The Best Soccer Goals of All Time

In soccer, there is nothing more exhilarating than watching a player score an amazing goal. Whether it's a long-range shot that curls into the top corner of the net, or a well-placed header that leaves the goalkeeper stranded, there is nothing quite like seeing a goal scored in style. Let's take a look at some of the best goals in soccer history. Sit back with your PlayAmo and enjoy some of the most spectacular goals ever scored!

Xherdan Shaqiri's UEFA EURO 2016 goal

In the 1/8 finals match between the national teams of Switzerland and Poland, the struggle was obstinate and plainly uninteresting. The majority of experts were inclined to believe that a neutral state's side would prevail, but events transpired differently. The Poles scored first and began to gradually dry the ball. However, in the 82nd minute, a tiny football miracle occurred. Shaqiri put the ball into the opponent's goal with a fantastic through-kick.

The stadium cheered for an extended period, and some spectators stood. However, this did not prevent the Swiss from losing the game. They fell due to penalties. In addition, Shakiri's kick from the point was executed flawlessly. In the national squad, he holds a prominent position. Xherdan scored three goals against Honduras at the 2014 World Cup. Four years later, at the subsequent championship, he scored a goal against the Serbian national team and, in celebration, drew an eagle for Albania with his hands. He was penalized significantly for this foolish act. Xherdan Shaqiri's incredible goal at Euro 2016

9 goals scored by Ibrahimovic

When asked what he considers to be his most beautiful goals, Zlatan always responds that the best shots came against Estonia and England. Ibrahimovic pushed the ball into the Estonians' net with his heel to score a sensational goal in a match against the Estonians, which was apparently overlooked by the press. Nevertheless, a goal against the British was something. The meeting was cordial and held in Stockholm. Unpredictably, the Swedes prevailed with a score of 4:2. Zlatan scored each of the four goals. The most beautiful goal was a 30-meter kick through himself.

Marco van Basten in the Euro 88 final

The most irritating aspect is that he scored against the USSR national team in the European Championship final. At that event, the Soviet Union team was one of the favorites. Needless to say, the Dutch lost to us in the group stage with a score of 0:1. However, the final match did not offer good fortune to the Soviet footballers. The objective was unanticipated.
Marco received a pass from the wing and promptly blasted the ball on goal. Renat Dasaev, one of the top goalkeepers in the world at the time, defended them. Now he realizes that he could have blocked the shot, but he believed the ball would go wide of the net. It transpired differently.

The Dutch football player now claims that he committed the foul due to weariness. It was the second half, and the players no longer desired to play with the ball. The hit, however, brought the Netherlands European Championship gold medals.

Maradona's Handball Goal

The most controversial goal in the history of the World Cup. In a match against England, Maradona jumped with his fist and kicked the ball into the opposing goal. Despite all of the British objections, the referee counted the goal, determining that the head was impacted. Then, according to the regulations, Maradona scored another goal, and the British were humiliated by a score of 1:2. Later, Diego asserted with a certain amount of arrogance that it was “the hand of God.” Therefore, this objective is now called for.

Maradona recreated the handball feat at the subsequent championship, albeit against the USSR national team. Only now did he strike the ball in this manner, sending it hurtling into the Argentines' goal. After the game, Diego said he played with his hand by pure accident.