1989 Academy Awards Odds

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Odds from the day of the Academy Awards

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Best Picture

Movie Odds Result
Rain Man +120 ** WINNER **
Mississippi Burning +300  
The Accidental Tourist +500  
Dangerous Liaisons +500  
Working Girl +800  

Best Actor

Name Movie Odds Result
Rain Man Dustin Hoffman -200 ** WINNER **
Mississippi Burning Gene Hackman +500  
Big Tom Hanks +500  
Stand and Deliver James Edward Olmos +600  
Pelle the Conqueror Max von Sydow +1000  

Best Actress

Name Movie Odds Result
The Accused Jodie Foster +250 ** WINNER **
Gorillas in the Mist Sigourney Weaver +300  
Dangerouse Liaisons Glenn Close +300  
A Cry in the Dark Meryl Streep +350  
Working Girl Melanie Griffith +500