Online or Live Play? Which is Best?

The internet has revolutionised many things including gaming. It’s so easy now to just turn on a gaming console and play a game against any number of other players around the world that we take it for granted. All games seem to be social now, and multi-player games pull us into competitive play, but the question is, is online better than off?

To look at that question we have to think about what types of games we play. If you are a fan of casino games for example, there is no end of fun that can be had with live roulette or online slots. Players though would argue that you can’t beat the live experience of going to Las Vegas and playing in the big casinos.

The problem with that theory of course is we can’t all go to Las Vegas, some of us can’t make it out to casinos that are smaller, but much closer. What USA online gambling sites give us is the ease of use of simply opening up a browser, or opening up an app on one of our devices and being able to play straight away. This arguably gives the online experience the edge.

When it comes to other video games, it is harder to argue against the pull of online gaming. New games pull us into competitive play that we can’t get offline, and the number of hours of fun are only restricted by the time we can put into them.

Looking at the rise of other games, there are also other games such as League of Legends like DOTA which have influenced the rise of eSports. The popularity of these events as well as the money that can be made from them reinforce the argument that gaming is better online.

Even if this seems the case though, the rise of Tabletop gaming has shown that there is still life in offline play yet. Dungeons and Dragons has never been so popular and with new board games being created all the time, it comes as no surprise that this form of gaming is popular than ever.

What we have to remember though is that the reason online gaming is becoming popular is that it is getting easier to do it. Whether it is to visit an online casino like, or play one of the big Triple-A multi-player games, it is serving a purpose that modern technology has created. Games have been extended and adapted to not only be fun but to be easier for the gamer, and that is why online play will always be here to stay.

So the answer now seems to be that online is better than offline play, but this doesn’t mean that it will kill off playing away from a computer, phone, or tablet. We’ll always have that desire to play games offline, and this ability will always be there. At least we have a choice now that is easy to make.