How to Get Into Golf

Golf is a challenging game, but it can also be extremely rewarding. But you probably feel overwhelmed if you have never played golf and want to get into it.

After all, you can't simply grab a random golf club, get to a golf course, and start playing. Golf will frustrate you if you don't know any rules and do not know what you're doing.

The solution is simple: before you visit your local golf course, learn how to get into golf with these seven tips.

1. Start by learning the rules of golf

Do you know the difference between a birdie, a bogey, and a double bogey? Do you know how to behave on a golf course? If you don't, you need to start by learning the rules of golf.

A good way to get started is to read books or online articles that can teach you everything you need to know about golf's rules, scoring, and etiquette.

Of course, if you decide to take lessons with a professional, they will know how to teach you the rules and answer any questions.

2. Consider taking lessons from a coach

To learn how to play golf, you can, of course, watch online tutorials. But to start on the right foot, taking a few lessons with a professional is a good idea.

Your coach will teach you all the basics of golf: how to hold a golf club, position your body properly, and hit the ball. As you progress, they can also teach you how to improve your swings and putts, among other things.

Getting advice and guidance from a professional from the start will help you get into golf much faster than if you were trying to learn everything on your own.

3. Equip yourself with good golf clubs

As you learn to get into golf, you should equip yourself with the right clothing, accessories, balls, and clubs. Your coach can advise you on what you need to get.

One of the most important things to remember is to try out a golf club before buying it to ensure it will fit you. Simply head to a local golf retailer and check if they have demo clubs to test.

But you don't have to pay a fortune for your first golf club. Thanks to retailers that offer golf club trade in services, you should be able to buy used golf clubs that are still in perfect condition at an affordable price.

4. Practice and practice again

Knowing all the rules of golf and learning how to hit the ball will not make you a golf expert. You must practice regularly to play golf and get good at it.

Go hit balls at your local driving range. Practice your swing in front of a mirror. Develop your putting skills in your basement or your backyard.

Even as you become a good golfer, you must practice regularly to keep improving your skills.

5. Develop a positive mindset

Playing golf requires skills, but it also requires strategic thinking, patience, dedication, and focus. It's a challenging game, especially for beginners, and it will leave you feeling frustrated if your expectations are too high from the start.

To enjoy golf, you must get into it with a positive mindset. Remember that even though golf is hard, it should also be fun.

Don't try to be perfect or better than someone else. Focus on improving your skills and on enjoying the process.

6. Don't wait until you're a good golfer to play

You should try it even if you feel bad enough to get to a golf course and play. You can get to your local golf course and play as long as you know the rules and the basics.

And don't be embarrassed to let other golfers know you're just starting. You never know who might have helpful advice to offer you, and you could even make new friends to play with.

7. Start with a golf course that's not too demanding

Of course, it's best to start with a short golf course that will not be too demanding for you.

Trying a par three course is a good way to get started. Whether it has six, nine, or eighteen holes, each will be short, and you will get three shots to try and make par. For this reason, a par three course is much less intimidating than other courses when you're a beginner.