a ball holder. Nowadays, the post of most models can be adjusted to the height of the user, thus raising the ball to any height the player finds convenient. These training tools should be heavy enough to offer the required stability but not overly bulky to affect portability.

When looking for the right bat tee, these are the main features to consider.


An essential factor to consider when shopping for such a product is the material of this baseball training tool. In order for the device to withstand the everyday wear and tear caused by swinging the bat, it should be made from high-quality, sturdy materials. Otherwise, the hitting tee will crack after using it for a surprisingly short time period.
The structure of this training aid is supposed to be made from durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, whereas the base can be coated with rubber. Anyhow, look for heavy-duty rubber models, not those made with low-end rubber. These tools are expected to have a metal collar at the bottom in order not to break easily. Unless the base of batting tees is reinforced, the likelihood of breaking is rather high.


The weight of this baseball training aid is an indispensable element to take into account, even though an optimal weight isn’t yet recommended to players. The choice of weight isn’t universal but depends on the training conditions across baseball enthusiasts. Heavy models provide excellent stability, essential for wind-prone areas where high winds are likely to blow the tee away. Nevertheless, purchasing an anti-tip model means giving up on portability.

Light hitting tees, on the other hand, are more convenient to adjust, move, and store. These are a perfect solution for baseball enthusiasts who are constantly on the road or practice together with other players. However, these models aren’t the best alternative for players looking for stability while trying to perfect their swings.

For better stability, buyers are suggested to shop for a model with tripod legs coated with rubber. As a result, your batting tee can be kept outside instead of storing it inside after each training. This type of design enables players to enjoy greater stability, as the weight of the tool is distributed equally. See this page for a description of different types of tees used in various sports.


Players planning to carry their batting tees around are encouraged to look for a portable model. Opting for a lightweight variant isn’t enough for a hitting tee to be considered highly portable. It has to be collapsible in order for users to fold it easily once done with the training. These tools can be more than one meter long when expanded in comparison with twenty-five centimeters when folded.

Moreover, make sure the model you choose has no plastic buttons or fasteners for the purpose of locking, as these are believed to break easily. The most convenient batting tees only require a slight push for the legs to fold, hence allowing users to transport them immediately.


Adjustability is probably the most significant feature to take into consideration, enabling players to adjust the height of this baseball training aid to their own height. Even though the majority of older batting tees weren’t adjustable, virtually all new models employ a tubing method for the purpose of making adjustments.

Furthermore, adjustable models provide players with the opportunity to adjust their height from a minimum of fifty centimeters to one meter. Some manufacturers produce separate models for youngsters, which are of shorter height, as well as separate variants for adults. However, the adjustable batting tees are the most preferred alternative, as users can make changes to the height any time they need. Stay away from products made from low-quality materials, as these aren’t very convenient in terms of adjustability.

This feature is of the utmost importance for young players who need short batting tees to practice baseball. Anyhow, the greatest number of models in the market are too high for youngsters to use unless the training tool comes with height adjustability. Therefore, parents are advised to invest in an adjustable batting tee for their children, given the height of the tool can be adapted to the height of the kid as he/she grows up. Visit this link,,skill%20and%20level%20of%20success., to get familiar with the benefits of playing baseball for kids.

Base design

The design of the base is a vital feature to consider when buying such a product. In order for the tool to remain stable throughout the practice, make sure you select a model with a solid, not weak base. Otherwise, most of your practice will be wasted on picking the tool up from the ground, which isn’t productive at all. Hence, look for a device whose base is strong enough to stay upright when using all your strength to hit the ball.


Another thing you shouldn’t neglect when purchasing this type of equipment is the warranty period. Although most low-end models come with a short warranty period, those of higher price are equipped with longer guarantee periods.

Baseball enthusiasts who plan to use this training aid in the long term are recommended to invest in a product with a long warranty. It’s important for buyers to analyze the terms of the warranty prior to making the purchase. Keep in mind that some manufacturers void the warranty in case the product is used by multiple players. Therefore, take a detailed look at the guarantee in order not to end up surprised in the event of asking the manufacturers to replace the product.

Bottom line

Purchase a durable, stable, adjustable, and portable model with a long warranty period.

Settle for nothing less!

History of Pool and Billiards

Many of the things we use today have a fascinating history. There's often a lot of creativity involved when one person gets the idea for a new game. Most of the things we enjoy now are more than 500 years old. That includes playing pool too.

It might surprise you to find out that billiards was first played in Europe at the start of the 15th century. Many of the rules have evolved into the ones we know today. The origin of the name is fascinating too. Historians presume that it comes from the French, but there are two different sides to the story. Click here to read more.

First, the world “bille” means ball, so that may be the origin. Secondly, the word “billart” was used to describe the wooden sticks used to hit the ball. It may be either one of these, or maybe a combination of both. Either way, most of the information we have today comes from games that were played by aristocratic families.

They were both nobles and royalty, and this game was considered as one of the best pastimes. Fast forward to 300 years after the 15th century, and everyone was playing it. During that time it became massively popular. Even Shakespeare mentions the game in one of his most famous plays, “Antony and Cleopatra.”

The pool table

Initially, the billiard table had flat walls. Their primary purpose was to prevent the balls from falling down. Immediately people started to realize that they could aim the ball into one of the walls, and it would bounce back.

That was how the bank shot was invented. Wood was mainly used as the table bed all the way until the 1830s. Then, with the advancement of industrialization, manufacturers discovered that slate is more durable and it won't warp in the long run.

Soon after, rubber vulcanization was invented, and they started making cushions. The main design for a pool table was simple. The width had to be double of the length. Before this standard was introduced, every place had a different one. It was after 1850 when the pool table became what we know today.

Trick shots were something that everyone wanted to see. That still holds true today. The ability of a player to spin the ball and curve its direction amazes us to this day. You may have wondered why pool tables are green and not a different color. Well, when the game was first invented, people wanted to have a surface that resembled grass. Since grass is green, the answer was to make the surface the same color.

The pool cue

Back in the 1500s, people didn't use cues, which was developed a century later. In the beginning, players used a mace to shove the balls. This wasn't an effective method to hit the ball because the stick had a large head at the end, and it was quite inconvenient to make a good hit if the ball was near the rail.

Whenever this happened, the players turned the mace over and hit it with the handle, which was a pointy stick. This part of the mace was called a queue, which later evolved into the word cue which we use today. In the royal circles, men started to play with the cue, and women had to use the mace.

That's because the dresses at that time had a lot of cloth hanging out, and the cue could rip apart their clothing. No one knows precisely when someone first put chalk on the tip of the cue, but their main idea must have been to increase the friction between the two objects. Follow this link for more info

Their performance got better, and soon people started to mimic it. It wasn't long until manufacturers developed leather tips that allowed a backspin, topspin, or a side-spin to be performed.

How did it become so popular?

Billiard became the staple of the 60s and 70s because of the movie “The Hustler.” It was a black and white movie that was about the life of Paul Newman, who played the character of a pool hustler. The film was such a success, and many tables were put all over the country. The movie had a sequel in the following years, and the game has been a staple ever since.