Canadian Football Betting Secrets

If you thought that football is not raged in Canada, think again. The Canadian Football League or CFL is considered the second oldest in professional football of the North American region. The popularity of the sport is immense in the country and it is second to the hockey league, among the homegrown sports here. Accordingly, it should come as little surprise that online sports betting includes CFL betting as one of the main attractions.

Games of the national football league are featured in a range of television channels in the country such as RSN, ESPN, and TSN. Not only do the competitive spirits attract but also betting opportunities. Hence, gamblers have the option to bet on different aspects of the sport from June to November.

Online Bookmaking at C$1

Gambling laws in Canada are complicated but the established sites that offer online bookmaking make it easy. Most sites that offer betting on football operate offshore which means that it is legal for Canadians to bet on these sites and not fear any recourse legally. All such sites offer gambling in Canadian dollars which makes it easy for the players to opt for CFL betting odds.

Those who wish to dabble in online casino games for the first time, they can try the $1 deposit Canada sites. There are many legitimate sites that welcome players to register with a minimum C$1. One can read up reviews on online casino 1 dollar deposit to find sites which are optimal for beginners. Gamblers can check out Zodiac casino which has attractive welcome offers with a minimum deposit of a single dollar. This comprises 80 chances for a player to become a millionaire along with a 100% match up bonus for making a second deposit of a minimum of 20 Euros. Other websites in this category include All Slots and Spin Palace, both of which offer registration with a single dollar and provide a gateway to a wide range of slots, table games, live dealer games as well as sports betting.

About CFL Betting

CFL betting might take second place to NFL or national football league but the games provide good gambling opportunities, both for football fans as well as serious bettors. One also needs to find good sports booking sites. Indeed, whether it is college football or the national level team, Canadians would give them equal importance, as they would do for American football. In order to bet optimally, players need to know the mechanism of working on the bookies. Before indulging in bets there are certain principles to know:

  • Betting Line
  • This term describes a market that bookmakers open for a playing event. For instance, if opts for CFL bet odds this could be in reference to match results, who would-be winner, such as Winnipeg Blue, Hamilton Tiger-cats, and others. Sportsbooks assess upcoming games, consider match pricing, and then leave it to customers to decide whether they wish to take on the bets.

  • Odds for CFL Money Line
  • This refers to math results in CFL and betting on the winning side. Here there are only two options such as wins for either side. Matches could end in a tie after four quarters. However, the betting strategy here involves bets moving to overtime and whoever wins deliver profits.

  • Point Spread Odds
  • This involves handicapping the team that is stronger and hence, the team needs to win by certain points if your bets are to deliver. When there are clear favorites this strategy works well.

  • Over/Under Odds
  • These bets refer to points that are scored by CFL teams such as Toronto Argonauts. Bookmakers set lines that start from 20.5 and continue in the upward direction. Bettors then stake whether they wish to go under or over these lines. Bet applies to total combined points. Some sportsbooks make it possible for one to find additional markets for the teams.

  • Props and Futures
  • Futures market relates to season-long bets and popular ones involve winners in Grey Cup tournaments. The market usually opens before a new season and additional options are there to choose a winner for each division. Prop bets are those which do not affect game results. For instance, bets can be placed on players making certain yards in distance or a quarterback throwing over a certain distance. Futures are wagers that are more common.

    CFL Betting and Other Casino Games

    CFL betting is made lucrative at the sports booking sites with several winning wager combinations that they provide. Those who wish to play optimally look at betting strategy options, study the teams involved, and results that they can get from recent matches.

    On the other hand, many casino games do not require much research or knowhow from before. For instance, easy slots are most relaxing since one can simply spin them on the go. Table games are favorites of fans of traditional casino games. One can visit LeafletCasino and find reviews about the different game categories, which casinos are reliable for wagering with real money and so forth. When it comes to playing casino games online, players need to look at information such as RTP, variance to understand the likelihood of players getting returns on their wagers. Again, slots are usually easy to spin even without prior know-how while table games like blackjack, poker, baccarat need prior information.


    If you are looking to make the most of football bets on CFL games, look up reputed bookmaker sites that have legal operations. Many licensed international portals like Leo Vegas, 888 are known for their separate Canadian domains. They also have extensive bookmaking sections. As a result, player will be able to make the most recent and upcoming matches and the betting opportunities they present. It is, however, important to ensure that the site one joins is a legitimate entity with good bonus offers, minimal deposit options. The sites that offer convenient and fast withdrawals of profits are also popular among players and frequent bettors.