Highly Anticipated Sports Tournament You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

There is no doubt that sports are popular all over the world. Millions of people tune in to watch their favorite teams and athletes compete. In fact, sports are so popular that they often have a significant impact on economies and politics. For example, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa had a direct economic impact of $898 million and an indirect economic impact of $2.16 billion across the globe. The examples mentioned above are just two out of thousands that prove how integral sports can be to people's lives around the world.

There is no doubt that sports have gained so much popularity that there have been a handful of notable international tournaments. In fact, the world has seen so much success from these events to the point where they are expected to grow every year. Without further ado, three upcoming international sporting events you should definitely look forward to are as follows:

Jan 9 – Feb 6: Football (Soccer)- Africa Cup Of Nations Cameroon

The Africa Cup of Nations is a prestigious international football competition organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Since it began in 1957, the tournament has only been interrupted on two occasions. The most successful nation in this event is undoubtedly Egypt with 7 titles to their name.

Feb 4-20: Multi-Sports, Winter Olympics in Beijing, China

Although it is a winter event, the Olympics can attract a wide range of stars from all different sports. In fact, in the last Winter Olympics alone there were 83 golds won by athletes from 30 National Olympic Committees (NOC), which shows how wide an array of events are played at this international tournament. The upcoming event will be held in Beijing, China and is expected to attract 1 million more visitors than the last Olympics held in Vancouver, Canada.

2022 Six Nations Rugby Championship – 5 February 2022

Organized by the Six Nations Committee, this event is a prestigious international rugby championship that takes place between six European nations. Since 2000, Italy has been included as a permanent member of this competition and has yet to win a single match. With such high stakes at play, it is no surprise that this tournament generates such interest from all over the world.

NFL Super Bowl LVI -Sunday 13 February 2022

The final match of the NFL is arguably one of the most famous international sporting events. It has often been called the “Granddaddy of them all” and it is no wonder as this match attracts more viewers than any other sport. In fact, last year's Super Bowl had a viewership that was higher by 11 million from the previous season according to The Nielsen Company.

NASCAR: 2022 Daytona 500 – Sunday 20 February 2022

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular international races around the world. Fans from all over tune in to watch their favorite drivers compete on the track at 300 km/h. As with every sporting event, viewers are expected to grow exponentially which makes this event even more anticipated than before.

Ice Hockey: 2022 NHL Stadium Series -26 February 2022

This is another highly anticipated international match that is played between two teams, where each team represents a league. The NHL Stadium Series is an outdoor ice hockey event which will be played in football or baseball stadiums as opposed to the standard hockey stadium. If you are looking for something truly extraordinary and original then this match certainly won't disappoint!

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix -18-20 March 2022

The Bahrain Grand Prix is another F1 event that has gained quite a bit of interest. It is the only annual Formula One race that is held in the Middle East and attracts around 40,000 visitors on average. What makes this competition so special is that it takes place at night under floodlights- something you do not want to miss!

Motorsport: 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2022 – 11-12 June 2022

This is yet another famous international race that takes place, where each driver must drive for at least three hours before changing with a teammate. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most popular races around the world, having started in 1923. Although the number of spectators has dropped over recent years, fans are still expected to flock to France next year to see this spectacular event.

Cricket: 2022 Cricket World Cup – 30 May – 15 July 2022

This international tournament is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and is one of the most-watched sports events around the world. The 2019 World Cup was won by England who defeated New Zealand in a thrilling final that saw the highest ever score in a Cricket World Cup final (303), courtesy of Alex Hales and Jonny Bairstow, who scored 171 and 134 not out respectively.

Men’s Golf Major: Us Open -13-19 June 2022

This is one of the most highly anticipated international conferences played at the highest level, which can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to watch it live.

Cycling: 2022 Tour De France- 1-24 July 2022

This is a famous and highly anticipated cycling tour that goes around France and attracts over 4 million visitors to watch it live. This race has the largest number of spectators out of all cycling events and has been running since 1903. The winner is awarded the yellow jersey to wear during the following stage which makes this event even more special than before.

Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game 2022 -Tuesday 19 July 2022

The MLB All-Star Game is one of the most popular sports events in the United States and it is certainly something you don't want to miss. This event doesn't have a round-robin format but instead features players from both leagues competing against each other. This event is eagerly awaited by countless fans around the world who cannot wait to see this spectacular sporting spectacle.

19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 -10-25 September 2022

This is China’s first-ever multi-sport event which has gathered the interest of people all around the world. It will involve over 50 sports and 39 disciplines, making it one of the biggest events to take place in 2022. There are many different teams that will be taking part including football, basketball, volleyball, and more, so if you are interested in sports then this is the place to be.

2022 Fifa World Cup Qatar – 21 November to 18 December 2022

This is the 21st edition of the Fifa World Cup which will be held in Qatar. It has been described as one of the biggest events ever to take place- especially since it is expected that this tournament alone will attract 1.2 million visitors! There are 80 matches playing for a total of 32 days, so you can expect a lot of action and excitement.

English Premier League 2022-2023 season – 26 December 2022: EPL resumes after World Cup

The English Premier League will resume after the 2022 FIFA World Cup which means that international players will be returning to their club teams in time for this highly anticipated event. The fans are already looking forward to it and it is expected that there will be plenty of goals scored throughout the season!

How Can You Enjoy These Events?

These events are highly anticipated by all fans around the world which means that if you want to see them in person then you need to book your flights and accommodation as soon as possible. However, there is still a chance that you can enjoy these events from the comfort of your own home by going online watching it or perhaps with a bit more challenging activity such as betting.

Betting has been around for centuries and is still going strong today. This is because it provides a way of making money from sports events that you otherwise wouldn't be able to enjoy in person due to their location or nature. In the case of these four popular international sporting events, there are plenty of betting opportunities available online. Especially with so many options for betting including the raising of sports crypto betting.

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There are many other high-caliber events to look forward to such as rugby, cricket and even cage fighting! If you are interested in sport then you will know it can be extremely exciting to watch- especially when there is money involved!