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Every year it’s the same thing in college football talk and the question is always, does Alabama have the goods again this year? Alabama always has the goods and as long as Nick Saban punches the clock every day, they will continue to have the goods.

Nick Saban is far and away the greatest coach of a generation and he has proven it time and again with multiple championships. What this guy has done for Alabama is unequalled in recent college football times. Because of Saban and his recruiting prowess, Alabama will remain a favorite every year. This upcoming season will be no exception and if you are inclined to look for an early investment, then by all means, consider The Crimson Tide a solid one. Bookies worldwide agree that Alabama is the early favorite to win it yet again and the number is a great one at +275.

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What has Saban really done? Check out the eye popping numbers…

As the head coach of Alabama, Saban has amassed a whopping 127-20 win loss record. He has won 6 National Championships and 4 of them with Alabama. His overall coaching record in college football is 218-62-1. What he has done to the coaching world has had a profound impact on the entire country and their coaches. He has changed the game, changed recruiting and changed how opponents approach the game of football.

It is often said that there is no loyalty in college football, now this may be true in conferences such as the PAC 12 or the Big 10 and Big 12, but not true in Alabama. The entire state of Alabama celebrates this coach, they need this coach and they want him to retire in Alabama. Saban bring revenue and loads of it. Every Saturday starting in September who do you see on TV? Of course, it’s Alabama. There are others such as USC, Oregon, Clemson and Florida and Texas but there is certainly not another Alabama Crimson Tide. This program is a dynasty built to last. Players want to play for the best coach in football.

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Landing a roster spot on the Crimson Tide Football team is equal to acceptance at Harvard; you are guaranteed a job when you leave! On average, more players are drafted to the NFL from Alabama, than from any other university in the country. If a player does well at Alabama, even as a backup, they are practically guaranteed a spot in the draft. Playing for Alabama is a meal ticket and it not some lousy buffet. This is a full course dinner with candles and a table cloth.

Betting Alabama is still a good investment and although they have lost a few players to the draft, it doesn’t matter, they will be fine. There is one guarantee, the recruiting class for the 2018/2019 season will be better than ever because Nick personally picked them. Vegas is already anticipating record-breaking action this year and the offshore Sportsbooks have set the tone for early odds.