Baseball Betting – Braves Taking on the World

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves have hit the ground running after the All-Star break and this team looks like a great bet going down the homestretch of the 2018 season. It should be a top priority for baseball bettors everywhere to find a great baseball bonus. If your sportsbook is not offering the type of bonus that drew you in at the first of the season, then it’s most definitely time to start looking around. Knowing the rules of a bookie is the first thing you should be familiar with before signing on the dotted line. You certainly don’t want surprises when it comes time for a payout. Are the Atlanta Braves experiencing a renaissance? It has certainly been a while since the Braves have been good and a long while since the Braves were winning the division every year. The glory days of this storied franchise are long over, and the rebuilding has commenced.

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The Braves are a franchise in transition, they are a franchise with a ton of money and all the resources in the world. They play in a state of the art stadium in a city that has supported them through thick and thin and the fan base is huge. The overall fan base of the Atlanta Braves could be the largest fan base in all of the Major Leagues. It covers a very large area from Alabama to Tennessee across Florida and up into the Carolinas. There is simply no reason for this team to be bad.

The great Braves teams all started in the early 90’s and has continues well into the mid to late 2000’s. The Braves finished 1st in the NL East in 1991-1993 and followed the 93 season up with a second place finish, from 1995-2005, they finished first and won their division. In 2008 they finished 4th in the division but every other year since 2005 they have not finished worse than 3rd and have finished in 2nd place 3 times. Again in 2014, the Braves finished in 2nd place followed up by a 4th, 5th and then third place finish last season in 2017.

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The Braves have moved past all of the noise of the 90’s and early to mid-2000’s. It is now time for the fans to believe in a new team, this Braves team is new, young, talented and they want to win. The Bobby Cox era is long in the past as well as the Freddy Gonzalez era, for what that era was worth. He did win a division title in 2013.

The Braves have amassed the hitting and it looks as if they have amassed the pitching. What they must do is stay consistent and have a little luck on their side. The National League west is g fun division to watch and a fun one to bet on. The out of division games are even better. This division is so tight that betting within it, almost becomes a guess. Find a great sports handicapping website and do your homework. Come prepared for the remainder of the season and win big money. Beat the bookie this year and have a nice pile stacked up for the upcoming football season.