10 College Basketball Prospects To Look Out For In 2022

We are getting closer and closer to the 2022 drafts, and although most basketball fans will be focusing on the March Madness odds, we cannot stop thinking about the prospects.

The information is constantly changing, but the top 10 prospects seem to be holding steady. Let us show you what we have found.

1. Jabari Smith Jr – Power Forward – Auburn

Without a doubt, Smith is the best jumper in the draft. He is also a pure freshman, which just adds to his incredible skill level. Smith is often described as a “switchable defender” and doesn’t have many weak spots. He has a strong stance and quick legs, making him a force to be reckoned with.

You may point out that Smith hasn’t reached the rim a lot, but that’s more to do with Auburn’s management style than Smith’s skills.

2. Paolo Banchero – Power Forward – Duke

Admittedly Banchero had a couple of fumbles in his conference play, but ignoring those hick-ups, he has a large versatility in his skills. With the right coach by his side, the good player could turn into something great. His main skill comes from his jump, making Banchero a strong offensive player.

His defense needs some work, but if his team utilizes his offensive strengths, we could see great things.

3. Chet Holmgren – Center – Gonzaga

For many people, Holmgren will be on the top of these lists, and we can see why. Chet is a unique player and a talented shot-blocker. Measuring at 7 feet, we can see this player creating strides in the game.

Watching him play, we are astounded at Holmgren’s ability to protect the basket and handle the ball at speed. However, his unusually thin build means that the player isn’t very strong. A determined opponent could easily knock him off his feet – if they can catch him, that is.

4. Jaden Ivey – Shooting Guard – Purdue

Although Ivey might not be the first player drafted in the season, he will likely be the first guard picked. Ivey is strong and fast, which is great for a guard, but most importantly, he can put great pressure on his opposing teams.

He is a better defensive player than an offensive one, as you’ll always find Ivey in the right place to intercept the ball.

5. Johnny Davis – Shooting Guard – Wisconsin

Already emerging as a frontrunner for the National Player of the Year, Davis will likely be picked early. He is a well-rounded player, with his main skill being on the rebound. He plays the game smart, always finding a way to locate and predict a good shot.

Most importantly, Davis isn’t a selfish player. Yes, he will make a lot of shots, but he will pass to his teammates for the best outcome available. He is a team player, which is why his stats are a little lower than the rest.

6. Keegan Murray – Forward – Iowa

Murray is one of the few players to be consistently at the top in the prospect’s rankings. He often doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his consistency, which is why we want to shine a light on him.

His main talent is finding pockets of empty space and lean shots so his teammates can pass to him. This skill comes with great perception, strategy, and speed.

7. Shaedon Sharpe – Shooting Guard – Kentucky

Now we know that Sharpe is eligible for this year’s draft; he has shot up to the top spots. Everyone is assuming he will turn pro as soon as the drafts begin, but Kentucky might hold on to their sapling for a little longer.

Sharpe is a tornado of power, but we don’t know how this season will turn out for him. It all comes down to Kentucky.

8. Dyson Daniels – Shooting Guard – League Ignite

Daniels isn’t a flashy player, but his quality passing skills is why every team is looking at him. A powerful team player, Daniels is able to catch rebounds and interceptions as quickly as they drop.

Daniels is a defensive player at heart, and he will be snapped up quickly.

9. Benedict Mathurin – Shooting Guard – Arizona

Mathurin is a champion at run-jumping athletics. With the ball in hand and the basket nearby, he will score points without a doubt. However, Mathurin can’t think on his feet. When the opposition changes tactics, Mathurin slows down. A coach with good foresight is needed for this guard.

10. A.J Griffin – Small Forward – Duke

Griffin was originally very low on the prospects board, but he has bounced his way up the ranking through his amazing shooting skills. He is one of the youngest players in the drafts this season, but that means nothing to him. If he is preparing to shoot, he will land the basket. However, outside of shooting, Griffin doesn’t have a lot of skills. To keep climbing this list, Griffin needs to become more rounded.


All of the players are amazing, and each seems to be learning and adapting even in this late stage. This is great news as the switch from college basketball to NBA is a big one, and each player needs to be on their toes if they want to make an impact.