Ethereum as a deposit option?

First: Let’s talk about cryptocurrency and using it as a deposit option for your online sportsbook. Second, before we talk about Ethereum or Bitcoin, let’s talk about an online presence. You may be a local bookie that is thinking about finding an online presence for your bookmaking operation. If you are not yet online, that’s ok, stick around, we have some easy answers and best of all, affordable options for getting online tomorrow!

● “Ether is the cryptocurrency built on top of the open source Ethereum blockchain, which runs smart contracts. The cryptocurrency acts as a fuel that allows smart contracts to run unlike bitcoin, which is meant to be a unit of currency on a peer-to-peer payment network. Ether’s supply is not capped like that of bitcoin and its supply schedule, often described as minimum necessary to secure the network, is determined by members of Ethereum’s community.”

What Can Ethereum Do for You?

● This is not an advertisement for Ethereum! We are not telling you to invest, and we have no idea about the stability of this cryptocurrency. Just as we would never tell you to invest in Bitcoin or do we know about the stability or volatility of Bitcoin.

● Ethereum is a great tool for your online bookmaking site because gamblers love to use cryptocurrency to fund their accounts and it’s a great way to send a payout. With Ethereum, you get all the convenience of Bitcoin and in a friendly and easy to use wallet. All you have to do is find a great wallet and start using it for deposits as well as payouts if you don’t want to hassle with cash.

● The great news about using Ethereum is for the simple fact that it can be converted to US currency immediately, and it’s not expensive to use most wallets.

● Bookies must accept this fact; if you are going to accept any kind of payment other than cash, you will have to pay for that source of funding. Credit cards are expensive and risky. Why are they risky? Chargebacks… This happens often with new accounts. Players will sign up with a sportsbook, make a deposit with a credit card, then lose all of their money and call the bank reporting a bogus charge, 99% of the time, the bank will back the player.

● With Ethereum, this will never happen. You will never have a chargeback and once the client spends the money, it’s yours forever.

If you are a bookie that’s not online, get online now.

● There is only one way to keep your clients loyal and that’s with an online presence. If you want to earn big profits and keep your players playing on a 24/7 basis, then you must find an online presence.

● You can be online tomorrow with a pay per head. The (pay per head) as it’s known, is an online provider of bookie software. They custom-build gaming websites for local bookies that want to become online bookies.

● The PPH will give you a custom-built website that comes with a .com address that’s exclusive to you and your clients.

● The best PPH providers on the internet are offering the complete gaming website for free. You get a top-notch sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino for free. Your website will be 24/7 and your clients can gamble without bothering you or taking away from your personal time. The website comes with a toll-free number that’s accessible to you and your clients from the USA.

● The PPH does everything for you. They set the daily sporting events along with the lines and odds. You are always in control to change the lines and odds at any time for any reason and you are never obligated to offer any event that you choose not to offer.

Your clients want to gamble on their time, not on yours. If you are not offering them options, (and how can you offer a casino and racebook without being online), then they will go somewhere else and find those options. You must keep them in-house. Give them what they are asking for. You can give it to them in a day or two for around $7 per head, per week. Again, the website is totally free and there will never be a charge for it or the maintenance.

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