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Super Bowl VI Odds (1971 Season)

From the preseason and playoffs

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Team Preseason,
as of...
prior to...
Sep 5  Divisional
Super Bowl
Dallas Cowboys   +400     ** WINNER **
Atlanta Falcons          
Baltimore Colts   +350      
Buffalo Bills          
Chicago Bears          
Cincinnati Bengals          
Cleveland Browns   +800      
Denver Broncos          
Detroit Lions          
Green Bay Packers          
Houston Oilers          
Kansas City Chiefs   +350      
Los Angeles Rams          
Miami Dolphins   +550      
Minnesota Vikings   +300      
New England Patriots          
New Orleans Saints          
New York Giants          
New York Jets          
Oakland Raiders          
Philadelphia Eagles          
Pittsburgh Steelers          
San Diego Chargers          
San Francisco 49ers   +300      
St Louis Cardinals          
Washington Redskins   +800