Get to Know Largest Casinos

In the United States, casinos are almost everywhere you look! While the Internet gambling scene is still a newbie, the good old physical casinos have been the heart of gaming for ages. You'll find that nearly every state has legalized some form of gambling, leaving only a handful without any casinos at all.

If you're itching for some casino action, whether it's hitting the slots or joining a table game, the biggest spots in the US have got you covered. This article is like your personal tour guide, so come along as we explore some of these exciting places. Go to to find the right casino for you.

We're about to dive into which states are casino-packed and we'll scope out the giants in Vegas too. Ready to roll? Let's do this.

Counting Casinos Across the States

Ever wonder how many casinos are out there in the US? Well, the American Gaming Association crunched the numbers in 2020 and came up with a whopping 987 spread all over. These include both commercial spots and tribal casinos, with the latter sometimes being the only game in town where commercial ones can't set up shop.

These casinos aren't just for fun; they're big business, folks! They're supporting well over a million workers and pouring upwards of $40 billion into taxes. That's not all; together, they're raking in over $64 billion.

Breaking it down, 525 of these are tribal casinos, holding up more than 676,000 jobs in their communities. The other 462 are commercial and they're keeping over 737,000 people employed. Visit to find the casino.

Spotlight on America's Casino Giant

Now, you might bet on Nevada being home to the largest casino in the US, but guess what? It's actually Oklahoma that's holding that title! Surprised?

The biggest spot doesn't just have slots; it's packed with a variety of table games. Plus, there's more than just gambling with a heap of hotel rooms waiting for guests.

Vegas's Very Own Casino Kings

Ok, so the nation's biggest isn't in Vegas, but that doesn't mean Vegas doesn't have its own heavyweights. There's a lineup of pretty large casinos in the city, and we're going to give you the lowdown on a couple of the top dogs.

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The Grand Wynn/Encore

Meet the Wynn/Encore, also known as Encore Las Vegas, the ruler of Vegas casinos. Since its grand opening back in October 2008, it's been the go-to luxury destination. If you're all about that high-end life, this is where you want to be.

The Wynn/Encore is decked out with a classy casino floor, brimming with fancy table games. And the excitement doesn't stop there—you can join in on tournaments and events that are sure to get your heart racing.

The place isn't just about gambling; it's got shopping that'll make your wallet weep, dining that'll tantalize your taste buds, and shows that'll blow your mind. Even business meetings get a touch of glam here.

Chill at Sunset Station

When you want to escape the strip's hustle and bustle, make a beeline for Sunset Station. This Vegas big shot offers a quieter vibe without skimping on the gaming.

Sunset Station is a playground for table game lovers, with favorites like blackjack and poker. If you're into bingo, keno, or video poker, you'll find your happy place here too. You can also take a look at the top best casinos at

But it's not all about games; the hotel has cozy rooms to crash in and lots of different places to grab a bite. There's a whole lot more to discover, too.

Experience the Thrill at MGM Grand

When you think of high-stakes fun in the US, MGM surely pops into your mind, right? It's no shocker to find it on a list like this. Nestled in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the MGM Grand isn't just a hit—it's a home away from home for many thrill-seekers.

Stroll into the MGM Grand's casino and you're greeted by a sea of slot machines and the buzz of electronic table games. Fancy poker? They've got you covered. And if you're into sports betting, which is totally catching on across the States, you can place your bets right here. Also, you can look at the top best casinos.

Dive into Luxury at Bellagio

The Bellagio is more than just a hotel—it's a Vegas icon. Step inside its casino and the world's your oyster. Whether you're there for baccarat, roulette, craps, or blackjack, they've got it all, with slots galore to boot.

Beyond the tables, the Bellagio lets you dive into sports betting, and you don't even have to be there in person—you can do it from your phone! When it's time for a break, there's a huge bar, a refreshing swimming spot, and so much more to explore.

Find Your Fun at Santa Fe Station

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the bustling Las Vegas Strip, Santa Fe Station stands tall. It's among Vegas's mammoth hotels, boasting a vibrant casino scene. Ever tried Pai Gow Poker? They have it, plus the classic poker you know and love. And that's just the beginning of the table game adventures waiting for you.

Over at Santa Fe Station, bingo enthusiasts are in for a treat, and slot game lovers have plenty to cheer about. Need to chill? This place has lounges and eateries galore, setting the stage for a perfect getaway.