Betting on AFL: Here Are the Things You Need to Prepare

If you're new to the world of sports in Australia, they have a governing company, the Australian Football League, that presents the “Aussie footy” to football fans. They're closely similar to how American football works but are also significantly different in a few aspects. Most importantly, both leagues present a regular season to which local and international fans look forward.

If you're one of the football nerds trying your hardest to win your bets on Australian football, here's a helpful guide to help you prepare for this year's AFL.

AFL Rules Football

AFL, formally known as the Australian Football League, is a company that handles the professional competitions of Australian rules football and the AFL Women's, to name a few.

Australian football or “footy,” also formally called Australian rules football, is a contact sport usually confused with regular football and rugby sports. Although the three sports involve a ball they need to score inside the field, there are a few significant differences in the rules. First of all, 18 players from the two teams participate on the oval field.

Unlike regular football, Aussie rules use kicking, running with the ball, and handballing as primary methods to score in this game, and throwing isn't allowed. Once players receive the ball, they must remember to intermittently touch or bounce it on the ground. Most importantly, they must guard the ball and not get caught holding it.

What makes it comparable to rugby is when the players can tackle another player who has received the mark (the catch of a kicked ball). They can tackle other players using their hands or whole body to obstruct them, but dangerous physical contact is discouraged with distance penalties, free kicks, or even suspension.

Also, bettors can place wagers on AFL like regular football games. Placing AFL bets with TopSport or other sportsbooks allows you to enjoy the combination of rugby and football in a single game at full blast.


The AFL consists of 18 teams spread over five of Australia's six states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia.

Additionally, all matches have been played in all states, including the Australian Capital and the Northern Territories, as well as in New Zealand and China, with hopes to increase the reach of the AFL audience.

The AFL used to be a home of a University club, but they eventually withdrew after player payments became common. To enlighten you about the current clubs, here are 18, separated by state.

  • New South Wales: Greater Western Sydney, Sydney
  • Victoria: Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Richmond, Western Bulldogs
  • Western Australia: Fremantle, West Coast
  • Queensland: Brisbane Lions, Gold Coast
  • South Australia: Adelaide, Port Adelaide
  • 2023 AFL Fixture

    Moreover, an AFL regular season presents annual games, also called the “home-and-away” season. The game starts in the Australian winter, from March to September. This year, the 2023 season will be the 127 season of the AFL that will officially kick start on the 16th of March, Thursday, with Richmond and Carlton at Melbourne Cricket Ground. You can check the complete fixture here.

    One of the latest news about this year's fixture is that it will be the longest in history compared to its usual 22-game seasons. Every club will have 23 matches per club, so they can properly introduce the “Gather Round,” which is a special round that features 18 clubs who'll play in the same city.

    AFL Betting Markets

    As mentioned, you can also bet on the AFL, but not every sportsbook offers them, but there are some, like TopSport, that present them to overseas bettors. As such, every sportsbook also offers various betting lines and betting markets, and it only gets better as the game closes to the end.

    To name a few, here are the most common types of betting markets you'll see in some sportsbooks:

    Head-to-Head. Also known as H2H, bettors decide on a team they think will outright win the game. If they win, you also win your bet.

  • Big Win, Little Win. This type of market focuses on the winning margin. Bettors must select whether a particular team can win either of the market margin betting lines that the sportsbook will offer. The margin usually differs in every sportsbook, but it can be between one to 39 points for Little Win or 40+ points for Big Win.
  • Total Points. This type of bet focuses on the final combined points of both teams. Then, back your choice if it goes over or under.
  • 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+ Goals. Bettors must bet on a player and decide if they can make multiple goals throughout the game.
  • Brownlow Medal. This AFL official medal is awarded to the “best and fairest” player of the season. You can bet on this by placing bets on a player you think will win this medal.
  • Coleman Medal. This is another medal that the AFL hands to the player who kicks the highest number of goals throughout the campaign. If you plan to participate in this bet, you'll have to wager on a player you think will win this medal.
  • Final Thoughts

    AFL hosts memorable Australian rules football you should never miss. The combination of action and fast-paced players are something you should see, and while watching, betting on the side is a whole lot of experience. They only last a few months and then don't come back until the following season. If you don't want to miss such a memorable event, you should start marking the calendars now.