Biggest Wins in Soccer History

Soccer is a popular game the world over where matches and tournaments are played virtually every day. Infogol games records show that this sport has been played for decades and there have been some exhilarating matches over the course of its history that have taken both fans and teams by surprise. Fans betting on the games could have never predicted these outcomes and while every sport comes with its share of one-sided games, these matches are a cut above the rest.

2001 FIFA World Cup Qualifier

The biggest win of all time in an international soccer match goes to Australia during a qualifying match in 2001. Australia were playing American Samoa to qualify for the 2002 FIFA World Cup when they destroyed their opponents, scoring a staggering 31 goals to American Samoa’s zero. Archie Thompson scored a record 13 goals for Australia during this match, with David Zdrilic not far behind netting eight.

1975 Pan American Games

During the 1975 Pan American Games, in a Group D encounter, Brazil demolished Nicaragua by an astounding 14 goals – three of these were scored in just the first five minutes! By the end of the match, Brazil’s top scorer was Luis Alberto who earned four of the goals.

2006 Qualifier for Euro 2008

The Germany v. San Marino match took place in September 2006 as a qualifier for the Euro 2008 tournament. Both teams took to the pitch in Serravalle, San Marino, to battle it out in what would become a record-breaking margin by any team in the European Championships. Germany succeeded in scoring 13 goals, four of which were scored by Lukas Podolski, knocking San Marino out of the competition.

UEFA Euro 1984 Qualifying Game

Held in Seville, Spain, in 1983, the Group 7 qualifying game between Spain and Malta made headlines when Spain knocks 12 goals into the opposition’s net. They conceded just a single goal, leading to Spain topping their group.

Australia’s 2002 Qualification Campaign

Although Australia experienced a heart-breaking defeat against Uruguay in the playoffs of the 2002 World Cup, they certainly enjoyed some victories along the way, not least in their game against Tonga in 2001. They had nine goal scorers in the win that made history for being the biggest win in a FIFA-observed international soccer match and it became one of six wins in an undefeated run during the Oceanic Stage of the tournament’s qualification.

Euro 2012 Qualifier in Eindhoven

In September 2011, Netherlands took to the pitch with San Marino to fight it out for Euro 2012. The roaring crowd watched Netherlands defeat their opponents by 11 goals, with Robin van Persie earning top scorer with four goals during the match.

2012 Qualifier in Bahrain

There’s nothing quite like winning on home soil and that’s precisely what Bahrain did in 2012 when they played Indonesia to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. FIFA actually ran an investigation into this match due to the weak side Indonesia fielded for this game, but Bahrain ended up winning by 10 goals to a disappointing zero from their rivals.