2009 MLB Regular Season Stat Leaders - Player With Most Home Runs Odds

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As of March 4, 2009 - prior to the start of the season

Lines from BoDog via DocSports.com

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Player Odds Result
Albert Pujols +1500 ** WINNER **
Ryan Howard +300  
Alex Rodriguez +500  
Evan Longoria +1000  
Ryan Braun +1000  
Prince Fielder +1500  
Adam Dunn +1800  
Miguel Cabrera +2000  
Mark Teixeira +2500  
Carlos Pena +3000  
Carlos Quentin +3000  
Josh Hamilton +3000  
Jermaine Dye +3500  
Carlos Lee +4000  
David Ortiz +4000  
Manny Ramirez +4000  
Adrian Gonzalez +5000  
Chris Davis +5000  
Jim Thome +5000  
Pat Burrell +5000  
Lance Berkman +6000  

'Dead Heat Rule' applies. In the event of a dead heat (a tie), stakes will be divided by the number of selections that have tied, with the divided stake settled at full odds. Remaining stakes are lost. If the tie was a betting option, then the dead heat rule does not apply. The dead heat rule only applies to 'future' wagers. For example, if there is a 3 way tie for the top scorer in a basketball game, then your winnings are calculated by taking your stake, dividing it by 3, and multiplying that amount by the odds on your betting ticket.