NBA Futures – Rockets A Bargain

The Houston Rockets went 65-17 during the regular season and they have shown no signs of backing down to anyone. The Minnesota Timberwolves are not a lousy opponent and it’s no surprise that they are pushing the Rockets. The Rockets are a team that can be pushed when they are run with, meaning- that teams must play to the Rockets-play with them and not against them. Teams that run with the Rockets always have a chance. In order to beat the Rockets, opponents must let it all hang out and take some risks’ during the game or they will get shelled in a hurry.

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When considering whether or not to plunk your hard earned money down on a great futures bet there are definitely some key factors to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

What did they accomplish during the regular season and was it impressive?

  • They went 65-17 with just 7 losses at home.
  • Now this stat on its face should be enough to convince most fans that they are indeed the real deal but if you need further proof, let’s dig deeper.

    The Rockets put together some rather impressive winning streaks during the course of this season and some very impressive individual performances by a handful of players. The season opened up in grand fashion featuring the Rockets vs. the Golden State Warriors in Oracle Arena.

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  • They won their first three, lost 1, won 2 and then lost 2 games.
  • They went on to win the next 20 of 21 losing only to the Toronto Raptors 129-113.
  • A 5 game losing streak ensued with losses coming to the Lakers, Clippers, OKC, Boston and Washington.
  • They went on to win two in a row and then lost two in a row to Golden State and Detroit.
  • The Rockets finished their next 44 games on one of the most impressive runs in NBA history only losing 6 of the remaining 44 games.
  • The front office in Houston has finally figured out what it takes to build a winning basketball team and they have built a super team that is very clearly better than any other team in the NBA. The knock on Houston is their past. They can’t get out of the second round, they seem to be snake bit. Those days are over. This Rockets team is clicking on all cylinders and even better than they have all year long.

    The Rockets got what they needed in Chris Paul. He is the catalyst to what this team needs to get them over the hump and win a championship. Along with James Harden (MVP) Capela, and the rest of a very deep bench, this team is a bargain to win the 2018 NBA Championship at 2/1 odds.

    Find a great online sportsbook and jump on a great buy and a great team. The Rockets are the real deal this year and have found ways to win when it looked impossible and they find ways around double and triple teams on Harden. Mike D'Antoni has his team believing in a system and it works.