NBA Championship 2018 | Can the Cavs Pull it off?

It’s unlikely that the Cav’s can pull this off and beat either the Rockets or the Warriors, however, the Cavaliers have certainly upped their stock by beating the Indiana Pacers in what was a difficult and physical 7 game series and then by plowing their way through the inept Toronto Raptors in a 4 game sweep. LeBron James has also upped his personal stock by not only showing up every night but posting superstar numbers and buzzer beating game winners. No matter what you think of LeBron or how much you may dislike the guy, he must be given credit. He is not the best player on the planet. That is a falsehood and a misnomer. What he is, is “Mr. Clutch”.

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The futures odds have changed since the opening bell of the NBA Playoffs and for good reason, the Cavs are playing with authority and it looks like they could make some serious noise. Without Kyrie Irving; winning a championship is going to be difficult. Say and think what you will but Lebron lost his Scottie Pippen. Irving was the right hand man in Cleveland and his presence has been missed, and to the tune of at least 10 regular season games. Can Kevin Love play like the star that he was once thought of? He has been playing like that and for this reason, the Cav’s are moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The offshore and Las Vegas bookmakers are scrambling to find the right numbers for the NBA Finals, they don’t have a clue who’s going to win and they are frustrated. Now is the time to make the call! Find a sports betting site that has great odds on Cleveland and take a shot. Why not? This team has their act together and they are playing championship caliber basketball. They might just find magic and ride this to the bank.

In the opening paragraph, we said it was unlikely that Cleveland wins the 2018 NBA Championship and we still stand by that! However, there are only three teams that have a chance to win this thing; the Rockets, the Warriors and the Cavaliers. So what do you do? You take a look at the odds.

Current odds to win the 2018 NBA Championship:

Golden State Warriors 5/8
Houston rockets 2/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 13/2

You should play them all! The odds set themselves up in your favor to do so. Take a shot on Cleveland and for sure lay 2/1 on Houston. 2/1 is a fantastic number that must not be ignored. The Rockets are the best overall bet and the best team in the NBA. The Warriors are the Warriors and at 5/8, they are a great backup plan an “ace up the sleeve”. Do the math, you know how much you can afford. This is a roulette wheel with three numbers on it, have an anchor and back yourself up, what do you have to lose?

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too late. These numbers will change and they will change quickly. Don’t be a victim to second guessing yourself. The Celtics are 30/1 and that’s an enticing number but without Kyrie Irving, they will not win a championship. Do not make that bet, it won’t be a bad beat, it will be a plain old bad bet, don’t do it. The Sixers, Pelicans and Jazz are all done, if any of them survive past Wednesday night do not make the mistake of betting them, you will be throwing money away.