Ranking The Five Most Popular Sports by Betting Volume

As sports betting becomes increasingly popular, a new crop of bettors joins the fray. Throughout the sporting season, seasoned sports bettors spend a lot of money at licensed online sportsbooks, casinos, and neighborhood establishments.

Based on the total number of bets estimated from online betting and local and offshore bookmakers, we chose the five most popular sports in the world in terms of betting volume. The numbers keep growing as more people download Betway sports betting app to bet on their favourite sports.

1. Football/Soccer

There is no doubt soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It doesn’t necessarily make it the sport with the most bettors. Horse racing used to be at the top of this rating, but recent events have resulted in significant changes.

These changes have turned soccer into a betting monster. For instance, sources claim that annual wagers on soccer alone amount to 1 billion GBP by sports betting enthusiasts.

According to analysts, it is not easy to get the most reliable statistics on soccer bets due to the large number of soccer events that occur worldwide.

2. American Football

According to reports from the USA, the National Football League (NFL) takes in the most wagering revenue each year. NFL fans stake millions of dollars yearly on NFL games, even though sports betting is still illegal in most US states.

Further, as other states seek to regulate sports betting, the number of punters is set to grow. Other major events, like the Super Bowl, often draw bettors from all over the world, and they get so many people placing huge bets, which is considered the apex of American sports wagering.

3. Horse Racing

The oldest sport in the world of sports betting is probably horse racing. One of the most followed horse racing events is believed to account for a huge chunk of betting money worldwide, largely from the social elite.

According to reports, the annual value of horse racing exceeds 100 billion Euros. Surprisingly, Japan tops the world in horse racing wagers, with the UK and Australia following closely. With a daily increase in horse racing betting, the US is swiftly catching up.

4. Tennis

Tennis has expanded in popularity as a sport recently. Many gamblers have been drawn to bet on tennis tournaments as the sport gains ground outside the traditional tennis backyards. Tennis betting with Betway is easy to understand, which makes it suitable for both experienced and novice gamblers.

To succeed in tennis betting, background knowledge of the game is crucial. You need to consider player ratings and historical performance while doing your research. For example, consider the tennis court to be used, whether it is a clay or grass court. Different tennis players prefer particular surfaces.

5. eSports

According to many sports betting statistics, eSports has the fastest-growing betting volume. Sportsbooks were obliged to move quickly to stay ahead of their rivals due to this expanding popularity.

Virtual racing has been around for a while, but other activities have also started gaining traction. Today, online sports betting sites like Betway are registering many interested punters keen to capitalize on the potential of esports.