NBA – Odds to Win the Championship

The NBA is a funny game, it’s a fantastic game, and certainly one of the more exciting sports to bet on, but it’s a funny game. We say it’s a funny game for a couple of reasons and the first and foremost reason behind this idea would be the simple fact that the regular season means next to nothing, at least from an NBA players perspective.

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Every year it’s the same, it seems that one year mirrors the next. The same group of teams start out hot and then someone always comes along in the end and makes a push for the 7th and 8th spots. In the NBA there are 16 teams that make the playoffs, 8 teams from the Western Conference, and 8 teams from the Eastern Conference. Now that the playoffs are here, who really has an honest shot at winning it all? What are the sports betting sites offering in the way of betting options?

Golden State Warriors/Odds—1/2

If you follow the NBA regular season at all, then you know that the Warriors finally look human! This team looks a lot like any other team, a little better, but certainly not the dominators of the Western Conference as they have been for the last several years. They have been in a position to win the conference all-season and they have once again been tough but again, not the dominating team they once were. Do they have a legitimate chance to win the title once again? Yes, they do, they dial it up come playoff time and they have the experience to get the job done. Do not take this team for granted. They will be tough to bring down. They can be brought down and maybe they will be, but going in, they have to be thought of as the overall favorite. Sports bettors everywhere still believe in the Warriors.

Milwaukee Bucks/Odds—7/1

The Bucks have the best player in the NBA and his name is Giannis Antetokounmpa! May be a difficult name to pronounce but get used to it. He is a dominator and what he has done in Milwaukee has propelled his team to greatness. This team is fully capable of bringing down any other team in the West and certainly capable of winning an NBA Championship. There is a changing of the guard in the NBA and Milwaukee is one of the teams acting as the enforcer. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are still dominating players, but players that now have competition. Milwaukee poses the biggest threat.

Houston Rockets/Odds—8/1

The Houston Rockets are always a tough team and they still score a ton of points and bring a highly entertaining style to the court. The problem with the Rockets, they can never finish. Many had said that with the addition of Chris Paul in the backcourt, they would be unstoppable. That has proven untrue. They are good, extremely good but are they good enough to find an online bookie and plunk the money down? Maybe, but in our estimation, it will certainly behoove you to make the most of you betting options, open up the gambling playbook and explore.

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Toronto Raptors/Odds—15/1

Now the odds are skyrocketing! Are the Raptors worthy of an investment on the hopes of a 15/1 payout? They may be. This team is certainly the best team in the Eastern Conference, although it’s close. Boston will give them a serious series and the East should come down to a Toronto/Boston Eastern Conference Finals. We do not believe in any other team in the East. The 76ers are still a project. We are not saying they can’t win, but it’s unlikely. The Raptors are tough and maybe they have finally found a way to beat their nemesis-the Celtics.

Boston Celtics/Odds—18/1

The Celtics have more than just Kyrie Irving, they have a full-on tough-minded cast of characters that can play with anybody from not only the Eastern Conference but the Western conference as well. They are maybe the best longshot on the gambling board.

Honorable Mention

1. Denver 50/1
2. Philadelphia 25/1
3. Oklahoma City 50/1

Anyone can dream and why not? The fun part of betting on the NBA is hoping a longshot makes it in. Finding a great online sportsbook that comes with a proven track record for fantastic customer service is in your best interest. Find them, ask for an NBA players bonus and get in with a great future bet to win the NBA Championship. This is a year for the wildcards, anybody can win.