Who Can Beat LeBron? – Betting the NBA Finals

Some fans got their wish and some fans are severely disappointed. LeBron James once again prevailed and he found a way to beat the Boston Celtics. The Celtics blew it. There is no other way of describing this meltdown and it must be called a meltdown. The Celtics were up in this series twice, the first time they were up was when they took a 2-0 lead by winning the first two games at home. What about the bookies? How did they fare? The spread going into game seven was Celtics -2.5. Do yourself a favor in this year’s finals and find the best lines and odds.

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The Celtics had a commanding lead (using the term loosely) over the Cavaliers and went to Cleveland riding high. That didn’t last for much longer than about five minutes as they were defeated in both games. With the series tied 2-2, the momentum had changed and the Cav’s took that momentum and immediately lost it! They went back to Boston and were defeated again in The Garden. Boston took the lead back and it looked as if the momentum had swung back in their favor. They went back to Cleveland and lost!

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The Celtics very clearly struggled with confidence on the road, they couldn’t win in Cleveland and they struggled on the road in the early playoff rounds. They collapsed in game seven. They started the game out nicely but fell apart in the second half. The fourth quarter was an unmitigated disaster. LeBron took over once again. Now don’t misunderstand, he didn’t do it alone like some of the networks would have you believe. This is simply not true. LeBron has never done it alone. He has won three because he had help and plenty of it.

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Does he have enough help to beat the Warriors? It will be a very difficult task. The deck is stacked against him for sure and Golden State will be gunning for him. The fact is, LeBron is not to be feared, he is to be guarded straight up. Stop bowing down to LeBron, stop being in awe of this guy and play him straight up. The Celtics and Al Horford did it for three games. They had his number and they let him off the hook. He can beat nobody alone. He must have a cast of characters and he has had that cast of characters in Love, Korver and J.R. Smith.

Betting on this upcoming NBA Finals is going to be fun. We know for sure the Cavaliers are in for the fourth consecutive year and LeBron wants to win, he needs to win this is for his legacy.

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LeBron James may be the best player in the NBA at this time but he can be beaten, betting against LeBron is not a bad idea. Getting a great online sports betting site is an even better idea. Find an online bookie that gives a great player bonus and get the money in. The offshore bookmakers are looking to make a killing; beat them at their own game.