Bowling Shirts vs. Bowling Jerseys: What’s the Difference?

Bowling alley

Bowling shirts and jerseys have both been popular choices for bowlers. They’re comfortable to wear, don’t restrict movement, and offer quite a bit of style. Because of that, both options have even become popular outside of bowling alleys.

Bowling jerseys and shirts are increasingly seen as fashion items. With the various designs, it’s easy to see why. More than a few people have decided to incorporate them into their style.

That doesn’t mean both options are identical, however. While they’re both used in the same way, there are more than a few differences between them. If you’re considering picking up a few of them, it’s worth diving into what these are.

Bowling Shirts & Bowling Jerseys: How’re They Different?

Some people would argue that there aren’t many differences between bowling shirts and jerseys. In practicality, they’re relatively similar. There are several key differences between the two of them, however.

While they might appear the same at first glance, the differences become increasingly apparent over time. Some of the more notable of these are:


If you’re buying bowling jerseys or shirts for professional bowling, it’s always worth going with the option that lets you do this properly. Many bowlers claim bowling jerseys are the better option because they don’t restrict movement, allowing you to bowl better.


Whether you’re bowling or not, comfort is critical, and it’s always worth focusing on the more comfortable options. Bowling shirts can be the better option for this, especially if they’re made from certain materials. You’ll feel better wearing these.


Both bowling shirts and jerseys can be personalized to some degree. Shirts are the better option for this by far. You can do almost anything with them, and there’s more to do with them than you could do with jerseys.

You’ll start seeing these differences relatively quickly. If you buy bowling shirts and jerseys, the difference can be felt when you put them on. It could be worth getting a few of both options to help you see for yourself.

There’s no reason not to try it. Despite the differences, both options look great, can be incorporated into multiple styles, and much more. You’ll look and feel great, no matter which one you wear.

Whether you’re looking for bowling shirts or jerseys, you’ll have plenty of options. Before deciding, it’s worth knowing the differences between the two main categories.

Some people choose bowling shirts, while others choose jerseys. A few even decide to buy a few of each category.
Both have pros and cons, and there’s no wrong choice. Make sure you buy from the right places, however. Bowling Concepts is a great option for more than a few reasons.

With a wide range, there are plenty of options to choose from. They’re also affordable, so you shouldn’t have to spend too much getting them.