Orlando Brown Jr completes Kansas City Chiefs offensive linemen

Orlando Brown Jr has been in the news this year. Brown Jr leaving Baltimore Ravens for Kansas City Chiefs was a move that had both short-term and long-term ramifications for both teams. The Ravens believed that their offense covered up for Brown’s limitations and were thus not ready to pay him for Left Tackle money. On the other hand, the Kansas City Brown moved RT to LF and were ready to risk it all for the team’s sake.

Orlando Brown Jr. will wear No. 57 jersey

When Orlando Brown Jr. played for the Baltimore Ravens, he used to wear the No. 78 jersey. However, there were no chances of wearing the same with the Chiefs as it is one of the 10 jersey numbers that have been officially retired by the Kansas City Chiefs Bobby Bell, a Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker, used to wear No. 78 jersey before it was officially retired in his honor.

He settled on the No. 57 jersey to honor his late father Orlando Brown Sr and his mentor and friend Jammal Brown who played 7 seasons in the NFL and went to his alma mater at the University of Oklahoma. His dad used to wear 77 and 78, while Jammal Brown wore 55. He could have settled for 75, but Mike already had it.

Brown Jr. said his trading from the Baltimore Ravens was not all about money to settle the record straight. However, he just wanted to live the dream that his father had for him to play as a left tackle.

Even though he played on the right during his stint at Baltimore Ravens, it was a different story as he played as a left tackle while at the University of Oklahoma, where he played four seasons and 40 career games. Brown Jr has continuously shown dominance even though he has only played 700 snaps on the left in his professional career.

Orlando Brown Jr. part of the Chiefs’ rebuilt offensive line

Even though many football teams will not focus on offensive linemen, they are still crucial to the team looking for success. Super Bowl 55 was enough to teach the Kansas City Chiefs that they had to recruit new bodyguards for Patrick Mahomes.

The night at Tampa was a wake-up call for the Chiefs’ front office. Injuries destroyed Kansas’ offensive line as they headed to the big game, and Mahomes was overworked. The quarterback had to run for his life the entire evening and was thus unable to work his magic. Kansas City Chiefs picked the lessons and lured Kyle Long from retirement, and signed Joe Thuney, among others to beef up the offensive line. We can wait only to see what the top sportsbooks think about the rebuilt offensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs when the 2021 season kicks off officially.

Will Shields believes Orlando Brown Jr. has a bright future for the Chiefs

The Chiefs could not get the postseason hump in the 1990s and 2000s. However, they still had some great players, such as lineman Will Shields. He spent 14 seasons with the club and is among those players enshrined in Canton.

Shields broke down some clips of Brown Jr’s performance ahead of the 2021 NFL draft. His analysis spoke highly of the new signings, and the views were posted on Chief’s YouTube channel. In the analysis, he said that his focus was on how Brown balances in his stance. He went ahead to say that all that he saw in him was potential.

Chiefs had to give up picks in exchange for Brown. The move was a sizeable price for a player in the final year of his current contract, but Kansas City was ready to risk it all. Brown is still young but has not played much as a left tackle. However, his technique, footwork, and raw size are factors that make him a crucial signing for the Chiefs.