Reasons Why The Zero-Risk Betting Strategy Is Popular For Sports Bettors

Sports betting is a pastime that has bettors' fingers crossed as they hope for the best outcome. However, placing a bet is high risk and doesn't guarantee a win. That’s where zero-risk betting strategies come in. Using these strategies can help minimize the risk of losing your bankroll. Every bettor’s dream, right?

The zero-risk betting strategy includes back-and-lay wagers and matched betting. Bestsoikeo betting tips provide comprehensive guidance to assist you in selecting the optimal betting strategy for zero-risk betting, ensuring you're well-prepared.

Why is it Called Zero Risk Betting?

It gets its name because it gives players a chance to hang on to some great rewards when done correctly. It doesn't work like a common betting strategy that requires you to pick a match's winner. Instead, it’s placed on both teams. This form of betting pays special attention to how you place the bets rather than the game's outcome. This is known as no-risk matched betting.

How to Place a Bet on Two Outcomes

Commonly, bookmakers have different odds for games and zero-risk betting options. Most online casino sites offer the best betting strategy ideas and they share a list of online betting sites that give away free bets and bonuses to new customers.

This is how it works: One sportsbook may favor Team X, while the other favors Team Z.

Sportsbook A
Team X odds: 2.09

Sportsbook B
Team Z odds: 2.13

You bet 600 on a match-winner in a soccer game. In this case, the bet will be divided between the two teams. You place 302.82 on Team X and 297.18 on Team Z. Here’s how you can apply a zero-risk betting strategy.

Team X wins : 302.82 x 2.09 = 633
Team Z wins : 297.18 x 2.13 =633

There’s a 5.5% gain if either team wins.

Common Zero-Risk Betting Strategies

Arbitrage Bet

An arbitrage bet is also known as surebets, arbs betting, miracle bets, and sure wins. In arbitrage betting, a bettor places a wager on two different outcomes for the same event. The setup is such that the bettor wins no matter the game's outcome. Since the bettor places their bet on both outcomes, the profit is also restricted. The restriction is between wagers and spread.

The advantage of an arbitrage bet is that it guarantees a payout. The most significant disadvantage is that the payout is marginal. An arbitrage is best when you make a wager with one sportsbook and then place the same bet with another. Most sportsbooks have different odds for the same game.

Identify an Arbitrage Bet

Software and bots can be used to identify arbitrage opportunities. Here’s the simplest process, although it can be time-consuming.

  • Use an odds comparison site to find a sporting event with two outcomes
  • Find the highest odds from two bookmakers
  • Calculate if the odds give an arbitrage betting opportunity
  • Calculate the stakes to wager with each bookmaker
  • Place your bets

    High Probability Bet

    High-probability bets are ones attached to events with a high probability of occurring. For example, a match between a team such as Arsenal and an underdog means Arsenal is likely to win. This means the player can place their bet on the winning team and expect a 90% win. Although this may appear as no risk, a player will likely win with such bets. Usually, high-probability bets have a low payout due to the low risk.

    Card Counting

    The card counting strategy isn’t as low risk as the other betting strategies and isn’t recommended as players can become blacklisted from a casino. It's a strategy used by very experienced players. It involves following a deck of cards to predict the next card as high or low. It may vary with each game and requires that you understand your statistics and numbers.


    Hedging involves placing a second bet on an event to minimize the loss on the first bet. If you bet on a team to win a match, you could switch it up by placing a bet on the opposing team. You could either select that the other team will win or there will be a draw between the two teams. This can limit your losses by reducing the risk.

    Matched Betting

    Matched betting can be looked at as a form of arbitrage betting. In this case, players use bonuses, offers, promotions, or other betting incentives to wager. The conditions governing withdrawal may differ from casino to casino and are subject to specific requirements.

    Back And Lay Bets

    Backing or layering is a sports bet strategy. Even if the match doesn't go in the direction they want, the player backing or laying a wager is safe as the bet isn't placed on the outright outcome of the match. Players can back a team or bet on one without losing a fixture. If the team wins or draws, the player wins.

    Laying a wager means betting on the team not to win a match. The bettor can expect a payout if the bet loses for the group. In this case, a win or draw will mean a loss on the bettor's side. This strategy works well if you're sure a team will lose a fixture.

    Why Do Sportsbooks Offer Zero-Risk Betting Options?

    There are many bookmakers around, and this equally means competition is high. One bookmaker is always striving to beat the other. Bookmakers must offer bettors promotions they can't resist through the best betting options and offering favorable odds.

    Bookmakers must also give players opportunities to gain something out of their bets. A sportsbook always strives to give better odds than the next to retain and attract new customers.

    Consider Software that Can Assist With Zero Risk Betting

    With thousands of games being played a day or week, you might find calculating the benefits from each game challenging. If you're not a fan of calculating for hours, getting software that can assist with calculating your outcomes is recommended.

    Getting the perfect software could help recognize a good bet. Different types of software can do other things. Some are designed to do all the betting on your behalf, whilst some will highlight a discrepancy in odds.

    Remember, having a bankroll when placing bets is essential. Never chase your losses, and play responsibly.