Sports Betting Basics: Betting Strategy

Sports betting has become an incredibly profitable industry. Experts estimate that billions go into betting on football (soccer) alone. While wagering has always been extremely popular, it is a fair assessment to say that online bookies have played a huge role in making sports betting a lot more profitable.

Online Sportsbooks

Thanks to internet sportsbooks, wagering has garnered a whole new audience. For one thing, a lot of articles show that women prefer to bet online, as oppose to visiting a land-based establishment. It is also worth mentioning that, since plenty of people have smartphones nowadays, access to betting platforms is a lot easier.

In other words, online sportsbooks have attracted a lot of newbies. As newbies, many of these people may not be privy to some of the basics that seasoned gamblers and betting fans are familiar with. That is why we are here. In this article, we would like to go over one of sports betting’s most basic aspects; wagering strategies.

What are Betting Strategies?

Every punter knows the rule of betting; you can’t really create a winning strategy. The reason is simple; winning does not fall on your shoulders. Betting is all about putting your money on somebody else. In other words, the only thing you can control is how much money you bet, when did you bet it, and on who did you bet it.

Thinking about these things and coming to rational conclusions constitutes a betting strategy. To put it in simpler terms; a betting strategy is the reasoning behind why you’ve wagered an amount of cash on a specific team or player, at a specific time. There are plenty of betting strategies out there, but the most popular subcategory would definitely be progressive betting strategies.

Progressive Betting Strategies

Going by the name alone, some have certainly deduced that a progressive betting strategy is one where a bettor progressively increases their wager each game. In part that is true. However, the progression of stakes happens only after a participant has lost a wager. The idea is simple; if you make small escalating bets, in the case of an eventual win, you get your money back, as well as something extra.

Progressive bets have their own subcategories. For example, there is the famous Martingale strategy, which has been adopted by sports fans from the gambling community. There is also the Fibonacci strategy, named after and based on the mathematical sequence that most are aware of. There is even a betting strategy that originates from Hollywood, named the James Bond strategy, after the world’s greatest spy.

Can Betting Strategies Help You Win?

No! As we said, betting strategies are not designed to help anyone “win.” Their primary purpose is to help you better manage your finances when placing wagers. Employing these strategies will not change the outcome of the game or give you a head start. It is a way to minimize taking any huge losses, and maximize a potential win. Key word being “potential,” as said win might never come.