Bookie Language

Bookies use different terms that only regular punters and experienced sports analysts can understand. Some beginners wonder about straight bet meaning when they come across them at different
sportsbooks. Read on to learn more about straight bets.

What Is a Straight Bet?

A straight bet is a wager which a bettor places on a possible outcome in a particular sporting event. You can make it using a moneyline or point spread. Many modern sportsbooks use “straight bet” to differentiate wagers like if bets, futures, parlays, prop bets, and teasers.

You can place a straight bet on the winner, under or over a particular number, or the total points scored in a match. It has to tie an expected outcome or cover the point spread for you to win.

Types of Straight Bets

Bookmakers provide different straight bets, including:

Straight Bet-Puck Line

A puck line resembles a run line. It combines odds and a spread, but the spread varies. For instance, a bookie can offer the following sporting event;
● Minnesota Wild +1 ½(-160)
● San Jose Sharks -1 ½(+140)

If you back the San Jose Sharks, they have to win the match by two or more games to win the bet. You have to stake $160 to receive $100. You need to bet $100 to get $140 when you wager on the Minnesota Wild, and they lose the match by one goal or win it.

Straight Bet- Point-Spread

Some bettors call it the spread or line. They use it to even odds between both teams. Bookies handicap the favorite side by deducting a few goals or points and give the underdog some goals or points.

Determine the goal or point difference between two teams' actual scores to ascertain if your prediction was correct or wrong. You will win if the bet covers the spread.

You cannot make a push if the point spreads have half points. A bookmaker can offer the following sporting event:
● Spurs +6 ½(-110)
● Pistons -6 ½(-110)

In the above example, backing the Spurs means that you believe they will lose the match by less than 7 points or win it. A bet on the Pistons shows that you are optimistic that they will win the game by over 7 points. This game doesn't have a push, and you need to stake $110 on either side to get $100.
● Packers PK(-110)
● Vikings PK (-110)

You should stake $110 to get $100 if you believe that the Vikings will defeat the Packers.

Straight Bet-Money Line

You don't need to cover the spread while placing a straight bet-money line. Instead, you back the side that you think will win a game. It can be the underdog or favorite.

Most betting companies base moneylines on $100. So, you will win less despite risking more on the strong team and win more by risking less if you back the underdog. Some sports allow you to place an even bet.
● Washington Wizards -225
● Miami Heat +185

In the above game, you will stake $225 on the Washington Wizards to win to get $100. An accurate Miami Heat wager would earn you $185 if you staked $100. A push will occur if both sides tie.

Straight Bet-Game Total

You can predict the total scores of both teams to be under or over the figure a bookie has indicated, for example:
● Spurs OV 176 ½(-110)
● Pistons UN 176 ½(-110)

An over bet shows that you believe the total score will exceed 176 points, while an under bet indicates that the scores will be less than 177.

Straight Bet-Run Line

A baseball run line combines odds and spreads. The spread is 1 ½ runs. The favorite team has to win a game by 2 runs if you back them. The underdog should win the match or lose by a single run to win your bet.

Straight bets are common among sports bettors. They involve placing money on the team that you believe will win a game.

The point spread wager is a famous type of straight bet. Straight wagers are suitable for amateurs as they have the same payout for each team.

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