Bookmaking Benefits

Bookmaking on many levels is an ever increasing popular thing. Gamblers are gambling at home nowadays and they want options. They want to feel as if they have Las Vegas on their mobile device, their laptop, or on their desktop computer. Local bookies are feeling the crunch from their clients because their client’s are demanding more. What is the remedy? There is one great way that we highly recommend when it comes to being “all things to all people, all of the time”. The “Pay Per Head”. What they are doing and what they are offering is a phenomenal solution for local bookies or any bookie, on any level.

● GET ONLINE TODAY! Really, we can’t over emphasize this. If you want to be effective and if you want to keep your existing clients, then you must get online. Your clients want more than you can give them as a local bookmaker. They want it all and they want to bet it all. As a local bookie, there is no way possible to give them what they want without a PPH.

What does the PPH give you and your clients?

● The number one thing that the PPH provides is an online presence that’s exactly like any other online gaming site. Think of all the big names in online sportsbooks. What do they offer and how are their websites set up? This is what you will be getting if you sign up with a PPH.

● The sportsbook is state of the art and it offers all the bells and whistles of any online sportsbook, and more. The best pay per head providers are now offering a huge wagering menu that includes every sport known to man, and every way possible to bet on those sports.

● You will have live wagering, dynamic wagering, parlays, teasers, super teasers, reverse, action, alternate lines, totals, first halves, second halves, quarters, game props, player props, special props, exotic bets, futures, and much more. You will also have the ability to offer weekly-free and paid contests, along with deposit bonuses as you wish.

● The PPH sets up the daily events for you, they also set all of the daily lines and odds, but you are always in complete control to change them at any time for any reason. You are the boss of this operation!

● The PPH accepts wagers over the phone via an 800-number that your clients can call from the USA. The friendly agents speak great English and are highly gaming knowledgeable. Your clients can also log into their personal accounts and place their wagers on the website. Of course, they can still call you with any bets or issues they may have with their account.

● The PPH grades all bet slips and they take care of all accounting. You take the money. You must find a way to take deposits. You probably take cash now and you can certainly continue that or the PPH will be happy to help you find the best alternative to cash. You are also responsible for all payouts. Again, this can be your choice, or you can let the PPH help you find the best and the most effective payout methods.

● With a PPH, managing your players is a snap. You will have 24/7 access to player and financial reports. You will always know who is beating you and who is losing and what’s better – you will always know and be able to account for every penny in, and every penny out.

● The best PPH providers online like are now offering you a complete gaming website for FREE. All you have to pay for is the weekly maintenance fee that starts at around $7 per head, per week, per active player. You never pay for players that do not play.

With the PPH you get it all and on a silver platter. You can be online and functional within a day or two with no up-front cost. You get a free website that offers a fantastic and state of the art sportsbook, along with a Las Vegas-style virtual casino featuring more than 100-games and live dealers, plus, you get a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world. Make the best PPH today and and start earning a great salary.

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