10 Most Iconic Baseball Teams Of All Time

Baseball is one of the USA’s most famous pastimes. Across the sport’s history, fans have flocked to witness some of its most iconic moments, including Babe Ruth pointing to his shot’s trajectory in 1932 and “Mr. October” Reggie Jackson’s three home runs in a single game in the 1977 World Series. None of those moments would be possible without the teams that enabled these players to achieve greatness, though, so today, we’d like to celebrate the 10 most iconic baseball teams of all time (in no particular order, of course). Without further ado, here we go!

New York Yankees

If there’s a US sport beloved by millions of fans, you can bet that New York will field a world-class team for it. The Yankees are no exception; as one of the most successful sporting franchises in history, the Yankees have achieved 27 World Series victories across their 121-year tenure. Legendary exports include Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and a number of other legends you could mention; this is truly one of the greatest baseball teams of all time.

Toronto Blue Jays

Fun fact: the Toronto Blue Jays are the only team in Major League Baseball to hail from Canada. The team has been legendary since its first winning season all the way back in 1983, and its iconic 1985-1993 run, in which the Blue Jays won five division championships across nine different seasons, is one of baseball’s most celebrated. Today, the Blue Jays’ fortunes are a little more mixed; speaking to Betway, Blue Jays legend José Bautista pointed out that it feels like the team has had to “deal with something” every year for the past few seasons. Hopefully this is the Blue Jays’ year!

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have a storied history within the sport of baseball; the team was one of the first to join the American League in 1901 alongside seven other teams, and they continue to compete in Major League Baseball to this day. Some of the players whose names you might have heard include slugger Ted Williams, who struck a home run spanning over 150m in 1946, and Pedro Martinez, who thrilled fans across a six-year tenure in the late 90s and early 00s.

St. Louis Cardinals

Speaking of baseball franchises with storied histories, the St. Louis Cardinals cannot be ignored in this regard. The team can trace its history back to the 19th century, during which a legendary season saw it briefly branded as the “Perfectos” due to an incredible bounceback that would become the stuff of legends. The Cardinals can count one of the all-time greats among its number: Stan Musial, who never left the team across his entire career and who managed to rack up 24 nominations for All-Star Player.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Did you know that the LA Dodgers weren’t originally an LA team? It’s true; the team originally competed for Brooklyn before changing its location in 1958. Before that, they were the Brooklyn Dodgers, named for the way in which New York residents would need to weave in and out of the road in order to avoid oncoming traffic. There’s no shortage of legends on the Dodgers’ player list; the Left Hand of God himself, Sandy Koufax, played for the Dodgers, as did switch-hitting icon Maury Wills.

Oakland Athletics

Another California team that didn’t originate in California, the Oakland Athletics began life as a Philadelphia franchise before making the move to sunnier climes in 1968 (before which they also made a move to Kansas in 1955). The As didn’t enjoy a huge amount of success until they landed in California, upon which they began transforming themselves into the team we know and love today. Despite the fact the team can’t seem to attract fans at games, it’s still one of the most iconic franchises in baseball.

Cincinnati Reds

For many, the Cincinnati Reds are indelibly tied with their 1975 season, during which the team sat pretty at the top of the League for the entire year, smashing the LA Dodgers in second place by 20 games. That season saw the Reds go 64-17 at home, which is still the best National League home record of all time. Let it not be said that the Reds are coasting on that reputation, though; they managed to finish third in the League last season, so they’re still going strong.

San Francisco Giants

While many consider New York to be the home of American baseball, it’s fair to say that Los Angeles could give the East Coast a run for its money in that regard. It plays host to a lot of the most iconic baseball teams of all time, and that number includes the San Francisco Giants, whose legends include all-rounder Willie Mays and controversial “hero” Barry Bonds. The Giants remain one of the most well-loved and iconic baseball franchises to this day.

Detroit Tigers

Sadly, the Detroit Tigers will forever remain associated with the troubled legend of Ty Cobb, a player as well-known for his acerbic and abrasive personality as for his consummate baseball skill. However, the Tigers are also the only team in the American League to have remained in their home city for the entirety of their existence; many others have changed hands, but the Tigers have remained steadfastly representing Detroit, much to the delight of fans.

Chicago Cubs

Last but not least, we come to the Chicago Cubs, who shouldn’t be counted out when it comes to iconic baseball franchises. They count legends like Ernie Banks and Billy Williams among their roll call of icons, and they’re also a founding member of the baseball National League, which adds to their sense of historical gravitas. The Cubs are so iconic that Illinois native Eddie Vedder wrote a song about them titled “All the Way”. It’s not his greatest work, but it’s touching nonetheless.