Bookie language you should know

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Are you familiar with bookmakers, sportsbooks, and everything that goes around being a bookie? Do you understand the language, the slang? Now that you’re becoming a part of this, you might as well know how bookies communicate, how players ask for things, what the terms are, what certain things mean, so that you can do an even better job, and always know and understand what people are talking about.

What are some of the most common bookie terms:

– Action: Basically, it means what the player took as their bet, or bets. When you “have action” on something, it means that you already placed a bet.
– Juice or vig: It’s the amount of extra money you need to lay or risk, in order to bet on a favorite, a commission. For example, if the line is -110, it means that you need to lay $110 to win $100, the juice is that extra 10% you need to lay.
– Dime: It means $1000.
– Nickel: It means $500.
– Book: It’s short for a sportsbook.
– Bookie: It’s short for bookmakers.
– Early Price: It’s when you get to bet on the opening line for a game, or the odds were posted prematurely, before relevant information came out, that caused the lines to change.
– Futures: These are lines you bet on in a mid-term or long-term, for example, who’s going to win the Super Bowl next season?
– Over/Under: When you bet a total on any game, whether it’s points, goals, turnovers, etc.

There are many, and we mean many, other common, or usual bookie terms and bookie language you need to learn, and trust us, you will. Being a part of the sports betting world is quite fun and exciting, come over to and learn from the best! We have some of the most experienced sportsbook personnel working right here with us, and they are all ready to work for you, give you a push, help you become the best bookie you can be!

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