Online Casino and Betting: A Growing Industry in Slovenia

The growing digital landscape has transformed the world of entertainment, bringing many gamblers the chance to enjoy their favorite pastime right from their homes. In Slovenia, online gambling and sports betting have been on the rise in recent years.

With the relaxation of the legal framework regarding online gambling, Slovenians can now spin the reels and bet on their favorite sports on many registered sites. They are able to examine the casino online by Casino10 reviews and join the one that suits their needs. But before you get into that, let us tell you more about the overall legality of the industry and give you some insight into both fields.

Legal Framework

Online gambling in Slovenia is legal. This encompasses both casino games and sports betting. However, there is a catch. For operators to provide their gambling services to Slovenians, they must be operated by a land-based counterpart. Hence, only Slovenia’s two lottery operators and the already established brick-and-mortar casinos can get a license and offer their games.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia is the body that regulates and issues gambling licenses. It has set a maximum number of casino licenses, which is 15, while there can only be 45 gambling halls. So far, the latter number has been reached, meaning no more casinos can be opened on the territory.

Slovenia Casino

The Interest in Online Casinos

Several years ago, online gambling in Slovenia wasn’t regulated, leaving Slovenians to reach out to offshore platforms and play. Seeing the growing interest, the government decided to regulate the matter and allow players to enjoy their favorite pastime within the country’s borders.

Since Slovenia allowed online casino gaming, many things have changed. More payment methods were introduced, different games kept on entering the market, and tech like AI, VR, and AR were added. The blockchain network, a.k.a. crypto, and NFTs, created secure and reliable banking options.

Most Popular Games

As the market opened up, more types of games were introduced. Unarguably, the most popular online casino games in Slovenia, even today, are slots. They are colorful, rich with graphics, and accompanied by entertaining tunes. Sometimes, they even use some part of the Slovenian history as a theme.

Blackjack, roulette, and poker are Slovenians' most played table games. Many of them have implemented AI to improve their responsiveness. Of course, there are also live variations of the game, led by knowledgeable croupiers who speak the language to facilitate your gameplay.

Sports Betting

Aside from casino gambling, Slovenia also legalizes online sports betting. This type of pastime allows players to bet on their favorite sport and reap the benefits. However, although mainly based on luck, it’s not always easy in sports betting.

According to Adnan Kovačič, professional content maker and senior advisor at Casino10:

“The formula of success for športne stave v Sloveniji is to have more data than the bookmaker where you are registered.”

Since we’re talking about bookies operated by land-based counterparts, you can rest assured these sites cover home as well as international matches. The betting slips work with the decimal odds, and you may choose the type of bet you want to place (parlays, futures, moneylines, etc.)

The Growing Surge of eSports

A very interesting category in online sports betting is eSports. Growing in popularity in recent years, eSports are now part of almost every big bookie and casino. With games such as Dota, CS: GO, WOW, and more, players from all over the world gather to watch the competitions. Hence, gambling on them presents a huge opportunity to have fun and possibly win something.

In Slovenia, eSports are not explicitly regulated. They are mostly considered part of sports betting. Hence, all regulations for betting on regular sports apply to this type. However, this also poses a problem. Unlike regular sports, eSports have a digital side to them, meaning they are prone to online malicious activity and game-altering. That is why it’s always best for countries to have this matter regulated separately to ensure the complete safety of their citizens.

Connecting Online Gambling and Partnerships

One way to ensure the spread of online gambling among any population, including Slovenia, is to use celebrity promotions. Endorsing a casino or sportsbook guarantees that not only avid gamblers but also followers of the celebrity give the gambling site a try. Basically, celebrity promotions create credibility and trust in the brand. It says they are safe and secure, pay out all wins, and offer some of the best services in the market. Moreover, a celebrity collaboration will ensure Slovenians get better deals.

For example, take the well-known gambling giant DraftKings. Many celebrities have been collaborating with the site. It increases the traffic and player amount. People like Tony Hawk, the skateboarding legend, or Mr.Beast, the influencer, are some of the stars who have endorsed DraftKings.

Concluding Words

Online gambling in Slovenia is growing, and there are expectations for it to keep on climbing. Namely, the general online gambling revenue (casino and sports betting) is expected to reach $201 million by the end of 2024. Sports betting alone takes around $75 million. These numbers are understandable, bearing in mind the growing popularity of the pastime. Moreover, with the easing of the regulation on the industry, Slovenians feel safer when entering a gambling site. With the possibility of adding more technology to the mix, Slovenia's online casino and betting industry will certainly keep transcending borders as more and more citizens join it!