Odds to Win College Football Championship – You Still Have Time

The 2018 NCAA College Football season is in full swing, the season has been nothing less than fantastic. The usual teams are winning and most of the usual teams are losing. There have been a few surprises along the way and some let downs from teams that should have delivered and didn’t, (Michigan—Notre Dame). The online sportsbooks are bringing their offerings to a close very soon, so you must get your bets in within the next day or so. Hey, we’re going into week four and to get any kind of offer would be a bargain really. We know what teams look like. Three weeks gives us a fairly good idea of what we can expect and what bets are still a “value bet”.

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Who is still worthy of your time and money and who should you no longer consider?

Boise State: Don’t even consider betting on this team. That’s if any bookie out there is still offering odds. The way in which they lost to the Oklahoma State Cowboys was a true showing of the anatomy of a Bryan Harsin football team; a flash in the pan. They are going nowhere and would have to run the table and beat everyone huge. This bet would be a waste of money, don’t do it.

Alabama: The obvious choice to win yet another NCAA National Championship is most definitely the Alabama Crimson Tide. This team has not missed a beat and Saban has once again put together a Steller football team. These guys have hammered the three teams they’ve played— the Louisville Cardinals, Arkansas State and Ole Miss by a combined score of 170-28! Alabama will be tough to beat and they are focused on another Championship. At +125, this is the bargain of the century! Get in before it’s too late. Call the bookie now and make this bet.

Understanding Football Wagering – Point Swings and Live Wagering

Clemson: The Tigers have the ability to run the table. Dabo Swinney is another amazing football coach and he rarely loses. His team has the player personnel to win a championship and although they may not be covering the big spreads; that’s college football! Alabama is covering big but they are playing less talented teams then Clemson has played. Alabama plays Texas A&M this week and they are laying -27. That’s probably too many points. They are getting the love because of the crazy numbers that we posted above and they will get that respect until a team gives them a run. A&M gives them a run this week but comes up short and Alabama goes on to run the table. Clemson has played a tougher first three games and although they came close to covering against Georgia Southern last week and absolutely beat the tar out of them by a final of 38-7, they didn’t cover the -33. Forget about that! They will be a playoff team and will be in position to win a title. At +350, this is another fantastic buy. Call the online sportsbook and get this bet in quickly.

Michigan: They still have a chance, unlike Boise State, Michigan can actually afford one loss! The Wolverines play in the Big 10 and strength of schedule means everything. They had the hiccup against Notre Dame and now they are past it. If Harbaugh can get his team to the “Big Six” he has a fighting chance. The Wolverines schedule is fairly light in the middle, however, they end the season at Ohio State. They are a worthy look at +2000.

Sports Odds History – Live College Football National Championship Odds

Have fun with this, get online and check out the numbers with your favorite sports book. The cutoff is within the next couple of days. You will not get any of these numbers after this weekend. Don’t delay. Here lies an investment opportunity, be sure and make the most of it. Good luck.