8 Facts About Cricket That May Surprise You

Besides cricket being among the most famous and loved games, it has a rich history that many people are unaware of. First, the game dates back to the 16th century and was first played by children. The game is complicated and has countless rules. Nevertheless, this doesn't prevent people from loving and enjoying the game. Many countries still play this game regardless of the rules.

Due to cricket's popularity, most people travel around the world to watch live games. They find such events as opportunities to see their favorite players in action and learn new things about the game. If you’re looking forward to attending a live cricket match, consider checking out Big Bash Tickets to purchase tickets for upcoming matches. Continue reading to learn surprising cricket facts.

1. Children In England Invented Cricket

While cricket is among the most admired and treasured games, it started as a children's game in England in the 16th century. Children in an area located in the southeast of England began playing cricket as a street game without knowing that the game would be known worldwide. Currently, cricket is many people's dream game, and many are yet to know how it came to be.

2. John Watkins Was The Oldest Cricketer

John Watkins was a South African cricket player. This well-known cricketer played for the South African team and appeared in 15 matches between 1949 and 1957. He died on September 3, 2021. He was 98 years old at the time of his death. Unfortunately, Watkins' death resulted from COVID-19. Nevertheless, he was and still is regarded as among the world's best pace bowlers.

3. The Longest Cricket Match Lasted Nine Days

You heard that right! The longest cricket match to be played lasted nine days. Cricket matches are known to last hours, primarily due to frequent breaks. No one would have thought a match could last for a day, let alone days.

The famous long-lasting match was played in 1939 between South Africa and England. It turned out the days still weren't enough, as the match was declared a draw before the end of the game. This is because the English ship waiting time was due, and it was time to take the players back to their country.

4. The Second Cricketer To Hit Six Sixes Was From India

A former Indian coach, Ravi Shastri was the second cricketer to hit six sixes in an over. In cricket matches, hitting a six is considered an energy booster. It can also be a winning shot that salvages the team while showcasing the ability of an excellent batsman.

Ravi Shastri got 200 in that game, which remains the fastest double-century in first-class cricket history.

5. Women Won The First England Cricket World Cup

Did you know that women won the first England cricket world cup? It was in 1973 when the England women's team won the first world cup for their country. This was two years before the first men's cricket match. After that, the team has shown its toughness and experience in the game, resulting in uncountable victories.

6. Cricket Was Introduced To The Olympics In 1896

Despite how famous cricket is, it's only played once at the Olympics. During this game, Great Britain won gold. Nevertheless, since cricket was not played again at the Olympics, there are talks to bring the game back to Olympics in the future.

7. Cricket Bats Are Made Of White Willow

Many people wonder what cricket bats are made of. After reading this, you'll wonder no more.

Cricket bats are made of white willow. This type of wood is commonly found in the northern parts of the world during cold seasons. This wood is also found in India; hence, it's called Kashmir willow as well. White or Kashmir willow is strong, making it ideal for cricket bats.

8. The Oldest Living Cricketer Is 95 Years Old

The oldest living cricketer is the South African Ronald Draper. Draper is 95 years old and participated in his last match in 1950.

Wilfred Rhodes was the oldest cricketer to participate in a match. He played his last match at 52 in 1930. Rhodes took more than 4,000 wickets in all the matches he played.


Cricket is among the most liked games worldwide. For this reason, the game has many fans from all walks of life. Nevertheless, even those who love cricket don't know everything about the game. The above-discussed information is just a few of the amazing facts about cricket. You can also consider researching more fun and practical facts about the game.