Brady vs. Brees going head-to-head for the All-time passing TD record

Week 8 of the 2020 NFL season will be remembered as a league’s milestone, after veteran New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees broke Tom Brady’s record for most ever passing TD’s. Brees completed 2 TD passes in the Saints’ OT win over the Chicago Bears, 26-23, and passed Tom Brady’s 559 total TD passes so far, however, Brady had his game on Monday, and threw 2 TD passes himself, to regain the lead in this historical list.

It will be quite interesting to follow this stat from now on, as Brees and Brady remain active and they’re both having a winning season so far, and they now are both in the same division, after Brady’s move from the Pats to the Buccs this season. They are both actually fighting for the division title already, ahead of the Panthers and Falcons, so things are getting interesting for the second half of the season, the Buccs lead the division after week 8’s results, with a 6-2 record, while the Saints are right behind with 5-2.

We haven’t had this head-to-head race for many years, as this record remained untouched for many years, with legendary Dan Marino in the lead with 420. Then another legend, Brett Favre was the one who caught up with the Dolphins QB and took the record to a whole new level, to 508 total TD passes, Peyton Manning was the one who took the record from Favre, getting to 539 himself. Now we have Brees and Brady going head-to-head, both active, both having good seasons, both in a healthy physical condition, and both respected veterans. The question here is, how much longer will they remain active in the NFL?

It’s completely uncertain at this point, and it will all depend on how healthy they can both stay, of course, at this point of their careers it is clear that any major injury would probably mean the end of the line for either. Another factor is how well they can both lead their teams this season, which is going well so far. It the Buccs and the Saints manage to have good seasons and get to the playoffs, then we can probably see them back next season again. Remember, we’re talking about two 40+ year old veterans here, even if their numbers remain at the highest level, Tom Brady is 43, Drew Brees is 41, so we’re sure they’re both trying to finish this season with that record, because there is no guarantee they can be back for the next one.

2020 NFL season – QB Passing TD stats

Looking into this season’s QB stats, things are actually not looking that great for Brees in this race for the All-time Pass TD leadership, as he has thrown 13 TD passes so far, while Brady has 20 already, and is fourth in the league’s list. Russell Wilson is #1 after 8 weeks, with 26, followed by Patrick Mahomes with 21, and another veteran, Aaron Rodgers, with 20, same as Brady.

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan has the most passing yards so far, 2462, followed by Patrick Mahomes with 2315, rookie Joe Burrow with 2272 and with Brady also in the fourth place in this list, with 2189, while Brees is out of the Top 10, in 12th place, with 1898.

Who will take the All-time record home at the end of the season? We’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s going to be a fun ride for sure!

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